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Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey, Vol 23, Calender of
NJ Wills, Vol ?, 1781-1785:
p 86
Will signed 26 Aug 1782 Hendrick Cojamon, of Essex County; will of.
Wife, Mary, 1/3 of my estate during her life.
Daughter, Catharine, wife of Christopher Stimets, the land where she lives,
bounded by widow VanEmburgh’s land.
Daughters, Rachel, wife of Adrian VanRiper;
Peggy, wife of Anthony Wauters;
Mary, wife of Francis King, land near Cap Depister’s.
Son, Myndert, rest of land and the salt meadow.
Executors-Anthony Wauters and my son, Myndert.
Witnesses Gerrit Haeghoort, Sr., Peter Cadmus, Manus Burger.
Proveded 19 Jan 1786
Lib, 28, p 315?