The Van Riper Genealogy of Montvale and Woodcliff Lake area

The Van Riper Genealogy of Montvale and Woodcliff Lake area,  Bergen County, New Jersey

By Howard I. Durie

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On the 16th of April, 1663, there embarked in Holland on the ship
“De.Bonte Koe” (The Spotted Cow), in command of Captain Jan Bergen, two
passengers from “Rijpen” (Rypen), namely Juriaen Tomassen and Jan
Laurens, bound for New Netherland. Besides these two young individuals,
there were nearly 100 other passengers, men, women and children, from
various, places in Holland and elsewhere, among them ,David DeMaire.
(Demarest),and his. family from Picardy. The ship probably arrived in
America early in June.

The origina debit account of “Emigrants to New Netherland, 1654-
1664″ comprising those passengers who were indebted to the Dutch West
India Company for their fares,was recorded in the New York-Colonial-Manu-
scripts, Vol.14, pages 83 & c., formerly on file in the New York State
Library at Albany, During the taking of a recent intensive inventory of
the Colonial Manuscripts, this record was not found. A list of the
passengers, however, on each voyage during this period (1554-1664), vas
published by the Holland Society of New York in its Yearbook for 1902.

Probably the earliest publication to give a genealogical account of
the Van Riper family, vas “History of the County of Hudson” by Charles H«
Winfield in 1874. This only extended certain branches which remained in
that county. Winfield’s study of the family claimed that Juriaen.
Tornassen originated from “Ripen” an ancient city in North Jutland, Den-
mark, of which he writes;
This mame,with itspresent multitudinous orthography,
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is derived from che Latin ripa, and was the name of a city on-
the north bank of the river Nibbs, sometimes called Nipsick, or
Gram. North Jutland (so called to distinguish it from South
Jutland or Schleswig), in Denmark, was divided into four dio-
ceses, the most southwesterly of which, lying along the Gerrnan
Ocean, was called Ripen, This diocese was 142 miles in length
and 57 miles in width, and was part of Cimbrica Chersonesus of
the ancients, where dwelt the warlike Cimbri, who, at onetime,
invaded the Roman Empire.

The city of Ripen, in the diocese of Ripen, is situated in
lat. 55degrees 36 minutes Lon 9degrees 10minutes east.Next to Wiborgh it is
the most ancient town in North Jutland. (1) It once had a com-
modious harbor and profitable commerce; but the one long since
filled up and the other sought different channels. Its cathedral
was imposing, built of hewn stone, with a steeple of great height
which served as a landmark for mariners. In the Swedish war of
1645 the city was captured, but recovered by the Danes soon
after. From this port,-in April, 1663, a vessel named “T’Bonte
Koe,” (‘the Spotted Cow), sailed for New Netherland, with eighty-
nine passengers, consisting of men, women and children. Among
the number was Juriaen Tomassen, a young man of the city of
Ripen. About four years after his arrival he married Pryntje
Hermans, May 25, 1667; died Sept. 12, 1695. Some of his descend-
ants took the name Jurianse – now Yereance and Auryansen – while
others, taking the name of the city from which their ancestor
sailed, became Van Ripen.

(1) Fenning’s Geography, ii., 123. In Winfield’s Land
Titles, the name is written Rypen. It is thus laid down on a
map of Denmark in an old geographical work, published in London
during the reign of Queen Anne, the title page of which, of the
copy I have, is destroyed. I am now satisfied, from the origin’
of the word, that the name should be written Ripen, and it is thus
written in the text and on a map in Fenning. Every other way
of writing it is clearly wrong, though sanctioned by generations.
On a modern map of Denmark the city of Ripen is called Ribe, and is
situated four miles from the North Sea on the Ribe, also called Nips,
River, It is the seat of Ribe county, had a population of 7219 in 1950,
and is about 150 miles south of Copenhagen. One of Denmark’s oldest
towns, it was -first mentioned in 862 and became a bishopric in 948. In
the middle Ages, it was a thriving port, and many half-timbered houses
survive dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, including one that was
a school from 1500 to 1856.

When The Holland Society of New York published “Passengers to New
Netherland 1654 to 1664″ in 1902, certain notations were added giving the
English version of the names of ships, as well as explanations covering
certain locality places. In the case of Juriaen Tomassen ” from Rijpen”
was added; Rypend in Friesland? When William Nelson published “History
of Paterson” in 1902, which contained genealogical accounts of sorne of
the early families from the present Passaic County area, including Van
Riper, he stated at page 153

“The Dutch wrote the name Rypen; in modern Dutch, Rijpen,
indicating, the sound of the long i. It may be noted here that
some early members of the family called themselves indifferently
Van Ripen, and Van de Ripe. The latter name would indicate an
original emigration from a small town in North Holland, called
de Rijp, dating from the year 1400, and now having 2,000 in-
habitants,’with four churches, two harbors and a fine canal.”
Winfield did not give his reason or source for the statement that
Juriaen Tomassen came from Ripen in Deninark, except for the existence at
that time of such a place. As Nelson suggested, it is possible that he
was of Dutch origin and from one of the towns called Rypend or de Rijp.
On a modern map of Holland, a village called De Rijp lies southeast of
the City of Alkmaar. In addition, there are villages called Dronrijp and
Rijperkerk. These are in north Holland, east and west of the City of
Leeuwarden. Rijp and rijpen mean “ripe or mature,” the ij combination
representing the y sound, which letter is not in the Dutch alphabet.
Winfield did err, however, in stating that Juriaen sailed from Denmark.
All the Dutch vessels departed from the principal ports of Holland to
which passengs traveled from their former places of residence. He
was also mistaken in Juriaen’ s wife’s name. It was Reyckje, not Pryntie.


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For lack of any established family name the patronymic system of
identification was then in conmon use throughout northern Europe By
this method and the addition of a suffix indicating relationship to one
father, the Van Riper ancestor was known as Juriaen Tomassen, meaning
Juriaen, son of Thomas. This use carried over into America, for the first
generations until the general confusion over similar names made the
adoption of a standard form essential, especially since the patronymic
changed with each generation, Juriaen Tomassen’s children of the next
generation were known as Juriaensen, a name which some adopted permenently.
According to Nelson’s genealogical notes, the descendants of Juriaen
Tomassen were among the last of the Acquackanonk settlers to adopt a
family surname, “but for a century or more rang the changes on Juriaense,
Thornasse, Aeltse, Gerritse, Jansse, Harmsee, etc,”
Juriaen Tomassen was a young man when he came to America, perhaps
still in his teens, and did not marry until four years later. He did not
join the Dutch Church in New York and soon settled across the Hudson
River at Bergen (Jersey City area), where he found employment and becam
acquainted with his future wife’s family.

On May 8, 1667., the banns of his intended marriage were announced in
the Bergen Church and the ceremony took place there on May 25th, His
wife was Reyckje Harnens born in Voorthuysen, Gelderland, Holland, daugh-
ter of Harmen Coerten and Aertje Gerrits. The Coerten family comprising
father, mother, and five children aged 5, 6, 8, 9 and 17 years, embarked
February 12, 1659, on the ship “The Faith” landing in New Amsterdam later
that year.

Reyckje Harmens, wifeeeee of Juriaen Tomassen, joined the Bergen Church
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on November 3, 1667, and he on March 24, 1673. She and her eldest son
were mentioned in the Last Will and Testament of her uncle, Guert Coerten,
dated February 5, 1671 and filed in Liber 3 of East Jersey Deeds, page 146
Coerten had purchased a number of tracts of land at Bergen in 1668 and
1677, some of which passed by inheritance via his Will-to one branch of
the Tomassen (later Van Riper) family, in whose possession it remained
until after 1900.

On March 28, 1679,Juriaen Tomassen was one of a group of 14 settlers
nearly all from Bergen, who purchased from the Indians a large tract of
land called ” Haquequenunck” (Acquackanonk), confirmed by a Patent from the
Governor and Council on March 15, 1684, recorded in East Jersey Deeds,
Liber A, page 165. In these transactions his name is spelled Urian
Tomasson. Although this tract was to have contained 5520 acres, the
bounds actually described an area twice as large. It included, the greater
part of the later City of Paterson, part of the City of Passaic, and all
of the township of Acquackanonk. The first settlement of the land took
place shortly before the confirmatory patent when some of the patentees
established farms of about 100 acres each, fronting on the Passaic River.
The rest of the tract was mutually divided with the last division made in
1714. Although Juriaen Tomassen did not make his horne on his share, it
was subsequently settled by some of his children.

