VAN RIPER-Acquackanonk Church,Passaic,and Clifton N.J.,area.

VAN RIPER-Acquackanonk Church,Passaic,and Clifton N.J.,area.
Alpahbet Male names so far-a-(no b)-c-d-(no e or f)- g-h.
The name Acquackanonk has been spelled 19 different ways in the past.

95-545-p.26 Isaac Van Rype-wife,Catrina Van Rype-child,Harme-born June 17,1754.
Sp:Jacob Van Rype-Sarah Van Rype.
(Isaac and Catrina married June 2,1753.)
96-630-p.30 Isaac Van Rype-w,Catrina Van Rype-c,Marytje-b.Feb. 2,1757.
Sp: Harp Van Rype-Gerrtje Gerrebrands.
97.724-p.34 Isaac Van Rype-w,Catrina Van Rype-c,Jacobus-c.Sept. 22,1760.
Sp: Gerret Van Rype-Marytje Van Rype.
98.895-p.42- Isaac Van Rypen-w,Catharina Van Rypen-c, Catharina-b.Mar. 12,1767.
Sp: Thomas Van Rypen-Maragrieta Berry.
99.2752-p126-Isaac Van Rypen-w, Maria Stagg-c, Isaac-b,April 28,1804.
Sp: none listed.
(Isaac and Maria were married Sept. 11,1803.
100.2887-p132-Isaac Van Rypen-Matia Stagg-c,Cornelius-b,June 21,1807.
Sp: none listed.

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