John Cornelius Van Riper

John Cornelius Van Riper died on November 24,
1998, at Valley Hospital , Ridgewood, New Jersey, at
the age of eighty-nine. He had been a member of The
Holland Society of New York since 1962.
Mr. Van Riper was born on December 1, 1909,
in Passaic, New Jersey, son of John Terhune Van Riper
and Edith Hope Hart. He was a ninth-generation descendant
of Juriaen Thomassen, who emigrated to this country
in 1663 on the Bonte Koe . Mr. Van
Riper’s father and grandfather , Cornelius Van Riper, were
both members of The Holland Society.
Mr. Van Riper was educated in the Passaic public
schools and completed his secondary education at the
Dwight School. He graduated in 1926 from the Stevens
Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering.
After graduating from Stevens, he worked for Watson
Flagg Electric, an electrical machinery company in Paterson,
New Jersey. Later he became associated with McGlynn
Hayes in Belleville, New Jersey, where he was instrumental
in developing precise gear design technology used on
B-29 bomb sights. After the war, as vice-president of
manufacturing, holding numerous patents, he converted
McGlynn to the manufacture of precision light weight
gears for civilian use, particularly helicopter transmissions.
On April 29, 1931, Mr. Van Riper married Isabel
Boyd Skinner in Clifton, Staten Island , New York. They
had two sons and a daughter; John Cornelius, Jr., born
on June 20, 1932; Edwin D. born on December 18, 1937,
and Suellen, born April 15, 1940, all in Passaic, New Jersey.
In the late 1940’s Mr. Van Riper formed Van Riper
Engineering, Inc. a consulting engineering firm. As machinery
automation rapidly gre in the 1950s, he began to design
labor saving devices and machinery, including hopper
feeders. During his later years his association was with
Kraus Design and Wright Aeronautical, specializing in
automation equipment and gear design. He was a licensed
professional engineer in New York and New Jersey.
Mr. Van Riper retired from his engineering practice
in the late 1960s but continued to manage the Main
Exchange Reality Corp., a longtime family owned business
in Passaic , until his death. A Republican, he was a member
of the Reformed Church.
Mr. Van Riper is survived by sons John C., Jr. of Wayne,
New Jersey, Edwin Derek, of Plano Texas (also a member
of the Holland Society), and daughter Suellen Van Riper
Oster, of Charlotte, Vermont; also by eight grandchildren
and sixteen great-grandchildren. Burial was at Cedar Lawn
Cemetery, Paterson, New Jersey, on December 1, 1999.
Publication Date: November 28, 1998
Source: The Record, Northern New Jersey
Region:Bergen County
Obituary: JOHN CORNELIUS VAN RIPER, 96, of Ridgewood
died Tuesday. Before retiring in 1966, he
was a mechanical engineer for Wright Aeronautical, Woodbridge.
He was a professional mechanical engineer
licensed in New York and New Jersey and associated with area firms.
He was a member of the Holland Society and president of the
Main-Exchange Reality Corp. A 1926 graduate
of Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken,
he received a bachelor’s degree in engineering.
Arrangements: C.C. Van Emburgh, Ridgewood.

From the Family Sheet by Mattie Bowman,Passaic County,Histoeical Society

John Cornelius Van Riper-b. Dec. 1,1901
Father-John Terhune Van Riper-b. April 20, 1872,Passaic NJ -married to
Edith Hope Hart June 16,1899.
lived in Fair Lawn (1946)-d. June 16, 1946.
buried in Cedar Lawn Cem.,Paterson,NJ.
Grandfather-Cornelius Van Riper-grandmother-Arrianna Turhune