Juriaen Tomassen died at Bergen and was buried September 12, 1695
in the cemetery of the Bergen Church. He left no recorded estate. His
wife died at a unknown date subsequent to February 10, 1703, when she was
a witness at Acquackanonk to the baptism of a grandson, The fact that her
burial is not recorded at Bergen would indicate that she went to live at
Pge 6
Acquackanonk with one of her children and was buried at that place.

The children of Juriaen Tomassen and Reyckje Harmens vere probably
all born at Bergen. Since the church there was supplied by pastors from
New York and Long Island until after 1700, the ceremonies took place
sometimes in New York as well as Bergen, depending on where the pastor
was preaching and where the event was recorded, They were;

1. Thomas baptized June 10, 1668 at New York, Guert Courten
and Annetje Gerrits, sponsors. Married Jannetje Straetmaker.

2. Gerrit baptized September 27, 1670 at New York, Pieter
Hesselszen and Janneken Etsal, sponsors’ Married Beelitje.
Dircks “Van Oogsten”.

3. Aelt baptized December 21, 1672 at New York. Gerrit Gerritszen
and Gysbertie Hermans, sponsors. Married Gerritje Matheuse.

4. Jan baptized June 2, 1675 at New York .Adriaen Post and
Catharina Michiels, sponsors. Married Neeltje Gerbrantse,

5. Christyntie baptized November 24, 1677 at New York. Jan
Harmenszen and Lysbeth Gerrits, sponsors’ Married Pieter

6. Marritie baptized April 28, 1680 at New York. Claes Arentszen
and Annetie Jacobs, sponsors. Married Claes Garbrantse.

7. Harmen baptized October 21, 1682 at New York, died young.
Gerrit Gerritszen and Neeltie Harmens, sponsors,

8. Aeltje baptized April 2, 1684 at Bergen, Johannis Steynmets
and Aeltje Daniels, sponsorsi. Died unmarried in 1746,

9. Herman baptized December 8, 1686 at New York, Gerrit Gerritszen
and Jacomyntie Menist, sponsors. Married Marrytie Fredericks.

10. Guert baptized October 5 , 1691 at Bergen. Helmigh Roelofse
and Jannetje Pieters, his wife, sponsors.

HERMAN (HARMEN), baptized December 8, 1686 at: New York, son of
Juriaen Tomassen and Reyckje Harmens, was known as Harmen Juriaensen
during his lifetime, sometimes found in different spellings, and signed
his Last Will and Testament ”Harmon Juransen” He inherited a share of
his father’s lands in the Acquackanonk Patent and lived on one of the
homestead tracts bordering the Passaic River, which he purchased on May
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15, 1722, as mentioned in his will, He was a Deacon and Elder in the
Acquackanonk Church between the years 1715 and 1738. In 1732, he was one
of the Executors of the Will of his Father-in-law, Christopher Steenmets
(Steinmets or Stynmetz). On November 17, 1750, he purchased 505 acres
from Hendrick Vanderlinda, in what: is now Montvale, N J., but then
claimed a part of Orange County, N.Y. , north of where his brother-in-law
Thomas Fredericksen Cadmus had acquired 200 acres in 1744, An abstract
of this Deed, still in possession of descendants, reads;


HENDRICK VAN DERLINDE of Hackin- Dated November 17, 1750
sack; Yeoman. (ARIANTIE VA.N
DERLINDE, his wife, signs and Acknowledged January 11, 1752
acknowledges, but her name is before Abraham Haring
not at head)
Consideration 250 Pounds
HARMAN JURIANSIE of Essex County, Unrecorded

Conveys All that Lott and Land Seatuated and Being at
Wessewas meadow and in the County of Orange and in the Province
of New York and Is Limitted Butted and Bounded as followeth

Beginning’ by a Black Oak on the East Side of a Little Run
of water marked on four Sides from thence Runing North Eighteen
Degrees and a half degree East Fifty Chains upon a Chesnut Stake
with Stones aboute it, thence West Fifty five Chains upon
another Chesnut Stake with Stones aboute it, thence South
Eighteen Degrees and a half Degree West Fifty Fifty Chains
upon another Chesnut Stake with Stones aboute it, thence East
Fifty Five Chains upon the first Station, three hundred and
three Acres and a half Acre, and another Lott Joyning to. the
Same, . .
Beginning by a Chesnut Stake with Stones Round it from
thence Running South Eighteen Degrees and a half west Forty
Eight Chains upon another Chesnut Stake with Stones Round it,
from thence East forty five Chains upon another Chestnutt
Stake with Stones Round it, thence North Eighteen Degrees and
a half Degree East, upon another Stake upon the first Lott,
thence West Forty five Chains, upon the first Station According
as it is now Surveyed Two hundred and one Acre and a half Acre
Yielding and paying therefore unto the said Hendrick Van-
derlinde his heirs and Assigns Nine Pence for ye said Lands on
Page 8
Every Seven Twentieth day of November Yearly And on Every Year
from henceforth and forever hereafter in Lieu and in Stead of
all other Rents, Services and Demands Whatsoever to be paid
unto ye said Hendrick Vanderlinde When it is Demanded..
(map also on Page 8)

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Harmen Juriaensen died at an unknown date leaving a Last Will and
Testament made June 17, 1754, proved May 14, 1756, and filed at Trenton
a copy of which reads:

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN this Seventeenth day of June in
the year of Our Lord Anno Doroini One thousand Seven Hundred
and fifty four I, Harme Jurryanse of Achquechenonk in the
County of Essex and Eastern Division of New Jersey yeoman(1)
being aged and infirm of Body but of sound and perfect mind
and memory thanks be given to God therefore and calling to
mind the mortallity of my Body and knowing that it is appointed
unto men once to Die do make and Ordain this my last Will and
Testament (that is to Say)

First and principally I Give and recommend my Soul into
the hands of God that gave it hoping through the alone Merits
of Jesus Christ to have Eternal life and my Body I recommend
to the Earth to be Buried in a decent Christian manner at the
discretion of my Executors hereafter named, nothing doubting
but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the Same again
through the mighty Power of God, and as touching such Worldly
Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life
I Give bequeath and dispose of the same in the following manner
and form.

Imprimis my Will is that all my just Debts and Funeral
Expences be well truly and fully paid and discharged.

Item I Give bequeath and Devise unto my dearly beloved
Wife Judith Jurrianse the full and sole use and Improvement
of all my Real and Personal Estate during the time she shall
remain my Widdow for her comfortable Support in this life as
also fifty seven pounds current lawful money of New York to be
paid out of my Personal Estate unto her by my Executors Six
Months after my decease.

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son Jurrie Van
Rype my great Bible over and above his share and proportion
which shall be hereafter in and by this my last Will and Testa-
ment given him.

Item I Will and Devise that all my Lands or Real and
Personal Estate shall be equally Divided share and share alike
among my thirteen Children Jurrie Van Rype, Frederick Van Rype,
Abraham Van Rype, Johannis Van Rype, Christoffel Van Rype,
Marytie Van Rype, Jacob Van Rype, Isaac Van Rype, Sarah Van
Rype, Gerrit Van Rype, Geurt Van Rype, Thomas Van Rype and
Christina Van Rype that is to say First my Two hundred Acres
of land on which I dwell laying in the bounds of Achquechenonk.
Bounded on the North West side of Pessaick (2) River bounded South
by Madlene Vangiese and on the North side by Claes Vreland
No, 4 as by a Deed baring date the fifteenth day of May Anno
Domini One thousand Seven hundred and Twenty two more fully
may appear, together with the remainder of all my Lands in
which I have right and Title in the Patent of Achquechenonk(3)
(1)yeoman-land owner
(2)-Pessaick River-Passaic River
(3)-Achquechenonk-Aquackanonk-city of Passaic & Clifton.
Page 10
as also all my Lands in the County of Orange in the Colony of
New York specified in a Deed there of baring date the twenty
sixth day of November Anno Domini One thousand Seven hundred
and fifty now in the occupation of my Son Frederick.

Item I Will and ordain that my Son Frederick shall be
allowed and paid fifty pounds current money of New York for
the Improvement of the Place on which he now dwells to be paid
at the time of the Division of my Estate hereafter to be

Item I Will and Devise that Whereas my Children Jacob,
Sarah, Gerrit, Court, Thomas and Christyna have not had an
Outset as the rest of my Children that they shall have an
Outset equivalent to that which the rest of my Children have

Item I Will and ordain that if any of my Children aforesaid
should die without any Heir then the Portion of the deceased
to be equally Divided among all my Surviving Children or their
Heirs if any before the Division of my Estate aforesaid should
depart this life.

