William Nelson (History of Paterson & Passaic, 1901) 2/6

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hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and dispose thereof as 
follows,  FIRST it is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses 
be well and truly paid and discharged by all my children hereinafter 
named and that each of my children shall pay thair equal seventh part 
thereof.  ITEM I give to my son Garrit my biggest gun for his birth 
right ITEM I give and bequeath to my son Cornelius all that certain 
piece or part of my lot of Land I now dwell upon that is to say begin- 
ning at Passaick River from thence westerly with the full breadth of my 
said lot to a certain ditch together with all the buildings and privileges 
thereunto belonging which I give to my said son Cornelus his heirs and 
assigns forever.  ITEM I give and bequeath to my son Jacob and to 
his heirs and assigns forever all that piece or part of my said Lot of land 
to wit beginning at the aforesaid ditch which is to the westward of my 
hay barriks and from thence running westerly with the full breadth of my 
said lot until it comes to an apple tree standing near or at the drift road 
on the west side of said Jacobs Hay Barrick and the remainder of my 
said lot of land and my share in the School house and in the land there- 
unto belonging.  I do give and bequeath to my said to sons Cornelus 
and Jacob and to their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided 
between them in such a manner as will be most convenient for each of 
them.  ITEM I give and bequeath to my daughter Leuya all my house- 
hold furniture also two milk cows and three sheep.  ITEM I give to my 
daughter Catriena one milk cow ITEM I give to my said son Comelus 
all my blacksmiths tools and it is my will that all the remainder of my 
moveable estate shall be equally divided between all my children namely 
Gerret, Conrelus Adriaen, Jacob and my daughters Catriena and An- 
naatye share and share alike and. further it is my will that my said son 
Cornelus shall furnish my grandson Cornelus (eldest son of my son John 
dec’d) with a good set of blacksmiths tools that is to say when my said 
grandson Cornelus shall attain the age of twenty one years, and further 
it is my Will and order that my son Cornelus shall pay the sum of sev- 
enty five pounds current money of New York that is to say the sum of 
fifteen pounds to my son Garrit and the sum of fifteen pounds to my son 
Adriaen and the sum of fifteen pounds to my daughter Lecya and the 
sum of fifteen pounds to my daughter Catriena and the sum of fifteen 
pounds to my daughter Annaatye or to their heirs or assigns and that at 
or before the expiration of ten years after my decease, it is also my 
Will and order that my said son Jacob shall pay the sum of seventy five 
pounds current money of New York to my sons Garrit and Adrean and 
my said daughter Lecya, Catriena, Annaatye and to each of them their 
heirs or assigns the sum of fifteen pounds at the expiration of ten 
years after my decease, and I do nominate and appoint my two sons 
Garrit and Comelus executors of this my last will and testament and 
do hereby revoke and disannul all former Wills by me made confirming 
this to be my last will and testament. In Witness Whereof the said Cor- 
nelus Aeltse have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first 
above written. 
                                    Comelus Aeltse.     (SEAL).

III. Martje,  m.  Peter Adolf, both of Acquackanonk, 
May 6, 1727. She was called Martje Aeltse. 
IV. Annetje, bap. at Bergen, May l, 1696; m. Peter 
Gerritse, widower, June 22, 1733. 
V. Rachel, m. Barend van Hoorn, both being of Ac- 
quackanonk, Nov. 17, 1727.  Issue: l. Aeltje, b. Sept. 19, 
1728, at Wesel ; m. Johannes Ruthan, Dec. 26, 1746; he was 
b. at Rosendale; at the time of his marriage he lived in Ber- 
gen county, and she lived at Wyckoff*; 2. Dirck, b. Feb. 20, 
1730; 3. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 18, 1731. 
VI. Lea, m. Elias Vreeland.  Ch., Gerret, b. Feb. 5, 
Jan-Juriaen Thomasse and Neeltje Gerabrantse had child- 
I. Jurie, b. Jan.22, 1703; m. Helena Van Houten, 
b. at Acquackanonck, Oct. 19, 1738. He was called Jurie 
Janze Van Rype—-Jurie son of Jan. Some of his descend- 
ants took the name Jurianse or Yereance, and others Aury- 

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II.  Marritje, b. March 16, I706. 
III. Mettie (Metje), b. July 22,1711; m. John Vreeland. 
IV. Gerrebrant, b. at New Barbadoes Neck, June l, 
1719; m. Fytje Van Vorst (b. at New Barbadoes Neck), 
Jan. 6, 1742.  He was called Garbrant Jurriyaansen in the 
marriage record.

Harmen-Juriaen Thomasse had children: 
By his first wife, Marietje Frerikse:

1.  Jurjaen, b. Sept. 12, 1710.    This was probably the 
Jerry Van Ryper, of  Somerset county, whose will, dated 
Oct. 2,  1788, proved Oct. 10,  1789, names children; 1. 
Harmen Van Rype or Van de Ripe; 2. John; 3. Magda- 
len; 4.  Sarah; g. Chrisyn; 6. Mary; 7. Catharine; 8. 
Charity; 9. Judah, 
II. Frerik (Frederick), b. Feb. 22, 1713; m.  1st, Ca- 
trintje Hopper, Oct. 19, 1738; 2d, Annetje Van Vorst (b. 
at New Barbadoes Neck), Dec. 2, 1742. 
III. Abraham, b. Jan. 25, 1716; m. Elizabeth Bradbery, 
m. bond dated Nov. 28, 1747.  He was called Abraham Van 
Ryper.  His wife was the dau. of John Bradbery, a miller 
on the Third River, who acquired a large interest in Ac- 
quackanonk at an early day (1). 
(1) According to tradition-not a safe dependence, usually-John Brad- 
bury and his wife Elizabeth came to this country from England with six 
children-three sons and three daughters.  He was already settled at 
“Achquickenuncke ” when he bought from the East Jersey Proprietors, 
March 28, 1698, for f 15 ” current silver money of the Province,” a tract 
of fifteen acres on Bareskin brook; also another tract about fifteen 
chains square, ” bounded south by the Dutch Men’s Land west by the 
Third river and hisown land, north by Achquickenunk line,east by Sam- 
uel Plum and  Samuel Ward.” He subsequently bought more land from 
John Plum, of Newark, (1) and at a later date became the owner of a 
tract known as Lot No. 1, in the Acquackanonk Patent; also of Lot No. 
13, East, in the Bogt subdivision.  He had considerable mills on the 
Third river, and altogether was a man of importance in the community. 
The name is variously written in the records as Bradbury, Broadberry, 
and in Dutch as Braet-berri, the pronunciation being always the same. 
Delightfully vague rumors have come down through succeeding genera- 
tions of a vast ” Bradbury Estate ” lying dormant in England, awaiting 
claimants.  As an aid to these prospective heirs, but particularly for the 
light it gives on the title to various tracts in the ancient Acquackanonk 
Patent, the will of John Bradbery is given herewith: 

