Jacob Rieper & Becke Meyer

Jacob Rieper & Becke Meyer

Generation I

I.1 Jacob Rieper, born 01-08-1770, died 24-03-1819 Grünendeich. Married before 1811 Becke Meyer, born 10-03-1772, died 04-07-1851.
From this marriage:
1. Johann, see II.1

Generation II

II.1 Johann Rieper, born 28-12-1811 Grünendeich, baptised 31-12-1811 Grünendeich, died 29-10-1894 Grünendeich. Married (1) 07-01-1838 Grünendeich Gesche Holst, born 08-01-1814 Grünendeich, baptised 09-01-1814 Grünendeich, died 22-08-1850 Grünendeich, daughter of Hinrich Holst and Metta Hübb (or Stübb, or Stubbe).
From this marriage:
1. Jacob, see III.1
Married (2) before 1857 Catharina Meyer, born 28-10-1817, died 08-05-1908, daughter of Cord Hinrich Meyer and Metje (or Metta) Sumfleth.
From this marriage:
1. Johann Hinrich, see III.2
2. Catharina, see III.3

Generation III

III.1 Jacob Rieper, born 08-03-1847 Grünendeich, baptised 12-03-1847 Grünendeich, died in Gräpel. Married (1) Metta Suhr. Married (2) 09-06-1877 Gräpel Maria Peters, born 21-06-1858 Elm, baptised 04-07-1858 Oldendorf, died about 1957 Gräpel, daughter of Maria Peters.
From this marriage:
1. Johann, see IV.1
2. Maria, see IV.2
3. Gesche, see IV.3
4. Adelheid, see IV.4
5. Catharina, see IV.5
6. Margaretha, see IV.6
7. Hinrich, see IV.7
8. Klaus, see IV.8
9. Anna, see IV.9
10. Jakob, see IV.10
11. Metha, see IV.11
12. Emma, see IV.12

III.2 Johann Hinrich Rieper, born 06-05-1857Grünendeich, died 24-05-1913. Married Anna Meier, born 26-08-1857, died 28-12-1931, daughter of Johann Peter Meier and Margarete Wierck.
From this marriage:
1. Johann, see IV.13
2. Heinrich, see IV.14
3. Gustav, see IV.15
4. Rudolf, see IV.16

III.3 Catharina Rieper, born 30-05-1860 Grünendeich, died 06-07-1913. Married 11-01-1881 Grünendeich Claus Sumfleth.

Generation IV

IV.1 Johann Rieper, born 29-11-1877 Hude. Married 12-03-1905 Heerstedt, Kreis Wesermünde Adeline Johanna Henriette Otten, born 07-05-1885 Wulsdorf, daughter of Diedrich Otten and Auguste Dorothea Christine Borgmann.
From this marriage:
1. Auguste, see V.1
2. Jacob John (Jakob), see V.2
3. Diedrich (Dietrich), see V.3
4. Marie(chen), see V.4
5. Hermann, see V.5
6. Catharina (Tina), see V.6
7. Anneliese, see V.7
8. Henriette (Hermie), see V.8
9. Frida Luise (Frida), see V.9
10. Johann, see V.10

IV.2 Maria Rieper, born 21-09-1879. Married … Peters.

IV.3 Gesche Rieper, born 09-09-1881 Gräpel, died 26-01-1961 Bremervörde. Married 22-11-1904 Ringstedt Arend Hinrich Ohlandt, born 19-09-1882 Köhlen, died 06-01-1963 Heinschenwalde.

IV.4 Adelheid Rieper, born 05-10-1883. Married … Wulf. Got two daughters, Marie and Ida.

IV.5 Catharina Rieper, born 1885. Married … Hartje.

IV.6 Margaretha Rieper, born 05-11-1887. Married … Hartje.

IV.7 Hinrich Rieper, born 11-12-1889. Married Anna Reck, born 08-12-1888.
From this marriage:
1. Peter, see V.11

IV.8 Klaus Rieper, born 14-10-1891, died 21-04-1894.

IV.9 Anna Rieper, born 16-10-1891. Married … Schlesselmann.

IV.10 Jakob Rieper, born 14-10-1894, died 14-02-1895.

IV.11 Metha Rieper, born 20-02-1897, died 20-05-1897.

IV.12 Emma Rieper, born 29-01-1900. Married … Harth.

IV.13 Johann Rieper, born 16-09-1889, died 06-12-1952. Married Emma Hamm, born 07-11-1894, died 22-04-1988. This couple got one daughter.

IV.14 Heinrich Rieper, born 25-12-1890 Grünendeich, died 12-06-1974 Grünendeich. Married Christine Christiansen, born 27-12-1900, died 31-05-1997. This couple got two daughters and two sons.

IV.15 Gustav Rieper, born 13-02-1894, died 07-1894.

IV.16 Rudolf Rieper, born 29-12-1896, died 10-04-1898.

Generation V

V.1 Auguste Rieper, born 16-04-1905, went to the States.

V.2 Jacob John (Jakob) Rieper, born 23-02-1907 Steinstedt. Went in 1928 to the States, died 12-1967 Valhalla, NY. Got 4 daughters.

V.3 Diedrich (Dietrich or Dick) Rieper, born 02-03-1908. Went to the States, died 01-1997 Ossining, NY.

V.4 Marie(chen) Rieper, born 30-06-1909. Went to the States.

V.5 Hermann Rieper, born 08-12-1910.

V.6 Catharina (Tina) Rieper, born 19-04-1912.

V.7 Anneliese Rieper, born 12-06-1913.

V.8 Henriette (Hermie) Rieper, born 11-11-1914.

V.9 Frida Luise (Frida) Rieper, born 01-10-1922 Sellstedt, Kreis Wesermünde.