Item if any of my Children or Grandchildren should be
under age at the time of Division aforesaid then my Executors
shall make a just Division and give every one of the underaged
Children or Grandchildren aforesaid their just and due portion.
Item I Will that the Division of my Real and Personal
Estate shall be made after the disease or Remarriage of my Wife
which first -happens.

Item I do hereby nominate Constitute and appoint my above
named Sons Abraham Van Rype and Jacob Van Rype Executors of this
my last Will and Testament and do hereby revoke disanul and make
void all and any other Will or Wills bequest and bequests hereto-
fore by me made Willed and bequeathed and Executor or Executors
by me heretofore in any wise named ratifying allowing and
holding for firm and Valid this and no other to be my last Will
and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the
day and year above written.
Signed Sealed published pronounced HARMON JURANSEN (L. S.)
and Declared by the said Harme
Jurryanse to be his last Will and
Testament in the Presence of us,
David Marinus
Johannis Wanshaer
Richard Bradberry
Harmen Juriaense married 1st, June 20, 1709 at Bergen, Marrytie
Fredericks born November 11, 1684, baptized at Bergen, daughter of
Frederick Thomase (Cadmus), and Tryntje Hopper, He married 2nd, about
1720/21, Judith Steinmets born. about 1700, daughter of Christopher-Stein
mets and Sarah Van Nest.

Children of Harmen Juriaense and Marrytie Fredericks (Cadmus), his
first wife, were the following:

1. Jurjaen born September 12, 1710, baptized at Acquackanonk,
Jan Jurjaense and Brisilla Homs, sponsors. Died in 1789 in
Somerset County, N. J. survived by 9 children.

2. Frederick born February 22, 1713, baptized at Acquackanonk,
Guert Juraense and Geertruy Fredericks, sponsors. Married
Annetje Van Vorst.

3. Abraham born January 25, 1716, baptized at Acquackanonk.
Thomas Jurjaense and Jannetje Straet, sponsors. Married
Elizabeth Bradberry.

4. Johannes born July 21, 1718, baptized at Acquackanonk.
Thomas Fredericks and Martje Vreeland, sponsors, married
Hester Stynmets.
Children of Harmen Juriaense and Judith Steinmets, his second wife,
were the following:

5. Christopher born September 6, 1722, baptized at Acquackanonk.
Christopher Steinmets and Sarah Van Nest, sponsors. Married
Metje Brouwer.

6. Marietje born September 14, 1724, baptized at Acquackanonk.
Claes Gerbrantse and Martje Juriaense, sponsors.

7. Jacob born February 8, baptized March 10, 1728 at Acquackanonk.
Jacob Thomasse and Neeltje Gerbrantse, sponsors. Married
Fytje Jacobusse.

8. Isaac born September 30, baptized October 12 , 1729 at Acquacka-
nonk. Peter and Elizabeth Steinmets, sponsors. Married
Catrina Van Rype.

9. Sara born June 30, baptized July 10, 1732 at Acquackanonk.
Jacob Van Noorstrandt and Antje Steinmets, sponsors.

10. Gerrit born November 3, baptized December 8, 1734 at Acquacka-
nonk. Johannes and Maritje Steinmets, sponsors. Married
Fytje Van Winkle.

11. Geurt born about 1737, no baptismal record found.

12. Thomas born about 1740, no baptismal record found. Married
Saertje Van Rype.

13. Christina born about 1743, no baptismal record found.

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FREDERICK VAN RYPE (VAN RIPER), born February 22, 1713, baptized at
Acquackanonk, son of Harmen Juriaensen and Marrytie Fredericks (Cadmus),
his first wife, married December 2, 1742 at Acquackanonk, Annetje Van
Vorst born October 23 (year worn off in family Bible record and no bap-
tismal record found), daughter of Garret Van Vorst and Sarah Walingse Van
Winkle of New Barbadoes Neck. They lived in the Acquackanonk area,
probably on part of his father’s land, where their first two children
were born for whom no baptismal records have been found. Such records
for the Acquackanonk Church are either blank or sparce for certain years,
especially those between. 1737 and 1746.

Prior to August 3, 1750, when his third son was baptized at Paramus,
Frederick and his family had moved north to the jurisdiction of that
church, where they probably resided as tenants on the land his father
was to purchase from Hendrick Vanderlinda later the same year, and on
which Frederick became the first permanent settler. He established his
home near the location of a large spring located to the north and east of
the intersection of present Chestnut Ridge Road and Summit Avenue.

Whether this location was also the site of a former Vanderlinda tenant
house is not recorded, but possible. During the years to follow, and
prior to June 17, 1754, the date of his father’s Will, Frederick made
considerable improvement to the property to the value of fifty pounds
(about $125), for which he was allowed and paid that amount out of the
estate when it was settled. This amount probably included the cost of a
pennanent homestead, initially small in size but substantially built of
sandstone, for his and future generations. This building was to be en-
larged after the Revolutionary War to better accommodate two families.
A century later it was further remodeled and modernized by others.
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Besides the building of a permanent homestead, Frederick was soon
confronted with the problem of a questionable title to the land. This had
its origin, in the indefinite location of the patent granted by theProvince
of New York to Samuel Bayard on June 17, 1697; later sold by him, probably
intact, to Hendrick Vanderlinda a short time before 1737. Title within
that province was claimed even though the report of the survey made for
Bayard by the Surveyor General of New York stated that four of the parcel
of land covered “are supposed to be in Jersey Government.” The discrep-
ancy was ignored, nevertheless, and the Governor of New York certified
the grant as lying in Orange County. A long controversy followed between
the Proprietors of East New Jersey (who claimed ownership and jurisdiction
under the grant of Berkeley and Carteret), and Hendrick Vanderlinda who
persisted by virtue of his New York title. At the meeting of the Boar
of Proprietors held October 19, 1754 at Perth Amboy, two leases were
executed to John Smyth “to support the actions against those claiming
under Vanderlinda, to wit, Frederick and Rynier Wortendyke, and Frederick
Van Ripen, who Mr. Ogden is ordered to prosecute.” The lease, based on
the proprietors’ claim, gave Smyth the right to sue for possession in be-
half of the Board. Aside from a subsequent report on March 27, 1755, that
a petition of Hendrick Vanderlinda was read, setting forth his desire of
buying of the Proprietors Some lands, he pretends to have in his posses-
sion in Bergen County,” no further reference is made to this suit, nor
that against Frederick Van Riper. Whatever the outcome, the area became
a part of Bergen County, New Jersey, when the long disputed boundary line
was finally settled in 1769. The name of Frederick Van Ryper is found in
the list of freeholders and inhabitants who “submit to the jurisdiction of
New Jersey” in New Barbadoes Precinct between Hackensack and Saddle River.
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The house site was reached by a lane which ran southerly to present
Summit Avenue, to the west of the Garden State Parkway. This lane late
became part of the first public road surveyed by the township authorities
on April 1, 1775, to be opened for use on May 1, 1777. It was a long
road, having its beginning in what is now Upper Saddle River, and no
doubt took that length of time to complete. Recorded in Book B of Road
Returns, page 76, at Hackensack, the description reads:

Begins at stake at the old road called the Saddle River
Road a little by north of the house and mill of Garrit Hopper
on the east side of said River, thence running on the land of
the Reverend Benjamin Vandelinde south 55 degrees east 44 chains
to the northwest corner of Frederick Van Rypen’s land, thence
east 3 degrees north 42 chains, 20 links on the line between
said Van Rypen and Vandelinden to a stake; thence on said Van
Rypen’s land viz south 6 degrees vest 17 chains to a stake,
thence south 36 degrees vest 8 chains, thence south 3 1/2 degrees
east 10 chains, 50 links, thence south 9 degrees west 8 chains,
20 links near along the east end of Van Rypen’s house to a
stake on Vandelinde’s line, thence vest 2 degrees south on the
line between lands of Van Rypen and Vandelinde to a corner
stake of said Van Rypens, thence on their line south 18 degrees
west 50 chains, 85 links to another corner of said Van Rypen,
thence across said Vandelinde’s land south 20 degrees west 14
chains, 80 links to corner of Frederick Codmas, thence south
26 degrees west 51 chains, 75 links on line between Codmas and
Frederick Krim to an oak, thence south 64 degrees east 12 chains
on line between Codmas and Jerry Jackeback, thence south 27 de-
grees east 5 chains, 40 links on said Jackeback, thence still
on his land 3 chains, 20 links to said Codmas line, thence on
said Codmas land south 58 degrees east 6 chains to line between
Codmas and Jacob Hopper, thence on their line south 72 degrees
east 15 chains to the northeast of an old road formerly laid
out called Werimus Road, To be 4 rods wide, 2 rods on each side.
Beginning at East Saddle River Road, north of the Upper Saddle Rivcer
Reformed Church, the route followed present Weiss Road and Upper Saddle
River Road and continued along the latter part of the way toward its
present “Dead End” by the Garden State Parkway. At its second bend east
of present Chestnut Ridge Road, it ran southerly in three courses, the
Page 15
last one of which passed “near along the ease end of Van Rypen’s house
to present Summit Avenue, then westerly to Chestnut: Ridge Road and south-
erly along that road (as it is at present), and along the Van Rypen farm
line, as far as Glen Road. Except for some minor changes at that point
it continued easterly in the direction of Glen Road to connect with the
north line of Werimus Road, opposite the Cadmus homestead now No. 264
Glen Road. Werimus Road had been laid out northerly to that point in
1742. Later in 1775, and just prior to the start of the war activities
a new township called Harington, after the Haring family, was formed out
of the north part of the old precinct of New Barbadoes.

