Passaic County,New Jersey,
Information from Passaic County Historical Society
1820’s to 1890’s

Sophia,wife of Stephen Van Riper,0of Small Lots, died 12-16-1868-68yrs.
Henry H. Snyder of Paterson to Catherine Jane Van Riper of
Godwinville(Ridgewood) 2-20-1867.
Mary Van Riper, relict of Jacob B. Van Riper, 4-21-1867,77y-4m-10d at Preakness.

George P. Van Riper to Lottie C. Beardsley, only daughter of John Beardsley of
Paterson ,6-12-1867.
Julia Ann,wife of George I. Van Riper, 40 Elm St. ,died 8-6-1867, 37y-0m-17d.
John Aldrege Hoxie of Mystic Conn. to Mary E. Van Riper 11-20-1867.
Richard R. Van Riper to Charlotte Panton 2-14-1867.
Henry Van Riper to E. Tillie Allen, 4-15-1863.
James Van Riper to Tillie Brain, 10-10-1863.
Wm. James Cadmus of Jersey City to Caroline Van Riper of Paterson , 11-10-1862.
P. Meyers Van Riper to Hannah, dau. of Anthony Brown at Franklin, 9-26-1861.
Wm. D. Berdan of Preakness to Eliza Jane dau. of Henry Van Riper of Totowa,
John N. Van Riper of Slaughterdam(Fair Lawn), to Eliz., dau. of Wm. Ward of
Campgaw 10-25-1859.
Andrew Van Riper to Rachel Perrine all of Preakness(Wayne), 1-20-1858.
Jacob Van Riper of Preakness d. 12-1-1856, 70y.
Anthony ,husband of Lucinda Van Riper d. 1-28-1897, 75y..
Cornelius Van Reyper d. 12-30-1894, 59y.
John B. Van Riper ,d. 11-7-1895, 82y.
Uriah J. Van Riper of Preakness(Wayne) d. Feb.-19-1879.,66y-4m-22d.
Annie, wife of Alfred S. Van Riper, 42 Mechanic St. , Nov. 2, 1877, 29y-7m-16d.
Edo Van Riper to Anna Hopper, dau. of John A. Hopper ,both of Saddle River,
Maria Van Riper,at the residend of her Son T. Henry Van Riper,76 Marshall St.,d.
Jan. 23, 1876, aged this day 86y..
Christina, widow of Cornelius G. Van Riper,d. Mar. 27, 1874, 73y. at Passaic.
Ann ,widow of the late P.V.H. Van Riper and daughter of Wm. Brown, d. June 19,
1874, 55y..
Mrs. Elizabeth,widow of George H. Van Riper,and mother of John C. and Henry P.
Van Riper,d. July 18,1874,52y,9 High St..
Mary Ann,wife of John H. Van Riper,34 Olive St.,d. July 26,1874, 38y-4m..
Margaret,widow of Richard Van Reyper,201 Ellison St.,d. Nov. 10, 1874,
Margaret , widow of Adrian Van Reyper,at Stone House
Plains(Brookdale,Bloomfield),d. Nov. 10,1874,54y..
Adrian Van Riper at Centerville(Clifton), d. Feb. 1, 1873, 74y.
J.H. Van Riper to Miss Bell S. Crawford , all of Paterson, Feb. 5, 1872.
John B. Van Riper of Centerville,NJ,to Maria,oldest daughter of Peter Sloat of
Paterson,Oct. 10, 1872.
Uriah Van Riper, 88y. ,d. Sept. 24, 1871, Dutch Reformed Church , Passaic.
Merenius Van Riper, d. May 4,1871, 72y., 43 Washington St..
Stephen Van Riper-d. Feb. 10,1870, 76y-6m-20d…
Mrs. Annie Van Riper 123 Broadway ,d. April 10,1870, 83y..
Robert S. Elliott to Jennie E. Van Riper,all of Passaic ,Sept. 14,1870.
John Berdan of Small Lots ( glen Rock & part of Fair lawn) to Clara Van Riper
Nov. 1870.
Peter V.H. Van Riper (Peter Van Houten Van Riper) d. Oct. 13,1869, 52y-1m-1d
Margaret (Van Riper) widow of Adrian R. Van Houten d. Dec. 31,1869, 75y..
Richard Van Riper of Paterson, to Miss Helen Bennett of Missouri, Feb. 17,
George Van Riper, d. Sept 6,1868 ,36y..