In the Name of God Amen this Eleventh day of August Anno One 
Thousand Seven hundred & thirty Nine in the thirteen year of the reign 
of our Sovereign Lord George the Second of Great Britain ffrance & 
Ireland King Defender of the ffaith &c.  I John Bradbery of Acquack- 
nonck in the County of Essex and province of the Eastern Devision of 
New Jersey Miller being at this present time in Sound and perfect mind 
and memory thanks be given unto God therefore, but calling to mind 
the frailty and mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed 
unto men once to dey do make and ordain this my last will and Teste- 
ment, in manner and forme following (that is to say) first and princi- 
plely I recommend my Soule into the hands of God that gave it hopeing 
through the merrits of Christ my Saviour to have Eternal Life and my 
bodey I recommend to the Eart to be by my Executors hereafter 
named to be buried in Deasent & Christian maner at ther discretion and 
tuching such worldly Estate wherewith it haith pleased God to bless me 
with in this Life I give devise and dispose thereof in the following- 
maner and form. Item I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved 
wife during her natural Life the Dweling House wherein I now live in, 
the use of the best Wagon, 2 horses foure milsh Cows the Choyce of 
(1) E. J. Deeds, F, 553; 1.244.  By a survey dated Feb. 34, 1721, there 
was returned to him and Jacob Freeland a tract of 147.5 acres on Stink- 
er’s brook (near Third river), of which Bradbury was to have 103.3 
acres.-Perth Arntoy Surveys.

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age, and when ninity years old conveyed all of his property to
his children in consideration of the following agreement, (1)
which was not unusual in those days, and which, according
to family tradition, turned out happily for all concerned:

Know all men by these presents that we John Van Riper of the
Township of Newark and Philip Van Riper of the Township of
Acqackononck both in the County of Essex and State of New Jersey

best pasture, the use of the Barne fire wood, and long fodder Sufficient 
for the sd Horses & Cows.  Also the use of two of my best Servants to 
wait upon her, the use of Such ffurniture as shall be necessary. Also 
free Grinding of all such graine she shall have occasion for or of  Item 
I give devise and bequeath unto my Sun Richard Bradbery and to the 
heirs of his bodey Lawfully to be begotten all yt Tract of Land & Orchard 
whereon I now live lying on the west side of the Rode leading to ye 
third River beginning at the East side of my Mill Dam and from thence 
running Easterly to Cornelious Loberson’s Line thence along the said 
Line to the third River thence along the third River to the Dutchmen’s 
Line as is so mention in the patent for the same Land thence Southerly 
along the Same line to Bastian Van Geassels line, thence Easterly as the 
same line runs to the highway, thence along the highway to the first 
mentioned plase together with all the houses out houses Mills Barns 
thereon Erected Excepting the use of my said house Barne and Grind- 
ing as is heretofore given Wife for her use during her natural li fe, as also 
three acors Land lying by Pasaik River which I bought of Abraham 
Bucke with bolting box & bolting cloth and the house thereon Erected 
with this Express Condition that he my son Richard shall pay unto my 
beloved Wife the sum of Twenty pounds Current money of New Jersey 
Yearly and every year during her Natural Life Also to my Daughter 
Susanna the Sum of One hundred thirty three pounds Six Shillings and 
Eight pence & to her heirs foure years after my decease. Also my 
Daughter Elizabeth Sum of one hundred thirty three pounds Six Shill- 
ings and Eight pence foure years after my decease, the Sum of Sixty Six 
pounds thirteen Shillings and four pence to my Grand Daughter Mary 
Bery four years after my decease & the Sum of Sixty Six pounds thir- 
teen Shillings and four pence to my Grandson William Bery when he 
shall come to ye Age of twenty one years but in case my Sun Richard 
dos not comply with every Article Clause and Condition herein Con- 
tained and at the time limited, then I Will that the said Tracks of Lands 
Houses Mills Barn bolting box bolting Cloth house thereon Erected be 
devided in foure Equal Shares or parts as followeth, one Eaquel forth 
part unto my Son Richard and to his heirs Lawfully begotten, one 
Equal forth part to my Daughter Susanna and to her heirs. One Equal 
forth part to my Daughter Elizabeth and to her heirs Lawfully to be 
begotten. One Equal forth part to the Children of my Daughter Mary 
Bery deed and to their heirs to be Equally divided among them share & 
share alike and to the Survivors of them in Case any of them dey in 
their nonage Also in Case my Sun Richard does not Comply with the 
aforesaid Conditions then my beloved wife will — deprived of a Suffi- 
cient Maintenance I will that my Executors hereafter named shall pay 
out of my personal Estate unto my beloved Wife the — Sum of 
Twenty pounds yearly and every year insted of the twenty pounds my 
Sun Richard should have paid her Item as tuching all my real Estate 
howsoever or wheresoever which I have not herein devised, I do give 
and bequeath as followeth; unto my Daughter Susanna one Equal third 
part and to her heirs unto my Daughter Elizabeth one Equeal third part 
and to her heirs and unto the Children of my Daughter Mary Bery de- 
ceased one Equeal third part & to their heirs to be Equally divid 
Amoung them and unto the Survivors of them in Case any of them dey 
in their nonage.  Item as to my personal Estate which I shall dey pos- 
sessed of Excepting such things as I have given to my wife for her use 
during her Life, I give & bequeath as followth Viz; unto my Sun Rich- 
ard One Equal forth part and to his heirs, unto my Daughter Susanna 
one Equal forth part & to her heirs unto my Daughter Elizabeth one 
Equal forth part and to her heirs & one Equal forth part to the Children of 
my Daughter Mary Bery deceased and unto there heirs to be Equally 
divided among them  And Whereas it may so happen that the Children 
of my Daughter Bery be under age at my decease so that they will be
(I) The Van Houten Manuscripts, 19. 