By the time of the earliest tax ratable list for Harington Township
made in September, 1779, the Van Riper farm was already subdivided among
Frederick and his two married sons. At that time they were taxed as

Herman (Harman) Van Riper, 100 acres improved land at 45 pounds per
100 acres; 4 horses at 25 shillings; 5 horned cattle
at 20 shillings; 7 hogs at 5 shillings. Total assess-
ment 56 pounds, 15 shillings, and amount of rates 31
pounds, 18 shillings, 5 pence, although the actual tax
levied on this amount is not shown.

Frederick Van Riper (Senior), 300 acres improved land; 5 horses,
10 horned cattle and 8 hogs at the same rates. Total
assessment 153 pounds, 5 shillings, and amount of
rates 86 pounds, 4 shillings, 1 pence.

Johannis Van Riper, single man, amount of rates 7 pounds, 10

Garret Van Riper, 100 acres improved land; 3 horses;. 5 horned
cattle and 4 hogs at the same rates. Total assessment
54 pounds, 15 shillings, and amount of rates 30 pounds,
15 shillings, 11 pence.

By 1782, the land was assessed for tax purposes in equal shares of
125 acres each among Frederick and his sons. Garret, Harman and Johannis.
In the list for 1789, the land was separated into improved and unimproved
acreage and taxed by different valuations. At that time Frederick had
Page 16
30 acres improved and 20 acres unimproved. Each son was taxed for 100
acres improved land, with the rest unimproved. After Frederick’s death
in 1793, the land was divided equally among Garret, Johannis and Harman
when each was taxed for 106 acres improved land, and 60 unimproved.
the following years the ratio was 100 acres improved, and 66 acres unim-
proved. Later surveys showed that there was a small -surplus over the
original 505 acres, making each subsequent third approximately 175 acres.

Cornelius Van Riper, the youngest son of Frederick, Senior, never
entered into the land division at Montvale due to the fact that he had
left home prior to 1779, joined the British in New York, and was married
there in 1783.

The Dutch-Bible belonging to Frederick Van Riper, Senior, with it’s
page of records, is now in possession of the Winters family formerly of
Hillsdale, through descent from Frederick, son of Harman. The record page
lists the following:

Frederic Vanryper is geboren den 22 Feby. 171 (right side
Annatie Vanvorst geboren. den 23 Octr. l—‘ of page
Zij zijnce samen getrouw’t den 2 Decem— worn off)
De namen ende ouderdom van haere kin—-
haer eerste soon Hermanus is gebooren
den 23 October Anno 1743
2 de Gerret is geboren den 22 Jun—
3 de Johannes is geboren den 25 July—
4 de Cornelius is geboren de 27 Juny 175-
Frederick Van Reijpe overleden den 27 —-
in het yaar 179-
Annetje, wife of Frederick Van Riper, Senior, and her five sisters
were bequeathed a legacy of 120 pounds by the Last Will and Testament of
their father. Garret Van Vorst of New Barbadoes Neck, made June 13, 1764,
proved June 15, 1785, and filed at Trenton.

The homestead was enlarged, probably after the Revolutionary War,
Page 17

by expanding the width and depth over which a gambrel0 roof was placed.
This style, similar to the house owned by son Garret (lastly Michon), had
a central hallway dividing the main living rooms, in back of which were
the bedrooms. In the 1870′ s, the house was further enlarged, porches
added, and the roof raised to acconmodate rooms on the second floor. It
was damaged by fire in the Fall of 1920 when owned by the Howth family,
and later demolished.

Frederick Van Riper, Senior, died October 17, 1793 according to the
marker on his grave in the cemetery of the Upper Saddle River Reformed
Church, which has the monogram FVR on it. The entry in the family Bible,
however, is October 27th. He left no recorded estate although it is
possible there was an unfiled Last Will and Testament which devised and
confirmed the previous division of the real estate.

The children of Frederick Van Riper, Senior, and Annetje Van Vorst,
his wife, were the following:

1. HARMAN born October 23, 1743 (Bible date), no baptismal
record found. Married Maria Demarest.

2. GARRET born June 22 (Bible date), year circa 1746/47, no
baptismal record found. Married (1) Abigail Hopper, and
(2) Maria (Polly) Terhune Van Buskirk, widow.

3. JOHANNIS born July 25 (Bible date), baptized August 3,
1750 at. Paramus. Married (1) Geertje (Charity) Post,
and (2) Catrina Van Winkle Waldrom, widow.

4. CORNELIUS born June 27, baptized July 13, 1755 at Paramus.
Married Elizabeth Davenport.
(At this point follow the descendants of the four sons of Frederick
Van Riper, Senior, each as a separate account, and extending principally
the lines that carried on the family name.)

Page 18


1. HARMAN VAN RIPER born October 23, 1743, son of Frederick and
Annetje (Van Vorst) Van Riper,married about 1767, Maria Demarest baptizied
March 8, 1747 at Hackensack, daughter of Cornelius Demarest and Maritie
Ackerman, who resided on Werimous Road, south of Woodcliff Avenue, in
Woodcliff Lake. Hannan and Maria made their home on the northerly one-
third of his father’s land at Montvale, but the location of their house
is uncertain. It may have been the later home of son Garret to the east
of present Chestnut Ridge Road, or that occupied by the Crouter descend-
ants to the west. Neither one has survived. Harman died early, in 1811,
leaving a Last Will and Testament dated August 5, 1810, proved March 26,
1811, and recorded in book A, page 341. He is buried in the cemetery of
the Upper Saddle River Reformed Church where a stone bearing his monogram
HVR, but no date, marks his grave. His personal estate totaled $1570.90
including two slaves valued at $175, bonds, notes and cash, besides the
usual farm and household items. His wife was left a living out of the
real estate, plus the sum of 100 pounds. The land was divided equally
between sons Frederick and Garret who were obligated to pay their sister
Mary, 450 pounds in one year. Garret who had married shortly before his
father’s Will was made, received his “outset” consisting of a span of
horses valued at 50 pounds, a cow, 3 sheep, 2 hogs, a plow, tackling,
gears and a sleigh out of the estate. On May 2, 1811, Frederick released
to Garret 89 acres lying to the east of Old Chestnut Ridge Road where
Garret lived, retaining that portion to the west for himself. On August
10/1816, Maria, widow of Harnan, married Michael Ryer, widower of Jane
Wortendyke, She died September 3, 1820 at the age of 74 years and is
Page 19
buried at Upper Saddle River.

Children of Harman and Maria (Demarest) Van Riper:

A. FREDERICK baptized August 28, 1768 at Paramus, married
Maria Vanderbeek.

B. MARIA born November 18, baptized December 25, 1773 at
Paramus, married John G. Hopper.

C. GARRET born March 29, baptized May 6, 1787 at Paramus
married Agnes Banta.

A. FREDERICK VAN RIPER baptized August 28, 1768 at Paramus, son of
Harman and Maria (Demarest) Van Riper, married Maria Vanderbeek baptize
May 19, 1771 at Paramus, daughter or Yury Vanderbeek and Maritje Ackerman
of Hilisdale, They lived in the old Vanderbeek sandstone hornestead which
stood near the site of present No. 300 Werimis Heights Road, Hilisdale.
He died January 25, 1834 and she on March 9, 1861 and are buried at
Paramus. His Will, recorded in book D, page 425, devised the Chestnut
Ridge farm to his heirs equally. This was subsequently owned by the
Crouter descendants until 1905. The Lutkins mill property on Glen Road
in Woodcliff Lake was devised to son Harman who sold it in 1845 to John
A. Ackerman, husband of Sarah Delamarter.


(1) MARIA born June 6, baptised August: 3, 1790 at Paramus; married
Casparus J. Westsrvelt.
a. John born August 30, 1818; married Leah Hopper.

