Van Riper Mill, Dowagiac, MI

Van Riper Mill, LaGrange, Dowagiac Co, MI

This is a picture of the Van Riper Mill, LaGrange, Dowagiac Co, MI. The photograph was taken by Lisa Bane in the local Historical Society.

Lisa Bane has managed to trace her line back to Juriaen Tomassen, through her great-grandfather Ackerman Van Riper. Lisa’s line is from her paternal grandmother, Hazel Mae Van Riper. Hazel Mae’s father was Ackerman Van Riper, whose father was Tunis, who’s father was Abram. Ackerman Van Riper was part of the group that moved from Passaic Co, NJ, to LaGrange Township in Dowagiac Co, MI.

Lisa Bane also informed me, that Jacob J. Van Riper (March 8, 1838 – ), a son of Abram Van Riper (mentioned above), was an American lawyer and politician. He served as the Attorney General of the State of Michigan from 1881 to 1885. He later served as a probate judge in Berrien County, Michigan from 1893 to 1901. He also served on the University of Michigan Board of Regents from 1880 to 1886. He has his own Wikipedia page.

Jacob J. Van Riper

Jacob J. Van Riper

Thank you very much, Lisa, for your most valuable contribution!