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and Richard Van Houten of the township of Saddle River in the County

of Bergen and State aforesaid are held and firmly bound unto Abraham
Van Riper of the Township of Acquackononck in the County of Essex
and state aforesaid in the sum of Five hundred and fifty dollars Lawful
money of the State of New Jersey to be paid to the said Abraham Van
Riper or to his certain Attorney Heirs Executors Administrators or
Assigns for which payment well and truly to be made and done
We bind ourselves our Heirs Executors and Administrators Jointly and
Severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and Dated this

uncable of deviding to Prevent the Ill Consequence thereof I will and 
do order my Executors hereafter named do make a just and true divis- 
ion according to the intent & meaning of this my will and give unto 
Each Legatee there just and true devidend according as I have herein 
left them.  Item in Case any of my Children should dey without lawfull 
Issue that part share or portion which they was to have I will devise and 
bequeath the same unto my Surviving Children and to there heirs that 
has lawfull Issue.  Lastly I do hereby nomenate & appoint my my Sun 
in Law John Ludlow & my Trusty ffrend Samuel Rattan Executors of 
this my Last will and Testement & do hereby utterly revoke disanull & 
make void all & any other former wills and Testements heretofore by me 
maid rattifying allowing & holding firm & Effectually this & no other to 
be my last Will & Testement. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set 
my hand & seal ye day and yeare first abouve written.(l) 
                                                                                  John Bradbery [L. S.]

This instrument was witnessed by Rachel Vrelandt, Margriet Vree- 
lant and ffranselijntye Vreeland, and was proved Sept. 7, 1740.  Rattan 
refused to qualify as executor, and only Ludlow qualified.
John Bradbery had issue:
I. Richard, m. Maria Merrill; d. without issue.
II. Susanna, m. Jan Ludlow, Sept. 33,1731.  Issue; 1. Jan, b. June
11, 1732; m. – -; 2. Richard, b. Aug. -, 1745! m. Elizabeth -;
d. Nov. 17, 1820, aged 75 yrs. 3 mos.  She d. May 31, 1829, aged 79 yrs.,
8 mos., 6 days.  For some account of John Richard Ludlow and his des-
cendants, see p. 130.
III. Elizabeth, m. Abraham Van Riper, m. bond dated Nov. 28, 1747.
IV. Mary, m. Jan Berry, of New Barbadoes, Nov. 12, 1709,  He was
probably a grandson of Major John Berry, of the Island of Barbadoes,
of whom and his son Richard Berry mention is made on p. 114.  Issue:
         i.  Jan, m.  Mareitje Baaldin (Mary Baldwin).    Children :  i. Ritsjer
        (Richard), bap. Feb. 11, 1750; 2. Maria, bap. Dec. 15, 1751 ; 3. Lena,
         bap. Oct. 27. 1754; 4. Susanna, bap. Feb. 24, 1757; 5. Abraham, bap.
         March 22, 1761.
        ii.  Philip, m, Helena DeGrauw, Nov.  15, 1743.    Children :  1. Jan,
        bap, Aug. 12, 1744; d. in inf.; 3. Dirck (Richard), bap. Oct. 20, 1745:
        d. in inf.; 3. Jan, bap. Aug. 4, 1751 ; 4. Richard, b. June 2, 1753.
         iii.  Samuel,  m.   Hendrickje  Kip.    Child:  Mareitje, bap.  Jan.  29,
         iv. Abraham,  m.  Annaatje Outwater.   Child: Marytje, b. Dec.
         v. Willem, b. Aug. 31, 1730.
Richard Bradbery  failed to comply with the conditions of his father’s
will, and having left no issue the  entire  estate of John Bradbery
descended to Susanna Ludlow, Elizabeth Van Riper and the children of
Mary Berry, and these heirs mutually released to each other.  Jan
Berry, son of Mary, received from the other heirs a deed, Dec. 20, 1770,
for part of Lot No, 1, at Acquackanonk, on the Third river, containing 68
acres(2) Lot No. 13, East, in the Bogt, appears to have been allotted to
Abraham Berry and William Berry, who sold the same to Cornelis Ger-
ritse and Cornelis Van Riper, April 20, 1772, the former taking a one-
third interest, and the latter two-thirds; Jacob Cornelius Van Riper,
mason, of Acquackanonk, released to Simeon John Van Winkle and
John H, Garritse, heirs of Cornelis Gerritse, the northern third part of
the Lot, April 15, 1788, and conveyed the remaining two-thirds to John
Neafie, May 2, 1788.(3) John Ludlow received lands near Third river, and
Van Riper received a third interest elsewhere,(4)
(1) E. J. Wills, Liber C, f. 536.
(2) Essex Transcribed Deeds, B, 69. 
(3) See notes on Lot No. 13, East, on p, 72, ante. 
(4) E. J. Deeds, F 3,f. 278.