(2) AGNES born October 1, baptized November 24, 1794 at Paramus;
married Cornelius Crouter.

a. Maria born September 8, 1813; married Jacob Tisen.
b. Frederick born December 8» 1816; married Margaret Storms.
c. Peter born February 6, 1819; married Rachel Shuart.
d. Hannah born July 26, 1821; married Andrew J. Shuart.

(3) HARMAN born May 24, baptized June 29, 1800 at Paramus; married
Catharine Delamarter, daughter of Abraham Delamarter and Sarah
Cadmus. After the death of his father, he purchased the
Page 20
former Vanderbeek homestead farm containing about 127 acres
in Hilisdale, from the Westervelt, Crouter and Delamarter heirs,
and resided there until his death. In 1860, the house was re-
built in the process of which the sandstone portion was torn
down and a new frame part erected. The work was done by Albert,
Peter and Jake Zabriskie of Paramus, and took over a year to
complete. The small frame building to the south, used as a
fruit stand in more recent years by the Winters descendants,
was formerly a tenant and slave house on the farm. Catharine
died January 9, 1870, and Harman on August 26, 1874, and they
are buried in Valleau cemetery. His Will, recorded in book L,
page 258, devised all the real estate to son Abraham. Legacies
of $10,000 each were left to daughters Maria and Hannah, and
the residue to the three children equally.

a. Maria born January 28, 1821; married Abraham H. Ackerman.
b. Abraham born February 20, 1825; married Anna Smith. He
died February 19, 1886 and she on November 5, 1887, and
are buried in Valleau cemetery. His Will, recorded in book
P, page 448, devised his real and personal estate to his
two children for life, and then to their children. Son
Daniel received the old farm on the east side of the road,
and daughter Catharine another on the opposite side where
the earliest part of the Winters house was built in 1877.

Catharine Maria married Sandford Bogert.
Daniel Smith married Mary E. Van Emburgh.

(4) HANNAH born February 19, baptized April 18, 1808 at Paramus;
married Isaac Delamarter son of Abraham Delamarter and Sara
Cadmus. She died July 20, 1828 at the age of 20 years.
Sarah born October 18, 1826; married John A. Ackerman.

B. MARIA VAN RIPER born. November 18, 1773, daughter of Harman and
Maria (Demarest) Van Riper; married January 16, 1793 at Schraalenburgh,
John G. Hopper baptised August 16, 1772 at Paramus, son of Garret J.
Hopper and Marytje Zabriskie. He died July 30, 1825 in New York. She
died May 12, 1860 and is buried in Valleau cemetery..

(1) Garret J., born July 2, baptized July 27, 1794 at Paratnus;
married Margaret Kip.

C. GARRET VAN RIPER born March 29, 1787, son of Harman and Maria
(Demarest) Van Riper; married June 27, 1810 at Paramus, Agnes Banta born
January 2, 1791, daughter of Hendrick Banta and Margaret Demarest who
resided on Pascack Road in Woodcliff Lake (the sandstone homestead owned
by the Lutheran Church when it was demolished). Garret and Agnes lived
first on his inherited land at Montvale in a house that stood near the
north end of that part of the old 1775 road vacated in 1833, to the east
of present Chestnut Ridge Road. This farm was sold on April 4, 1833 to
Peter Wortendyke for $3000. They subsequently lived in River Vale. Agnes
died February 16, 1859 and Garret on January 25, 1864, and are buried at


(1) MARIA born November 16, 1811; inarried John P. Post.

(2) MARGARET born July 23, 1813; died November 18, 1872, unmarried

(3) HERMAN(Harman) born December 2, 1815; married August 27, 1839 at
Saddle River, Hannah Wortendyke, She died May 30, 1877 and he
on March 28, 1900, and are buried at: Pascack.
a. Garret: 1840-1840.
b. Alida 1857-1862.

(4) HENRY BANTA born April 23, 1820; married August 20, 1842 at
Saddle River, Eliza Williams. He died October 31, 1893 and
she on May b, l896, and are buried at Pascack.
a. Margaret Ann born 1845; married Abraham B. Bogert.
b. Emma Jane 1849-1849,
c. Herman (Harman) 1850-1900.

(5) ANNA born February 26, 1827; married Peter H. Westervelt.

(6). JEMIMA born August 15, 1829; married John Cummings.

(7) HANNAH PERRY born July 9, 1833; married (1) Albert P. Wester-
velt, and (2) Peter C. Gardenier,

Page 22

2. GARRET VAN RIPER born June 22, 1746/47, second son of Frederick
and Annetje (Van Vorst.) Van Riper; carried 1st, about: 1770, Abigail
Hopper born September 14, 1749, baptized at: Paramus, daughter of Garret:
A. Hopper and Hendrickje Terhune; and 2nd, August 6, 1808 at Parairius,
Maria (Polly) Terhune, widow of Thomas A. Van Buskirk. Garret and his
first wife were members at Paramus in 1799. He and his second wife were
members at Upper Saddle River in 1812. Garret made his home on the
southerly third of his father’s land at Montvale, and built the sandstone
homestead which formerly stood at No. 110 Chestnut Ridge Road. This was
demolished on August 17, 1966 to make way for an A. & P.(supermarket)
shopping center.
Page 23
On May 2, 1805, Garret purchased 13.57 acres from his brother-
Johannis at the westerly boundary of their adjoining farms, for the sum
of $407 by deed recorded in book B-2, page 143. Maria, his second wife
died December 11, 1820 at the age of 68 years and is buried at Upper
Saddle River, He died at an unknown date prior to 1826 without leaving
a recorded estate. By that date the family homestead was owned by his
only son and heir, Frederick G. Van Riper, when the road return for
present Lake Street was laid out. There are no surviving markers for
Garret and his first wife in the Upper Saddle River Church cemetery.

Children, of Garret and Abigail (Hopper) Van Riper:

A. HENDRICKJE baptized April 15, 1772 at Paramus; married
John J. Zabriskie.

3. FREDERICK born March 8, baptized April 7, 1782 at Paramus;
married Mary Van Buskirk.
A. HENDRICKJE VAN RIPER baptized April. 15, 1772 at: Paramus,
daughter of Garret and Abigail (Hopper) Van Riper; married by New Jersey
License dated December 7, 1788, John J. Zabriskie born September 7, bap-
tized September 14, 1766 at Paramus, son of Jacob J. Zabriskie and
Jannetje Brevoort. She died probably at the birth of her child. He
married 2nd, Margrietje Waldron.

(1) Hendrickje born April 20, baptized June 7, 1789
at Paramus. died young
B. FREDERICK VAN RIPER born March 8, 1782, son of Garret and
Abigail (Hopper) Van Riper; married February 16, 1805 at Paramus, Mary
Van Buskirk born July 7, 1789 at Saddle River, daughter of Peter and
Sally Van Buskirk. Frederick inherited, as the only son and surviving
child, his father’s homestead and the southerly third of the family farm.
Page 24
He and his wife were members of the Upper Saddle River Reformed Church
where she joined April111,1840, and he in April 1842, In the latter
year, Frederick had his farm surveyed by Garret Al. Zabriskie and sub-
divided into plots of about 40 acres each, for the purpose of deeding
them to his heirs. These were sold to them for a consideration in the
years to follow, On May 21, 1853, Frederick and his wife conveyed to
the Trustees of School District No. 5, a plot 32 feet by 40 feet at the
northeast corner of the farm, on which a schoolhouse was thereafter
built. In later years and after Frederick’s death, the Chestnut Ridge
Sunday School was built to the south of the schoolhouse, to which the
Van Riper family gave their generous support during the period of its
existence. On August 14, 1861 by deed recorded in book 0-5, page 297,
the homestead and its plot of 45.31 acres, together with another lot of
16 acres, were sold to David Henry Hopper, husband of Sarah Maria Van
Riper, only child of son Andrew Van Riper, deceased, for a consideration
of $3500, A reservation in this deed reads:

Saving and reserving to themselves, the party of the first
part during the period of their natural lives or of either of
them, the right to the use of one-half of the Dwelling House
on said premises and one-half of the Garden and as much of the
fruit growing from year to year on said premises hereby intended
to be conveyed as may be necessary for their family use, and
also the right to plant two bushels of Potatoes on said place
for their use if they think proper to do so.

It is assumed that Frederick and his wife continued to live in the
homestead until he died, although the property was sold by the Hoppers in
1862. Frederick died January 17, 1864 His wife later lived in
Paterson and died on November 14, 1873. They are buried in the Upper
Saddle River Church cemetery. His will was dated May 22, 1860, proved
March 28, 1864 and recorded in book H, page 484, which reads:
Page 25
First, it is my will and I do hereby order that all my just
debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as convenient after
my decease by my executors hereinafter named.

