Rieper Family tree

Dear John,

It has been awhile since our last communication. I have since been able to locate some family still living in Missouri. One of my father-in-law’s cousins was able to give me some information about his grandparents and aunts and uncles. My husband’s Great Grandfather was named William Albert Rieper, born April 24, 1865, died November 18, 1929. He married Josephine Lehnen- born March 16, 1872, and died abt 1956. They had nine childrenFrank William (Sept. 18,1890- May 23,1950), Albert, Ralph, Arthur, Henry, Walter Joseph ( My husband’s Grandfather),Josephine Barbara(Oct 20, 1895-Apr 21, 1942), Florence(June 13, 1911-Dec. 23, 1975), and Marie. I don’t have dates for everyone, but I know Frank is the oldest and Marie the youngest. The cousin who sent me the information says she remembers her mother( married to Frank) talking in German to her Grandmother, and was under the impression that her grandparents or her great grandparents came directly from Germany. Josephine may have been French. If any of these names seem familiar, would you let me know. I figure that if I can get back one more generation, I might be able to make the connection to Europe, but I thought it was worth trying now. I really appreciate all the information you have given me so far.


Stephanie Rieper