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Sixth Day of August in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hun- 
dred and six. 
Whereas the said Abraham Van Riper by his certain Deed of Gift 
bearing even Date herewith hath sold and conveyed all his right 
and Interest in and to the farm whereon the said John Van Riper now 
lives-And hath also by his certain other Deed of Gift sold and 
conveyed all his right and Interest in and to the farm whereon the said 
Philip Van Riper now lives-And by his certain other Deed of Gift or 
Bill of Sale hath sold and assigned certain Goods and Chattels to Mary 
Van Houten the wife of tile said Richard Van Houten-Now Therefore 
the Condition of the above obligation is such that it the above bound 
John Van Riper, Philip Van Riper and Richard Van Houten their Heirs 
Executors and Administrators shall maintain the said Abraham Van 
Riper during his natural life and find and provide him with Good and 
sufficient meat, Drink ,washing, Lodging and Clothing at either of 
the Houses of the said John Van Riper. Philip Van Riper or Richard 
Van Houten in which the said Abraham Van Riper shall or may choose 
to reside and Dwell-and they the said John Van Riper, Philip 
Van Riper and Richard Van Houten their Heirs Executors or Adminis- 
trators shall well and truly pay or Cause to be paid unto the said 
Abraham Van Riper yearly and every year from the date hereof during 
his natural life the sum of fifteen dollars each in trust for the use of him 
at whose House the said Abraham Van Riper may choose to reside and 
Dwell and in that proportion for any part of the Year in which the said 
Abraham Van Riper may happen to die-Then the above Obligation to 
be Void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. 
Sealed and Delivered :                   John Van Riper   [L. S.] 
In the presence of: 
                                                       Philip Van Riper      [L. S.] 
                                                     Richard Van Houten  [L. S.]

Note The word ” five ” in the eighth line : 
of the penalty altered from the word : 
Two-before the execution hereof-: 
G. Van Howten 
Jno. R. Crane.

IV. Johannes, b. July 21, 1718; m. Hester Stynmets, 
April 6, 1754.  He was called Johannis or Johannis H. Van 
By his second wife, Judith Steinmets : 
V. Christophel (Christopher), b. Sept. 6, 1722; m. 
Metje Brouwer, Sept. 28, 1746·  His name appears in the 
records as Crestoffel or Christophel Van Rypen.  He prob- 
ably lived in the Peckamin river neighborhood. 
VI. Maritje, b. Sept. 14, 1724. 
VII. Jacob, b. Feb. 8, 1728; m. Sophia (Fytje) Jaco- 
basse, of Essex county, m. bond dated Feb. 23, 1761.  He 
lived on a farm adjoining that of Frans Post, on the Pecka- 
min river, near Little Falls.  His will, dated Oct. 17, 1794, 
probate granted Dec. 23, 1794, made this disposition of his 

In the Name of God Amen  I, Jacob Van Ripen of Peckman River(2) so 
called being Weak in Body but of sound mind and Memory, reallizing 
the Mortallity of my mortal Body do constitute and Appoint this to be 
my Last Will and testament. Imprimus I order my- just debts and 
funeral Charges to be paid Out of my Movable Estate, Item I give and 
Bequeath unto Sophiah my Lawfull and faithfull Wife the full Improve- 
ment of All and Every part and parcell of Both my real and personal 
Estate during the Term of her Natural Life, or while she shall remain 
my Widow, After Which I will and Bequeath my whole Estate in man- 
ner following that is is to say that my Homestead or Farm Lying 
on Peckmans River (2)be devided into Six equal Shares or parts together 
with the Movables then remaining One of which Shares or Equal parts 
I will and Bequeath Unto My Son Harman, another Share or equal part 
I will and Bequeath unto my Son John Another Share equal part I will 
and Bequeath unto my son Thomas Another share or equal part I will 
and Bequeath unto my son Richard an Other share or equal part I will 
and Bequeath unto my Son Isaac, An other share or equal part I will 
and Bequeath unto my son Jacob. Furthermore it is my Will that the 
Land I Own at Horse Neck be devided into Five Equal parts which

Page 160b 

equal parts or shares I give and Bequeath in Manner following that is 
to say one equal part or Share unto my son Harmar an Other 
equal part or share unto my son John an other Equal part or share unto 
my Son Thomas an other equal part or Share unto my son Richard an 
Other equal part or share I will and Bequeath unto my sons Isaac & 
Jacob.  Further it is my Will and pleasure that My Sons Isaac 
and Jacob receive and education from my Estate equal unto the rest of 
their Brothers which Expence is to be borne by their Mother.  Further 
more I give and Bequeath All My Blacksmith Tools unto my Son John, 
Further More I give and Bequeath unto my Daughters Helena and 
Judey the sum of fifty pounds each which Legacy I order to be paid 
equally by my Six Sons.  I hereby Older Constitute & and Appoint my 
sons Harmar, John and Thomas to be my Lawful Executors to this my 
Last Will and Testament.  In testimony whereof I have to these 
presents Set my Hand and seal In the Township of Acquachanonk In 
the County of Essex and State of New Jersey this seventeenth day of 
October in the year of Our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and 
Ninety four 
                                                             Jacob Van Ripen [L.S.] 
Signed Sealed and published in presence of John Personett Jotham 
Perry Benjn Prince N. B. the Words (and Bequeath unto my Son) Be- 
tween the Nineteenth and twentyeth Line were interlined before Sign- 
ing.  Benjn Prince   John Personett.(l)

VIII. Isaac, b. Sept. 30, 1729; m. Catrina Van Rype, 
both being of Acquackanonk, June 21, 1753. 
IX. Sarah, b. June 30, 1732. 
X. Gerrit, b. Nov. 3, 1734 m.  Fytje Van Winkle, b. 
 at Acquackanonk, Oct. 18, 1757. 
XI. Geurt. 
XII. Thomas, m. Saertje Van Rype, both of Acquacka- 
 nonk, Dec. 21, 1755. 
XIII. Christina. 

            Fourth Generation.

Gerrit-Thomas-Jurimasseaen Thomasse and Jannetje Vree- 
land had children: 
1. Marritje,  m. Henry Van Winkle. 
II. Jannetje, m. Johannis Van Winkle, of Essex, July 
III. Antje, b. Sept. 16, 1730; d. in childhood. 
IV. Lea, m. Peter Jacobusse, widower, both of Essex 
county, March 15, 1753.  Issue; I. Antje, b. Aug. 25, 1753. 
2. Gerret, b. Feb. 26, 1762. 