Item, I give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Maria
all my household furniture unto her and to her heirs and assigns

Item, I give, devise and bequeath unto my daughter Sally .
the sum of $230.

Item, I give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Maria
the sum of $500 unto her, her heirs and assigns forever.

Item, I give, devise .and bequeath unto my son Thomas the
sum of $130 unto him, his heirs and assigns.

Item, it is my will and I do order that the remainder of my
estate be left in the hands of my executors during the lifetime
of my wife Maria and the interest to be paid to her yearly and
after her decease it shall be equally divided among my children
and grandchildren, viz., to my sons Peter, Thomas and grandson
Frederick G. Van Ryper and daughter Sally, wife of Andrew Debaun,
and Sarah Maria my granddaughter, and to their heirs and assigns.

Item, it is my will and I do hereby order that in case the
note against my son Thomas held by Abraham Delamarter shall have
to be paid by me or by my executors I being security on the same,
then the same to be deducted from my son Thomas share above

Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Peter F.
Van Ryper and my son-in-law Andrew Debaun to be executors of
this my last will and testament revoking all former wills and
testaments by me rnade, ratifying and confirming this and no other
fo be my last will and testament.

In Witness Whereof I the said Frederick Van Ryper have here-
unto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of May, 1860.
Albert G. Zabriskie FREDERICK VAN RYPER (Seal)
Sally Ann Zabriskie
The inventory of the personal estate was made by Andrew Debaun, Peter
Van Ryper, Albert G. Zabriskie and Albert Hopper, and totaled $2255.17
including purse and apparel $60, clock, stove, oil cloth, bed and bedding
2 tables, looking glass, carpet, chairs, cupboard and contents, shades
and pictures, 2 bureaus, gun, blankets, crockery, baskets, contents of
kitchen, contents of garret, ax, shovel, rake, 5 hives of bees, poultry,
potatoes, pork, beef and ashes; also notes of Frederick G. Van Ryper $94,
John H. Banta $200, John J. Ryer $150, Thomas Van Ryper $130, Thomas
McMann $35, John J. Jersey $100, Andrew Dcbaun $100, David H. Hopper $100.
Page 26
Peter Van Ryper $100, and mortgage of J. H. Martin $1000.


(1) GARRET born September 16, baptized November 16, 1806 at Paramus;
married September 17, 1825 at Saddle River, Elizabeth Hopper born
April 24, baptized May 20, 1810 at Paramus, daughter of Garret A.
Hopper and Maria Van Orden. By deed dated May 10, 1830, recorded
in book L-3, page 60, Garret: purchased from his father for $250,
the small sandstone house and farm of 3 acres on the east side of
Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale, formerly owned by John Ryer. This
had been acquired from Ryer about 1805 by unrecorded deed, and
the purchaser was either Garret’s father or grandfather. Later
enlarged and modernised, stood at #21
Chestnut Ridge Road when it was burned June 16, 1969, having been
owned for a number of years by the Szmitkowski family. Garret
made his home here until his death on December 29, 1833 at the
age of 27 years. His wi1l made December 19, 1833 was proved on
January 8, 1834 and recorded in book D, page 414. The inventory
of his personal estate totaled $445.06, including household
goods, farm items, cattle and crops. He devised his estate to
his wife during her widowhood. Thereafter the real estate was
devised to son Frederick who was ordered to pay legacies of $100
each to his two sisters. Elizabeth died October 14, 1841 at the
age of 31 years and is buried at Upper Saddle River with her
husband and children.


a. FREDERICK born .March 10, baptized April 7, 1827 at Saddle
River: married July 23, 1846 at Saddle River, Jemima Acker-
man. On March 6, 1855, his grandfather deeded to him a
Page 27
tract: of 40 acres out of the home farm on the west side of
Chestnut Ridge Road. Both this and his father’s homestead
on the east side were sold to Eugene H. Best on October 1,
1867 for $4000, They then lived elsewhere until purchasing
from Leonard Cronk a house and 3 acres of land on the north
side of Saddle River Road, Woodcliff Lake, by deed dated May
19, 1882 . They were living here when they died, Frederick
in December 1904, and Jemima on September 15, 1905. They are
probably buried in the Saddle River Lutheran Church cemetery
where their funerals were held.


i Elizabeth Maria born January 17, 1848, died July 6,
1856, buried at Upper Saddle River.

ii Rachel Ann born June 1, 1550, died October 31, 1851,
buried at Upper Saddle River.

iii Garret born October 29, 1851, died July 11, 1856,
buried at Upper Saddle River.

iv John Henry born June 30, 1855, died July 14, 1856,
buried at Upper Saddle River.

v. Garret born June 21, 1857, died February 28, 1899 in
Brooklyn, leaving daughters: Anna Elizabeth
(wife of John J. Briggs), and Mary.

vi Mary born April 1861; married Abram Bross and died
March 10, 1879, buried at Upper Saddle River.

b. MARIA born March 16, baptized March 17, 1829 at Saddle River,
died March 28, 1835 at the age of 6 years.

c. SALLY ANN born July 3, 1832, died February 11, 1834.
(2) ANNAATJE (HANNAH) born February 19, baptized April 18, 1808 at
Paramus; died young.

(3) PETER born December 5, 1808, baptized January 22, 1809 at
Paramus; married Elizabeth Haring. (See following)

(4) THOMAS born August 2, baptized September 22, 1811 at Paramus;
married February 14, 1829 at Saddle River, Hannah Tuers born
May 1, baptized May 30, 1813 at Paramus, daughter of Lawrence A.
Tuers and Jannetje Zabriskie. She died April 9, 1862 and is
buried at Westwood. Thomas later lived in Paterson with a-
second wife named Mary, and died in March 1890.


a. PETER born July 17, 1831, baptized at Saddle River.

b. RACHEL JANE born November 3, 1833, baptized at Saddle River.

c. GARRET born February 21, 1836, baptized at Saddle River,
died young.

d. AARON born February 10, 1839, baptized at Saddle River.

e. MARIA ELIZABETH born July 10, 1841; married Aaron Demarest.

f. CHARITY ANN born May 20, 1844; married Edward M. Pindar.

g. ANDREW born about 1847.

h. MARGARET ELLEN born about 1850; married George Thomas.

i. GARRET born about 1854.

Page 27

(5) ANDREW born December 1, 1815, baptized January 14, 1816 at
Saddle River; married March 23, 1839 at Saddle River, Catharine
Pulis born December 9, 1819, baptized January 23,1820 at
Pascack, daughter of Peter P. Pulis and Catrina Holdrum. He
died August 25, 1848 at the age of 32 years, and is buried at
Upper Saddle River. His Will, recorded in book F, page 466, left
his estate to his wife and daughter. Catharine married (2) April
9, 1849, John P. Wortendyke and died September 16, 1887.

a. SARAH MARIA born May 6, baptized October 1842 at Saddle
River; married August 20, 1859, David H. Hopper.

(6) SARAH born June 26, 1818; married April 9, 1836 at Saddle River,
Andrew Debaun born February 13, baptized March 19, 1815 at Saddle
River, son of Jacob Debaun and Catharine Mowerson, She died
July 1, 1884 and is buried at Upper Saddle River.

a. Catharine Margaret born July 7, 1837; married Albert Hopper.

b. Garret born January 31, 1845, baptized at Saddle River.

c. Mary Elizabeth born July 16, 1848, baptized at Saddle River.

d. Jacob Edgar born June 1853, baptized at Saddle River.

(3) PETER VAN RIPER born December 5, 1808, baptized January 22, 1809
at Paramus, son of Frederick and Mary (Van Buskirk) Van Riper; married in
November 1826 at Saddle River, Elizabeth Haring born March 7, baptized
April 26, 1810 at Pararmus, daughter of Isaac P. Haring and Anna Post.
Peter received a deed in 1842 for 40 acres out of his father’s farm to
the south of the homestead, which he sold to Abraham and Tunis Van Riper
on December 30, 1856 for $2000. He and his wife probably lived on the
Haring homestead farm at the northwest corner of Summit Avenue and Spring
Valley Road in Montvale, where Isaac P. Haring died September 24, 1825 at
the age of 36 years. When Anna Post, his widow, married Jacob Stagg on
February 9, 1831, they went to live on the Stagg farm on Chestnut Ridge
Road. This consisted of two tracts of land on the east side of the road,
formerly out of the Cadmus farm and on which stand today the Van Riper
homestead and business buildings. The first tract of 50 acres was pur-
chased June 14, 1791 from Michael Ryer and Abraham Cadmus for 187 pounds,
10 shillings, by deed post-recorded in book 425, page 22. The second
tract of 14 1/2 acres, adjoining on the north, was purchased April 7, 1806
Page 29
from Ryer Ryers for 230 pounds, by deed post-recorded in book 425; page
30. Because of the amount of consideration in this deed, a house built
by Ryers no doubt existed on the land and was the subsequent homestead of
Jacob Stagg, He built a new one on the same site after he made his Will
in 1831, which fact was Mentioned in the testimony of Peter Van Riper in
connection with the later estate suit.