George Van Riper
Fair Lawn,NJ

Paterson Press

Julia, widow of Richard Van Riper at Haledon, d. Dec. 28, 1893, 46y-4m-17d..
John H. Van Riper ,husband of Emily Roome, d. Oct. 19, 1893, 43y-0m-9d..
Adrianna,wife if Cornelius Van Riper,M.D.,d Dec. 9, age given.
Anna Banta, widow of John B. Van Riper,d. Feb. 6,1892, 74y..
Maria Sloat,wife of John B. Van Riper, at Athenia (Clifton), d.July 29,1892,
Helen Van Reyper, widow of Peter Van Winkle, d. Mar. 21, 1891 in N.Y.C.,
Caroline ,widow of P.H. Van Riper,d. Dec. 12, 1891, 51y..
Catherine Van Riper Dec. 4,1891, 88y.
Clarissa, relict of George Van Riper,Mar. 5, 1887, 94y..
Fannie Bush, widow of Garret Van Riper,d May 4, 1887, 96y..
Clarissa ,widow of Abraham Van Riper, d. Mar. 5, 1887 Passaic, 71y..
Abraham Van Riper at West Pascack,(Bergen Co.),d Feb. 19, 1886, 61y..
John Van Riper, d. April 5, 1885, 54y..
George I. Van Riper , d. Feb. 8,1884, 58y..
Leah,widow of Anthony Van Riper,d. Sept. 19, 1884, 67y-5m-27d..
John G. Van Riper, d. Jan. 4, 1883, 59y..
Andrew Van Riper, d. Sept. 17, 1882, 47y..
Thomas H. Van Riper, d. Nov. 11, 1882, 53y-10-m11d..
Bridget, wife of Andrew Van Riper ,Haledon, d. Feb. 28, 1879, 69y-5m-0d..
Cornelius G. Van Riper,at Passaic, d. Feb. 12, 1868, 75y..
Sarah S.(Scudder) Van Riper, wife of Jacob Van Riper , at Stone House Plains, d.
April 3, 1868, 65y-7m-23d..
Garret V.R. Demarest of Passaic to Hannah M. Van Riper of Paterson ,Jan. 3,
Cornelius Van Riper, M.D., to Anna ,daughter of John N. Terhune , Dundee
Lake,(Saddle River Twp.) Sept. 19, 1866.
Margaret, wife of Richard Van Riper, d. Oct. 11, 1866, 38y.,at Hamburgh Ave..
Isaac H. Van Riper, Bloomfield Rd., d. Oct. 13, 1866, 64y..
Alfred B. Crane ,to Margaret A. Van Riper, Mar. 1,1864, all of Paterson.
Jacob J. Van Riper,d. Feb. 12, 1876, 46y-6m-0d, at residence of James Close.
Cath. Jane ,wife of Cornelius Van Riper, at Dundee Lake,(Saddle River
Twp.)d.Nov. 14, 1875,50y-7m-20d..
Gertrude Van Houten,wife of John B. Van Riper, d. Jan. 6 1870, 53y-8m-27d,
Frank Berry,to Emma E. Van Riper,all of Paterson,Dec. 9, 1870.