Jurjaen-Thomas-Juriaen  Thomasse  and  Aeltje Van 
Winkle had children: 
1.  Thomas, b. Jan.  7,  1715 ; m.  Lea Van Wagenen, 
b. at Wesel *, both living at Acquackanonk, Jan. l,  1741 (m. 
bond dated Aug. 6, 1740, indicating some unforeseen 
obstacle which delayed the nuptials nearly five months after 
the license had been obtained). 
II. Antje,  b. Nov. 4,  1716,  at Tappan; m.  Martin 
Ryersen, b. in New York, son of Frans Ryersen, in 1737 ; 
 she d. in 1781, and was buried in a private burying ground 
near the present Garfield avenue, in the First Ward; after- 
wards the remains were interred in the old Dutch cemetery 
in Ryle avenue(3) ; some years ago the ashes were removed to 
Cedar Lawn Cemetery.  Some account of her descendants 
will be found in the Ryerson Genealogy. 
III. Simeon, b. Feb. 8, 1719. 
IV. Jenneke, b. at Tappan, Dec. 25, 1720; m. Sept. 6, 
1745. Jacob Van Houten, b. at Totowa.
(1) Recorded in Book No. 33 of Wills, Trenton, page 371. 

(2) West Paterson Area
(3)Old Totowa Cemetery,Paterson,NJ. 

Page 161a

 V. Abraham, b. Sept. 27, 1722; d. in inf. 
VI. Johannis, b. May 7, 1725  m. Christiena Pieterse, 
 Jan. 5, 1753, both were of Acquackanonk at the time. 
VII. Rachel, b. Sept. 4, 1726; prob. m. 1st, Abraham 
 Van Winkel, both of Acquackanonk, Feb. 17, 1753; 2nd 
 Frans Post, widower, both of Wesel, Sept. 21, I755. 
  VIII. Lea, b. June 14, 1729. 
  IX. Abraham, b. Feb. 12, 1731.  He was prob. the 
 Abraham Van Riper, of Second River, whose will, dated 
 Aug. 17, 1770, proved Sept. 24, 1770, directs all his mov- 
 able   effects   to   be   sold   at   public   vendue   within   six   weeks 
 after his decease, and the net proceeds to be put out at in- 
 terest for the use of his two daughters, Rachel and Altie, 
 until they should be of age or married, (l) 
 X. Dirck, b. June 9, 1734. m, Elisabet Meet (b. May 
26, l739, May 23, 1762 , d. April 24, 1807.  A tract of 
145.40 acres was surveyed to him, Nov. 23, 1762, at Upper 
Preakness*, on the road (now known as Berdan avenue) 
pleading from the Hamburg turnpike to Oakland. 
*a section of Wayne,NJ. 

Jan-Thomas-Juriaen Thomasse and Marritje Van Houten 
had children: 
   I.  Thomas, d. before 1789.    He was a  blacksmith by 
trade, and was prob. the Thomas Van Rype, widower, who 
m. Sarah Post, wid., Sept. 21, 1777. 
   II.  Derrick, m.  Elizabeth (Lybetje) Van Houte, Jan. 
1767.  He d. intestate, and Garret I. Van Riper and 
Abraham Van Houten were appointed administrators, 
March 30, 1803.  In the instrument making the appointment 
Derrick is described as “Richard I. (Jan) Van Riper, late 
of Essex county.”  In 1795 he is referred to as Capt. Der- 
rick  Van Riper. 
 III. Gerret, h. May 2,  1754;  m. Jannetje Winne.   In 
1789 he was living at Bergen*; in 1802, at Washington, N. Y. 
 IV. Adrian, b. Sept. 19, 1757.prob. m. Sarah Kelliham, 
Aug. 1, l784.  No account has been found of his descend- 
 V. Helmigh ; he was a shoemaker by trade. 
 VI. Johannes (John), m. Catharina Post; d. May —, 
 1827, aged 82 yrs.   He had a small grist mill on the west 
bank of the Passaic River, at or near the mouth of the brook 
flowing into Dundee Lake.  The site is now covered by 
By deed May 2, 1789, the five sons above conveyed to 
Richard Ludlow a tract of 39 &1/4 acres on Van Houten lane; 
Ludlow also bought from them sundry other lands adjoin- 
ing the above, “being part of the farm of Jan Tomasin Van 
Riper deceased.”(2) 
VII. Marritje ; she was living in 1797. 
* Jersey City. 

Abraham-Thomas-Juriacn Thomasse and Elizabeth Hes- 
seise had children: 
      I.  Jannetje,  b.  April  17,  1723,  m,  Halmagh-Dirck 
an Houten, of Totowa, m. bond dated Oct. 19, 1750 ; she 
survived her husband, and d. between July 27, 1773. and 
July l, 1782.(3)
(1) E. J. Wills, K, 1. 270. 
 (2)Essex County Transcribed Deeds, C, 143, 144,149, 151. 
(3) See notes on  Lot No.  7, West, on p.  73, ante. 

Page 161b

        II.  Elisabeth, b. Nov. 17, 1726;m Johannes-Roelof 
Van Houten, in 1752  or earlier; she survived so late 
as 1808. 
   Their father having died intestate , these two daughters 
 inherited his property, including lots 3 and 10, East, and 
Lot 7, Westin the Bogt subdivison, as mentioned on p. 
73, ante.Some accountof their descendents will be found 
in the Van Houten Genealogy. 
Isaac-Thomas-Juriacn Thomasse and Lea Van Winkel 
had issue:

I.  Simon, b. Oct.  3,  1730;  m.  Maragrietje  Pieterse,. 
dau. of Jurrie Pieterse. 
II Marinus (Marynus), b.  and lived at Slooterdam*; 
m. ist, Catrina Cogh (dau. of Casparus Cogh or Kough, of 
Slooterdam), May14, 1757; 2nd  Elizabeth Lutken, bap. 
Feb.  9,  1746,  dan. of Hermen Lukesen (Lutken) and 
Annaetje Anjevyn.   In his will, dated August 13, 1791, 
proved Oct. 22, 1792,, Marynis describes himself as of 
Acquackanonk, his homestead being on the Wesel road. (1) He 
gives all his estate to his wife Elizabeth during her widow- 
hood, with power to dispose of the same for her support; 
to Caspar, his eldest son, five shillings for his birthright; 
the remainder of his real estate to his sons, after his wife’s 
death or remarriage; to Catrina and Antje, one bed and 
bedstead,  with  the furniture  thereunto belonging; the 
residue of his estate to be divided between all his children. 
Executors-his wife and his brother-in-law Harmon Lutken. 
The will was witnessed by Lucas Wessels, Henry Schoon- 
maker and Hessel Pieterse.  Elizabeth, widow of Marinus, 
made her will April 15 1815, simply bequeathing her wear- 
ing apparel, bedding, etc., to her two daughters, Anna 
Loshy and Caty Wauters.  The witnesses were B. V. D. 
Brinkerhoff and his sister Hetty, wife of Peter Jackson. 
The will was proved Feb. 3, 1833(2) The executors of Ma- 
rinus sold the homestead farm, extending from the Wesel 
road eastwardly to the Passaic river, being about 10×55 
chains in area, containing 49.36 acres, to his son Isaac, 
June 9, 1804; it was bounded on the south by lands of Ja- 
cob En. Vreeland, and on the north by lands of Thomas 
Post.   Isaac conveyed the same day to Abraham Acker- 
man.  The executors also sold to Walling C. Van Winkle, 
June 9, 1804, another tract, of 23.65 acres, bounded on the 
east by the Passaic river, on the south by lands of the heirs 
of Jacob E. Vreeland, deceased, and the heirs of Michael 
E. Vreeland, deceased, on the west by the heirs of Michael 
E. Vreeland and Walling C. Van Winkle, and on the north 
by Jacob El. Vreeland.(3) These tracts were in or near the 
northern part of the City of Passaic, near the Vreeland 
IIIThomas, m. Neeltje Vreeland, both of Acquacka- 
nonk, June 5, 1753.  Ch.,  Isaac, b. March 31, 1754. 

Jacob-Thomas-Juriaen Thomasse and Marietje Gerbrantse 
had children: 
I.  Catrina, b.  Sept. 28,  1729.
(1) Essex County Transcribed Deeds, A, 436, 444; D, 90, 130, 240. 
(2) Essex County  Wills,  F, 69, 
(3) Essex County Transcribed Deeds, A, 436,439* 444. 
*Fair Lawn,NJ.


Page 162a

II.  Harpert,  b.  April  16,  1731.m Margaret  (Mar- 
grietje) Berry, m. bond dated April 22, 1762.  In 1790 he 
lived on part of the John Bradbery farm, near “Broad- 
berry’s lane,” in the vicinity of Third river*(1). He is usually 
called Harpeand sometimes Horrip Van Riper in the records. 
III. Gerrit, m. Geertje Gerrebrantse.   Ch., Jacob, b. 
Nov. 2, 1767; m. Jannetje Van Winkel, Nov. 8, 1792. 
Dirck-Thomas-Juriaen Thomasse and PietertJe Post had 
1.  Dirck,  m.  ist,  Claasje  Vreeland,  b.  and living at 
Wesel, Nov. 30,  1755;  2nd,  Fytje Wagenen, wid. of 
Dirck Vreeland, Oct. 14, 1787.  This elderly couple lived 
on the River road, south of Passaic, on opposite sides of the 
Mineral brook road.  As they were comfortably settled in 
their own homes, they concluded to remain so , accordingly, 
Dirck would call upon his wife, spend a sociable evening 
with her) and then return to his own home.  It does not 
appear that they disagreed in any way; neither has it been 
explained why they married at all, under such circum- 
stances.  This singular arrangement excited a great deal of 
curiosity and comment in its day, but the parties most con- 
cerned paid no attention to the comments of their neighbors 
and continued their friendly but unconnubial relations for 
fifteen years.   Through Dirck’s farm the  Mineral Spring 
brook meandered.  A minor tributary so abounded in tur- 
tles that the Dutch called the adjacent elevation at Brook 
avenue, Schellepute-berg (2)-Turtle Hill.   Dirck died in- 
testate, May 23, 1802, aged 69 yrs., 6 mos., 26 days, and his 
four sons-in-law-Walling Van  Winkle,  Cornelius  Sip, 
Adrian M. Post and John Merselis-were appointed ad- 
ministrators, May 25, 1802, just two days after his death. 
His widow survived her quasi husband sixteen years.  The 
will of Sophia Van Riper is dated Jan. 14, 1809 ; witnessed 
by Garret Van Riper, Helmagh Sip and Richard Riker; 
proved May 13, 1818.(3) in it she devises all her estate to 
her three sons-Richard Vreeland, Hermanns Vreeland, 
and Ralph Vreeland, including 107 acres at Horseneck, 
known by the name of “Wortelrly ,” also a lot of land in 
the “houttine.”(4). 

Juriaen-Gerrit-Juriaen Thomasse and Margrietje Died- 
ricks had children:

I.  Gerrit, b. Sept  14,  1729   d. in inf. 
II.  Marragrietje, b. Oct. 7, 1733; m. Johannis-Corne- 
lis-Aelt-Juriaen Thomasse. 
III. Aeltje, b. March 4, 1735; bap. at Bergen; m. Dan- 
iel Vreeland. 
IV. Beelitje. 

(1) Hist. Passaic County Roads, 26,  “Broadbury’s Lane” is the road 
running from the River road in Acquackanonk township to Kings- 
land’s paper mills. Joseph Kingsland of Bloomfield, acquired in 1814 
and 1818) tbe interest of the heirs of Abraham Berry, deceased) in the 
lands of their father, being doubtless derived from John Bradbury, and 
now known as the Paper Mill property. See Essex County Transcribed 
Deeds, C, 469-472. 
(2)  More correctly, Schildpad-berg. 
(3)  Essex County Wills, B, 411. 
(4) Hout-tuyn-wood-garden,  The name was applied to a tract of 
land at Stone House Plains (Brookdale Park,Bloomfield,NJ) 
where the trees grew so luxuriantly as to resemble a forest garden. 
 It was also called “the English wood land.” 
* Third River -at the northwest end of Belleville,NJ. runs into 
                          the Second River,which runs into the Passaic River. 