Jacob Stagg was the widower of Jane Ryer who died January 3, 1831,
and they had no children. When Jacob died April 8, 1835, his Will made
March 15, 1831, devised everything to his second wife, Anna Post Haring.
This provoked a suit by Abraham Stagg of New York, a brother, to have the
Will declared invalid. He was unsuccessful due primarily to the testi-
monies of Jacob’s friends and neighbors in his behalf. The fact that
Abraham Stagg was indebted to his brother for $600, was not in his favor.
Other depositions made at that time showed that Jacob had had an opera-
tion on April 2, 1835 for bladder stones of which three were removed.
He “appeared to do well for the first two or three days,” but died on
the 3th. Elizabeth Wortendyke testified on September 8, 1835, that she
“knew him upwards of 30 years; lived the next house. Testator was a
widower about 5 or 6 weeks after his first wife died, about third day
New Year. She was at his house when first wife died and never heard
him say anything about marrying a second wife while his first was dying.
Heard Testator say he did not know what to do as Mrs. Stagg would not
come and live with him unless her children came and they would not come
unless he would make his property over which he said he never would do.
Never heard him find fault with his second wife who has one child, a
daughter who is the wife of Peter Van Riper. His family consisted of
Page 30
himself and wife and a hired girl and boy. Can’t tell who superintended
the building of the new house.”

The Haring homestead was sold on April 16, 1840 to Henry A. Demarest
who later operated a hotel there. This property again returned to the
family when Peter VanRiper purchased it from Aaron H. Westervelt on
December 5, 1861, and later was the residence of grandson, James Demarest
Van Riper, for a number of years.

In the 1860′ s, the present Van Riper homestead at #524 Chestnut
Ridge Road was built on the site of the former Stagg houses.

Besides operating a large produce farm on the Stagg land, Peter Van
Riper became an investor in Paterson real estate on which he held
numerous mortgages at his death, as well as others on local properties.
He and his wife joined the Pascack Reformed Church in May 1843, and were
generous supporters of the Chestnut Ridge Sunday School in 1878 on which
land and building they loaned $750. He died November 22, 1880 leaving
a Will made February 8, 1875, recorded in book N, page 219, which left
everything to his wife. She died May 26, 1884 and they are buried at
Park Ridge, Her Will made December 21, 1880, was recorded in book O,
page 481, and disposed of between 120 and 130 acres of land and a personal
estate of about $52,000. The homestead farm and other tracts were left
to son Frederick , for life and then to his son, Peter Elvin Van Riper.
The former Haring house and farm were left to grandson, James Demarest
Van Riper. Properties in Paterson were left to granddaughters Anna
Elizabeth and Annetta Sophia, together with legacies of $2500 each. “To
Charles Van Riper, colored rnan brought up by my husband and rne and now
living in New Yolk, $ 5oo.” The residuary estate was left to the grand-
Page 31
a. FREDERICK born July 7, baptized August 12, 1832 at Pascack; mar-
ried October 5, 1853 at Saddle River, Charity Ann Demarest born December
11, 1835, baptised February 7, 1836 at Saddle River, daughter of James C.
Demarest and Hannah Eckerson.

Frederick assisted his father on the farm and was also a school
teacher during three winters. He later was in the grocery business in
Paterson for two years and then returned to farming. He served on the
Regimental Staff of the 22nd New Jersey Volunteers for nine months during
the Civil War, as a Commissary-Sergeant. He died September 29, 1902, and
his wife on November 16, 1914. They are buried at Park Ridge. His Will,
recorded in book 33, page 59, devised the former Haring farm to son James
D. for life and then to his children. To son Peter Elvin was devised
15 acres of land purchased from Wortendyke and opposite the homestead;
also the stock and farm implements for which he was to pay $50 to his
brother James. The household goods and residue of the personal estate
vere left to wife Charity Ann.


i. PETER ANDREW born May 27, 1854, baptized at Saddle River,
died December 16, 1856 and is buried at Park Ridge.

ii. JAMES DEMAREST born May 15, 1856, Pascack;
married Amelia Gibson.

iii. ANNA ELIZABETH born February 6, 1865, baptized at Pascack;
carried Philomen O. Dickinson.

iv. ANNETTA SOPHIA baptized July-19, 1868 at Pascack; married
Earle C. Potts,
Page 32
v. PETER ELVIN born October 20, 1874, baptized May 23,1875
at Pascack; married June 30, 1898 at Pascack, Sarah Ackerman born March
20, baptized September 7, 1871 at Pascack, daughter of Garret J. Ackerman
and Harriet A.Ackerman. Sarah was the granddaughter, through her
father, of John A. Ackerman and Sarah Delamarter (See page 20, No, 4 a).

Peter Elvin and Sarah lived on the homestead farm atWood-
cliff Lake during their lifetime. He attended advanced school at the
Pennington Seminary in Pennington, N.J. and later graduated from the
Newark Academy. Westervelt’s History of Bergen County describes his
farming activities in the early 1920’s as consisting of 4 acres of cherry
trees, about 2000 grapevines, about 30 acres of apple orchard and between
16 and 20 acres of peach orchard. Also, about 75,000 tomato plants are
raised a year, as well as 6000 pepper plants and 6000 egg plants. The
farm produce is sold in the markets at New York City, Newark and Paterson

Sarah died in 1939, and Peter in 1944, and they are buried
in Valleau Cemetery (by the Paramus Dutch Reformed Church ,Glen Ave.
and route 17) in Ridgewood.


FREDERICK ELVIN born May 22, 1900; married Katherine Atkins.

HARRIET AMANDA born July 19, 1902; married Frank H. Tice.

GARRET ACKERMAN born August 5, 1905; married Margaret Marshal

Page 33

3. JOHANNIS VAN RIPER born July 25, 1750, son of Frederick and
Annetje (Van Vorst) Van Riper, married 1st, about: 1780, Geertje (Charity)
Post baptized July 3, 1757 at Schraalenburgh, daughter of Adrian Post and
Hendrickje Ackennan; and 2nd, November 10, 1810 at Paramus, Catriina Van
Winkle Waldrorn, widow. She may have been the widow of John Waldrom who
died January 13, 1810 aged 50 years, and is buried at Upper Saddle River.

Johannis inherited the middle third of his father’s land at Montvale,
on which stood the family homestead. This tract contained 173-3/4 acres
according to the mortgage descriptions and the Sheriff’s Deed in 1833.
In the tax list for September 1779, he was still unmarried and taxed as a
“Singleman” without land. The following year he was taxed for cattle and
as a ” Householder” living on part of the farm. Thereafter, he was taxed
for a share of the land, the same as his brothers Harman and Garret.

Johannis and his second wife were members of the Upper Saddle River
Reformed Church in 1812.

On October 22, 1808, Johannis mortgaged his farm to Cornelius Van
Vorst, his cousin, for the sum of $500, recorded in book D, page 107.
This may have been paid in subsequent years, but is not shown cancelled
on the records. Some years later he made another mortgage to Peter Perry
on April 8, 1820 for the sum of $202, recorded in book E, page 396. This
was followed by a third mortgage to John Van Vorst on December 1, 1821
for $1812, recorded in book E, page 520. In order to give the last mort-
gagee priority for his loan, he took over the Perry lien as well. At
that time, Johannis Van Riper was living in New York City.
In 1832, local residents petitioned to have a new road laid out
Page 34
northerly through the Van Riper land to shorten the route to Upper Saddle
River. This extended present Chestnut Ridge Road from its intersection
with Summit Avenue and in the course of Old Chestnut Ridge Road as far as
Upper Saddle River Road. At the same time, that part of the old road
surveyed in 1775, past the old homestead, was vacated from present Summit
Avenue northerly as far as the extension easterly of Upper Saddle River
Road which had been laid out in 1812 to connect with Spring Valley Road.,
The mortgage liens remained unpaid, and when Johannis was unable to
meet his obligations, Sarah Van Vorst, administratrix of the estate of
John Van Vorst, deceased, instituted foreclosure proceedings. At the
Sheriff’s Sale in 1833, Joseph A. Horn made the highest bid and purchased
the farm for $3,426.00.