Jacob B. Van Riper Esq. at Preakness, d.12-1-1856, 58 Y.
Jerry Van Riper d 1-4-1857, 27 Y.
Mrs. Agnes Van Riper, wife of Garret H. Van Riper, at Pascack,d. Feb. 16,1859.
Jacob Van Riper to Miss Ellen Osborn, both of Lodi ,Sept. 10,1859.
Cornelius B. Van Riper, of Boiling Springs(Rutherford),to Carolina Van
Saun,daughter of
Albert J. Van Saun, Nov. 22, 1859 at Hackensack.
Peter H. Westervelt to Annie Van Riper of Pascack,Jan. 25,1860.
Stephen S. Van Riper to Jane Zabriskie, both of Bergen County,Mar. 3, 1864.
Harmon I. Van Riper,d. May 21,1860, 31y..
Catherine, wife of Cornelius J. Van Riper, of Red Mills(Arcola,Paramus), d.Oct.
9,1860, 57y..
Peter Van Riper to Ellen Acker, all of Hohokus, Nov. 6,1864.
Christopher Van Riper, d. 1856, 64y..
John Van Riper,to Mary Ann Denike ,all of Paterson, July 5, 1856.

Mrs. Mary Van Riper of Stone House Plains at the house of her father,Garret
of Preakness, d. July 12,1823, 22y.

John A. Van Riper to Miss Maria Van Blarcom both of Paterson,NJ 12-18-1828.
John Van Riper to Sally Van Winkle in Paterson 5-5-1832.
Maria Van Riper of N.Y. to James C. Blauvelt at Aquackanonk 8-17-1833.
Henry Van Riper to Miss Hannah Garabrant both of Paterson 8-10-1839.
Peter Van Riper to Ann,daughter of Wm. Brown,Esq. both of
Maria Van Riper to Elias Vreeland 3-4-1840.
Jared Van Riper to Jane Van Blarcom both of Paterson 12-17-1840.
James Van Riper of Pamamus to Margaret daughter of Wm. Hogencamp Esq.
of Preakness 12-24-1841.
J. Van Riper of Bergen to M Garrabrants of Aquackanonk at the Notch 11-12-1842.
Richard Van Riper to Sarah Van Houten both of Manchester 12-3-1842.
Henry Van Riper of N.Y. to Hester Ann Hopper of Small Lots 12-1-1842.
At Sicamack ,Bergen Co. Margaret m. of Jas. Van Riper and daughter
Wm. S. Hogencamp d. 5-12-1842 at 19y.
Cornnelia Van Riper to Isaac G. Speakers both of Manchester 12-4-45.
Cornelius Van Riper to Mary Ann Ryder in N.Y.C. 5-13-1846
Cornelius Kip to Leah Ann, daughter of J.B. Van Riper at Preakness 11-19-1846.
Mary Van Riper to Peter J. Fredericks both of NY 3-27-1851.
Garrabrant Van Riper of Newark to Sarah S. daughter of Wm. Healey of Paterson
Mary Elizabeth Van Riper of Paterson to Jacob S. Snyder of Goffle Hill
Mary E. Van Riper to Wm. H. Crane 7-15-1855
Hana Van Riper d. 8-2-1855 65y.
Christopher Van Riper 3-28-1856 65y.
John Van Riper to Mary Ann Denike both of Paterson 8-5-1856


Mary, wife of Cornelius Van Riper, 84 Wills St.,d. Jan. 12,1881, 42y-9m-13d..
Andrew Van Riper of Haledon, d. May 23,1881, 72y-1m-8d..
Margaretta A. Van Riper, wife of John Van Horne Van Reyper, Jersey City Heights,
d. June 16,1881.
Forest Van Riper,22y., d. Oct. 10,1881,from H.P. Ackerman Temple & Heights.
Preakness-(lower and upper) part of Wayne ,Passaic County,N.J.
Notch-part of Clifton, Passaic County,N.J.
Richfield-part of Clifton.
Athenia- part of Clifton.
Acquackononk-included Clifton,Passaic and part of Paterson,Passaic County,
and at one time in Essex County.
Passaic City-part of Acquackononk.
Dundee Lake-East Paterson now Elmwood Park and formely
in Saddle River Twp.,Bergen County.
East Passaic-part of Dundee Lake,East Paterson,now Elmwood Park.
Aquackanonk-Clifton and Passaic ,Passaic Co. NJ.
Boiling Springs-Rutherford,Brgen County,NJ.
Bergen County at one time included Bergen,Bayone,and North Bergen,
now in Hudson County.
Bergen-Jersey City.
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