Van Riper Houses

On Jan 24, 2001 George Van Riper wrote:

The last time I looked at the Van Riper house in Nutley it was still
in the same condition. (…)
When I get a chance I want to visit the Van Riper-Bond
house in Montclair. Its about 5 miles from Nutley.
The Montclair university took it over.I’ll let
you know how I make out. There use to be a Van Riper
house where I live in Fair Lawn just two blocks away.
It made room for new homes over 50 years ago. I past by
it many times before this happened. There’s a church in
town called the Van Riper-Ellis Church(Baptist).A large
part of Fair Lawn along the Passaic River down to Market St.
in East Paterson(Elmwood Park) was owned by the Van Riper
family(not my direct branch). There is an old burial ground in the
next town ,Saddle Brook, where the High School now stands
the area was called Dudee Lake. The lake was part of the Passaic River
where ,early 1900’s they made a small dam and many people would come and paddle boats and canoes . Before the High School was built they moved all the bodies in the burial ground in one large mound next to the school. There’s a plaque on top.
I read one article in the “History of Slauterdam(Fair Lawn)”, which mentioned a young Van Riper and said he was the 117th Van Riper to be buried their.

George Van Riper