 V.Gerrit,b. April 6,1839; m. 1st, Jannetje Diedricks; 
she d. Oct. 18,1784;  2nd, Leena Vreeland; he d. 
Feb. 24,1821; Leena his wife, d Sept.25, 1819, aged 63 
yrs. 4 mos.,6days
Cornelius-Gerrit-Juriaen Thomasse and Aellje Van Win- 
kle had children:

I.  Garret, d. without issue ; will proved May 4,  1795. 
II.  Daniel, b. June 26,  1736;  m. Elizabeth Terhune, 
Oct. 13, 1761 ; d. July 23, 1818; she was b. July 15, 1738; 
 d. June l, 1811. 
III. Beelitje, b. Oct. 10, 1741; m. Johannis Van Horn, 
May 6, 1762; d. Feb. 13, 1826. 
IV. Jannetje, bap. April 16, 1745; m. Nicholas Tuers, 
May 13, 1766. 
V. Aeltje, b. June 7, 1748; m. Johannes Van Rypen. 
Issue: l. Johannes, b. Dec. 4, 1768; 2. Thomas, b. Dec. 
20, 1771;  3. Marretje, b. July 23, 1778. 
VI. Cornelius, b. Dec. 8, 1750; d. Aug. 13, 1767. 

Johannis  Gerrit-Jurian- Thomasse and Maragrietje Van 
Winkle had child: 
1.  Garret,  b.  Feb.  4,   1749.m. 1st,  Catrintje  Van 
Wagenen;  2d, Catrientje Van Rypen, March 2, 1799; 
d. Aug. 31, 1837. 

Juriaen-Aelt-Juriaen Thomasse and Martje Vreeland had 
1.  Gerrit,  b. Dec. 30, 1729;  m.  Helena (Lea, Leenlje) 

Cornelis-Aelt-Juriaen Thomasse and Geesje  Post had 

I.  Lea, b. Dec. l,  1729. 
II. Johannis,  bap.  Aug.  29,  1731;  m.  Marragrietje 
Van Rype.  His will, dated Sept. 19, 1767, was proved 
Sept. 28, 1767.  It was evidently made on his death-bed. 
He disposed of his property as follows: 

Item I will & order that my Dearly beloved wife Marregrietye shall 
Possess & Enjoy all my Estate Both real & personal During the time 
She doth Continue to be My Widow Item I Give unto my Son Cornelius 
five Shillings for bis birth Right.  Item I further will & order that after 
the Death or Remarriage of my said Wife all my Estate both real 
& personal that is to Say all My Land & real Estate in the County of 
Essex or Elsewhere shall be Equally Divided between all my Sons here- 
in after Named viz the Equal fourth part of sd Land I give unto my Son 
Cornelus his heirs & Assigns for Ever also one Equal fourth part of my 
sd Land I Give to my Son Jurrie his heirs & Assigns for Ever also one 
equal fourth part of my said Land I Give to my son John his heirs & 
Assigns for Ever & also one Equal fourth Part of my sd Land I Give to 
my son Garret his heirs & assigns for Ever & all my Personal Estate 
Shall be Equally Divided between my four Sons above Named but in 
case any of my sons above Named do Depart this Life without Issue 
then & in Such Case the share of the Land hereby Given to them So 
Departing as afd Shall Devolve unto the Surviving brothers to be then 
Equally Divided between them & I do hereby Nominate Constitute & 
appoint my brother in Law Garret Van Rypen & my Friend Hassel 
Peterse to be Executors of this my Last Will & testament & I do hereby 
Revoke & Disanul all former Wills by me made Ratifying & Confirm- 
ing this to be my Last Will & testament in Witness whereof I the said 
Jobannes C Van Rypen have to this my Last Will & testament set my 
hand & Seal the Day & year first above Written. (1) 
Signed & Sealed in the presence )                  his 
of us George Vreeland Hendrick}   Johannes C Van X Rypen  [L. S.) 
Post, Samuel Merrick.          )                                     Mark

III. Gerrit, prob. d. young.
(I) Recorded in Liber I of Wills, Trenton, pages 190 &c.

Page 163a

IV. Cornelius, m. 1st, Margaret Vreeland; 2d, Eliza- 
beth Vreeland, Nov. 15, 1779.  By deed (unrecorded), June 
11, 1767, Cornelius Aeltse conveyed to his son, Cornelius 
Van Reypen, for £300 and other causes: “The frunt part 
 of my lott of land on which I now dwell beginning at the 
 northeast corner of my land at a rock at Passaic River, 
 from thence westerly all along my line to a stone planted in 
 the ground along the highway which leads to the Falls near 
 the northwest corner of my barn, from thence southerly the 
 full breadth of my lott to another stone planted on the line 
 between me and Hendrick Post from thence easterly as my 
 line runs down to Passaic River, thence all along Passaic 
River northerly to the place of Beginning: Containing six 
acres be the same more or less,” the said Cornelius Aeltse 
reserving for himself and his family during his natural life, 
“the use of so mutch of the edifices on the premisses and of 
the premisses and appurtenances as he may judge necessary.” 
He doubtless wished to carry on his occupation at the 
forge so long as he might have the ability to wield a ham- 
mer or shoe a horse.  Cornelius Van Reypen appears to 
have been a man determined to have his rights, but at the 
same time willing to assert them peaceably.  In May, 1795, 
he and his neighbor, Henry Post, had a controversy with 
the representatives of the estate of Peter Vreeland, de- 
ceased, as to their most westerly line, under the Wesel moun- 
tain.   The  matter was left to John Elias Vreeland, Paul 
Powlison and Abraham Willis, who made an award, estab- 
lishing the beginning place “at the southwest corner of 
Henry Posts line, eighty four chains distant from the cross 
line of the division of the Wesel lots on a course N. 53. 12′ 
W. and from thence running N. 37. 48′ E. along marked 
trees (mentioned) to stake and stones in the line of heirs of 
Elias Vreeland deceased.”  The administrators of Peter 
Vreeland thereupon executed a release (unrecorded), May 
25, 1795, to Henry Post and Cornelius Van Reypen, of all 
the land east of the line so established by the award.  A 
like dispute between Cornelius Van Reypen, on the one 
side, and Michael H. and Cornelius Vreeland, owners of 
the Dree Hoek or Lot No. I, West, in the Bogt subdivision, 
on the other part, regarding the line between that Lot and 
Lot No. 13, in the Wesel subdivision, was referred to the same 
arbitrators, who made a report (unrecorded) determining 
the line; whereupon Michael H. and Cornelius Vreeland 
executed a release (unrecorded) to Van Reypen, May 25, 
1795, of all lands south of said line.  The will of Cornelius 
Van Riper, made March 13, 1798 during his last illness, 
and proved March 31, 1798, is commendably brief:

In the Name of God Amen.  I Cornelius Van Riper of Weasal in the 
township of Accquacknonk, County of Essex and State of New Jersey, 
being of sound mind and memory, but weak of body, do make and pub- 
lish this my last Will and Testament: First, my will is that all my hon- 
est debts shall be paid out of my Estate by my Executors herein after 
named. Second, I give and bequeath to my children by my first wife 
Margaret, namely, Seithtee, Rachel and Pegge, to their heirs and assigns 
forever sixty pounds, moneys they have got by their mother’s Estate, 
and all the personal Estate that is left, which was brought by their said 
mother to me, to be equally divided between them share and share alike. 
Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my two child by my last wife Elizabeth, 
namely, Mary and Jenny, to their heirs and assigns forever, one hun- 
dred pounds, money they have got by their mother’s Estate, and also 

Page 163b 

all the personal Estat now in being, which their said mother brought 
to me, to be equally divided between them share and share alike. 
Forthly, I give and bequeath to my first children Sithtee, the children 
of Rachel and to Peggy, my two daughters and my daughter Rachel’s. 
children, my negro wench Sary, and her daughter a small negro girl, 
named Nance, to their heirs and assigns forever, the value of them to 
be divided in three parts equally to them the said Sitree, Peggy and the 
children of Rachel.  Fifthly, I give and bequeath to my two daughters 
Mary and Jenny, children of my last wife my negro wench named Laur, 
and my negro boy named Tom, to them the said Mary and Jenny, their 
heirs and assigns forever.  Sixthly, I give and bequeath my negro man 
Jim and the rest of my personal Estate to all my children; that is to say : 
To  Sithtee, Peggy, Mary, Jenney and Rachel’s children to their heirs 
and assigns forever, to be equally divided between them, that is, the two 
children of Rachel to have one equal share.  Seventhly, my will further 
is, that all my real or landed Estate; that is to say; The farm I now- 
dwell upon, with the appurtenances, and a small lot of woodland lying 
at the foot of the mountain to the west of a lot of meadow of Ebnr Blackly, 
shall be equally divided between all my children, namely, Sithtee, Peggy, 
Mary, Jenney and Rachel’s children, to them their heirs and assigns for- 
ever share and share alik; that is to say: The two children of Rachel, 
Peggy and Abigel, to have one full share laetween them: And I do 
appoint my son in law John Berry, and my son in law John McCarty,. 
and Cornelius Vreeland Esqure, Executors of this my last Will and Tes- 
tament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 
thirteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven 
hundred and ninety-eight. (1) 
                                 Cornelius X Van Ryper (L S) 

The witnesses were his next neighbors, Hartman Post 
and Hartman M. Vreeland, and Abraham Willis, who- 
doubtless wrote the will. 

V. Jacob, m. —– —–.  By deed (unrecorded) 
April 14, 1788, Jacob C. Van Reipen, for f 230, after recit- 
ing the will of Cornelius Aeltse, releases to his brother Cor- 
nelius C. Van Rypen, “all that one moiety or equal part of 
said lot of land which was of the said Cornelius Aeltse in 
his lifetime and at the time of his death, to which the said 
Jacob Van Rypen now claims right by virtue of the will 
above stated and contains about sixty acres be the same- 
more or less.”(2) ( Jacob Van Riper and Abigail his wife, of 
Franklin township, Bergen county, conveyed to John Van 
Houten, of Clarkstown, Orange county, N. Y., by deed 
Feb. 16, 1803, for $4,250, a tract of land on the public road 
leading from the Ponds(4) to Wagaraw(5), and the same day 
bought from Peter Teboe, for $4,875, a farm on the road 
from Campgaw(6) to Hopper town(7), together with twenty acres 
adjoining, with a grist-mill and saw-mill.(3)  It is by no- 
means certain, however, that this Jacob Van Riper was the 
son of Cornelis-Aeltse.) 
VI. Catriena. 
VII. Adrian, prob. m. Sarah Ackerman.  Ch., Abraham, 
b. Sept. 14,1787. 
VIII. Annaatje, prob. m. Barent Retan, March 3, 1775. 
Ch., Geesje, b. Aug. 12, 1775. 
Jurie-Jan-Juriaen Thomasse and Helena Van  Houten 
had children:

I.  Christophel, m.  Annatje  Brouwer, Nov.  26,  1763; 
she d. Jan. 22, 1812, aged 67 yrs., 3 mos., 20 days.  He 
was called Christophel Jurrianse, and is understood to have
(1) Recorded in Book of Wills No. 37, Trenton, pages 309 &c. 
(2 )For mention of another deed by Jacob, April 15, 1788, see p. 72. 
(3 )Bergen County Transcribed Deeds, C, 313, 434. 
(4)Ponds-Oakland,NJ(and vicinity) 
(5)Wagaraw-Hawthorne ,NJ(and vicinity) 
(6)Campgaw-Franklin Lakes NJ(and vicinity) 

1 2 3 4 5 6