Johannis Van Riper died December 16, 1836, without leaving a recorde
estate in Bergen County. He may have been buried at Upper Saddle River
but there is no extant marker.

Children of Johannis and Geertje (Post) Van Riper

A. HENDRICKJE born about November 13, 1780; married (1) John J,
Quackenbush, (2) John Bush April 13 1811,He was bap. Dec. 4 ,1784 at Paramus,
son of Dirk Bush and Antje Vanderbeck. He died Feb 2, 1827aged 42y.
Buried at Saddle River Reformeded Church,Upper Saddle River.
(3) Abraham A. Haring.

B. FREDERICK born April 1783; married (1) Mary Baldwin, aad (2)
Hannah Van Buskirk Hopper, widow.

C. CORNELIUS born about 1784; married Antye Van Horn.

D. JOHN born April 19, baptized May 21, 1786 at Paramus; married
Maria Hopper (Mrs. Van Horn).

E. ANTJE born September 13, baptized September 28, 1788 at
Paramus; married Hendrick R. Bush.

F. ADRIAN born July 9, baptized July 27, 1794 at Paramus.

A. HENDRICKJE (HENRIETTA), born about November 13, 1780, daughter
of Johannis. and Geertje (Post) Van Riper, married (1) October 26, 1802 at
Paramus, John J. Quackenbush. She married (2) January 8, 1831 at Saddle
Page 35
River, Abraham A. Paring, widower. In 1840, she received a legacy-of $30
by the Will of John J. Van Riper, her brother. She died April 13, 1846 at
the age of 65 years, and is buried at Upper Saddle River.

(1) Annatje (Hannah Quackenbush) Abora December II, 1802, baptized April II, 1803 at
Paramus, married Andrew N.Hoooer,

(2) Richard Bush May 15, 1812(Bible) . Bap.Jun. 14,1823 Saddle River Reformed
Church.Married Maria Haring.

B. FREDERICK born April 1783, son or Johannis ana Geertje (Post) Van
Riper, married (1) December 8, 1804 at Paramus, Mary Baldwin born about:
September 28, 1786 at Saddle River, daughter of David Baldwin and Rachel
Van Buskirk. Mary was the first cousin of Mary Van Buskirk who married
Frederick G. Van Riper. They lived at one time on his father’s farm at
Montvale, and in 1816 were tenants in a house owned by David J. Ackerman
near East Saddle River Road in Saddle River. Mary died March 28, 1826 at
the age of 39 and is buried in the Van Buskirk cemetery at Saddle River.
Frederick married (2) Hannah Van Buskirk, widow of Henry A. Hopper. She
was the daughter of Maria (Polly) Terhune the second wife of Garret Van
Riper. Frederick died October 1, 1828 at the age of 45 years, and is
buried with his first wife. His second wife married as her third husband,
May 14, 1829 at Saddle River, Abraham Eckerson, She died November 1,
1855 and is buried ac Upper Saddle River. The five Van Riper children
were bequeathed a legacy of $1500 by the Will of David Baldwin, their
grandfather, who died in 1827.


(1) JOHN born March 30, baptized May.5, 1805 at: Paramus; died
March 9, 1832 in New York.

.(2) DAVID BALDWIN born July 17, baptized August 11, 1807 at Paramus;
died In October 1839, funeral held on the 10th at Saddle River
Lutheran Church.

(3) ADRIAN born November 9, baptized December 21, 1809 at Paramus.

Page 36

(4) THOMAS born November 7, baptized November 24, 1811 at Saddle

(5) CHARITY born March 6, baptized April 17, 1814 at Saddle River.

C. CORNELIUS born about 1784, son of Johannis and Geertje (Post) Van
Riper, married December 8,1804 at Paramus, Antje Van Horn born April 12,
1788, daughter of Cornelius Van Horn and Sarah Blauvelt.


(1) JACOB (?) born about November 14, 1804; married December 10,
1825 at Wyckoff, Margaret Post. He died March 1, 1827 at the
age of 22 years, and is buried at Wyckoff. His Will, dated
February 26, 1827, recorded in book C, page 190, left a silver
watch to brother Cornelius, and the rest of the estate to wife

(2) JOHN born May 4, 1808; reported to have married Harriet

(3) CORNELIUS born April 18, 1813.

D. JOHN born April 19, baptized May 21, 1736 at: Paramus,son of
Johannis and Geertje (Post) Van Riper, probably married December 7, 1811
at Paramus, Maria Hopper, widow of Barney C«.Van Horn, born January 7,
1781. Barney was the brother of Antje Van Horn, wife of Cornelius Van
Riper. John was living in Franklin Township when he died May 17, 1840 at
the age of 54 years, and is buried at Upper Saddle River. His Will, date
April 18, 1840, recorded in book E, page 424, left legacies of $30 to
sisters Henrietta and Anna. He also left $100 to Jane Maria Hopper,
daughter of niece Hannah Hopper, when 21 years; and the residue to Hannah.

E. ANTJE born September 13, baptized September 28, 1788 at Paramus,
daughter of Johannis and Geertje (Post) Van Riper; married February 4,
1809 at Paramus, Hendrick R. Bush, baptized April 29, 1789 at Paramus,
son of Dirck Bush and Antje Vanderbeek. He died August 15, 1834 at the
age. of 45 years. She died May 24, 1841 at the age of 51 years, and they
are buried at Upper Saddle River.
Page 37

(1) Dirk born December 25, 1809, baptized February 4, 1810 at
Paramus; died June 14, 1838 at the age of 28 years.

F. ADRIAN born July 9, baptized July 27, 1794 at Paramus, son of
Johannis and Geertje (Post) Van Riper, may have been the one who married
June 10, 1819 at Paramus, Maria Marselus. If so, she probably predeceased
him and there is no record of children. He died April 15, 1840 at

Page 38

4. CORNELIUS VAN RIPER born June 27, baptized July 13, 1755 at
Paramus, youngest son of Frederick and Annetje (Van Vorst) Van Riper, ma-
ried August 14,1783 at New York, Elizabeth Davenport, probably the one
baptized January 22, 1766 at New York, daughter of Johannes Davenport and
Anna Smith. The ceremony was performed by the Rev, Garret Lydecker, Tory
pastor. Cornelius apparently left home prior to 1779 and lived in Britiish
occupied New York City during the Revolutionary War. There is no record
of his service in behalf of the British, although he was awarded a grant
covering 5 acres in the East Meadows, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, in
1785. Whether he left the country at the time of the Evacuation in
November 1783, is not known. By 1791, however, he was living on a small
rented farm of 4 acres, probably in the Montvale vicinity, and was taxed
as a householder on that amount of land, with I cow, in 1802. He receive
no share of his father’s land at Montvale, although on March 19, 1800, he
and his vife executed a quit-claim deed to his brother Garret for a. small
triangular piece of land containing .23 parts of an acre, evidently for
the purpose of straightening a boundary line between Garret Van Riper and
John Hopper, for a consideration of 4 pounds, 17 shillings and 6 pence.
The deed was recorded in book B-2, page 138. There is no record of the
death of Cornelius, or place of death, and he left no recorded estate in
Bergen County. There may have been other children born during the early
period of marriage, and if so, their names are not certain.

A. FREDERICK, no birth or baptismal record found; married (1) Mary
Cooper who probably died at the birth of her child; and (2) August 19,
Page 40
1814 at Saddle River, Liza Barbara Wever, born about October 29, 1771,
widow of John Peterson of Montvale. They later joined the Middletown
(Pearl River) Baptist Church where they were married over again on July
1, 1818. Frederick died prior to 1850 and he left no recorded estate in
Bergen County. His second wife died September 29, 1857 at the age of 85
years, and is buried at Upper Saddle River.

(1) JOHN COOPER born April 28, baptized October 2, 1814
at Saddle River.

B. HENDRICKJE (HENRIETTA) born October 14, 1791, baptized January
15, 1792 at Tappan.

Child of Hendrickje and John Bush (see page 34 A )
(1) Richard born May 15, baptized June 14, 1812 at
Saddle River.

C. GARRET (?) born about 1795 (?), married April 12, 1817 at Kakiat
Femmetje (Euphemia) Bush, daughter of Dirck Bush and Antje Vanderbeek.
No record of children.

D. JOHN born September 6, baptized October 2, 1800 at Paramus.

E. ANTJE BORN September 14, baptized October 17, 1802 at Pararmus.

F. MARIA born May 29, baptized August 4, 1805 at Paramus, died

G. MARIA born May 2, baptized August 24, I809 at Paramus.

R. SALLY born May 26, baptized December 15, 1811 at Saddle River.