Van Riper 1900 census,Newark, Essex County, N.J.

Hida Salmon-87-F-W-head-widow-2 children, 2 living-
b.June 1812 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Carrie Salmon-40-F-W-house work-
b.Dec.1859 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Delia Stiles-45-F-W-daughter-married 20yrs.-1child, 1 living-
b.Aug.1854 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Charles H. Stiles-40-M-W-son in law-manufacturer-married 20yrs.-
b.April 1860 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Mable Stiles-25-F-W-granddaughter-single-
b.Sept.1874 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Sophia Van Riper-60-F-W-boarder-widow (of William H.)-vest maker-
imigrated 1890,in U.S.10yrs.-b.June1839 Canada-Fa.b.Canada-Mo.b.n/a..
Newark, ward 11
roll T623-965
district 107
page 115b, sheet 4, image 8, June 4
36 Myrtle avenue

Thomas Pearson-58-M-W-head-clerk in criminal court-married 36yrs.-
b.Sept.1841 England-Fa.b.England-Mo.b.England
Mary J. Pearson-57-F-W-wife-married 36yrs.-3 children, 3 living-
b.Mar.1843 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.nb.N.Y..
WilliamC.Pearson-31-M-W-son-teller bank-single-
b.Dec.1868 N.J..-Fa.b.England-Mo.b.N.Y..
Anna E Van Riper-59-F-W-Sister in law-widow (of Isaac)-0 children-
b.Jan.1941 N.Y.-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Newark, ward 11
roll T623-965
district 104
page 73a, sheet 18, image 35, June 11

70-289 (four family house)
Charles Van Riper-21-M-W-head-last maker-married 1yr.-
b.Jan.1879 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Mary Van Riper-19-F-W-wife-married 1yr.-1 child, 1 living-
b.Jan.1881 N.J..-Fa.b.Germany-Mo.b.Ireland
Newark, ward 15
roll T623-967
district 147
page 244a, sheet 5, image 9, June
68 Shefield Street

George W.(Washington) Van Riper-45-head-blacksmith-married 9yrs.-
b.Oct.1854 Connecticut-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
(1880 says George W..was born in N.J.. and was married to Minnie and had
1 child Arthur 1yr. old., so must have been married 21 yrs. not 9
George was the son of Arron and Jermina (Miller) Van Riper.
Biography to follow at a later date)
Minnie (Wilhelmina E. Begelspacher)Van Riper-45-F-W- wife-
married 9yrs.-5 children,n/a living-
b.April1858 N.Y.-Fa.b.Germany-Mo.b.Germany
Aurthur (Barnes) Van Riper-22-M-W-son-carpenter-single-
b.Mar.1878 N.J..Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.N.Y..
George (Washington)Van Riper-19-M-W-son-blacksmith-single-
b.Jan.1881 N.J..Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Wilbur W. Van Riper-17-M-W-son-blacksmith-single-
b.Nov.1882 N.J..Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Minnie (Wihelmina) J. Van Riper-16-F-W-daughter-at school-single-
b.Aug.1883 N.J..Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Frederick E. Van Riper-10-M-W-son-at school-
b.May1890 N.J..Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Newark, ward 6
roll T623-963
district 51
page 198a, sheet 18, image 35, June 13
German Hospital

Nimo Van Riper-30-F-W-F-W-patient-married 9yrs.-2 children, 1 living-
b.March1870 N.J..-Fa.b. Germany, Mo.b.Germany
Newark, ward 3
roll T623-963
district 28
page 145b, sheet 25, image 50, June 12
210 Broome Street

155-506 (three family house)
Robert Van Riper-36-M-B-head-house mover-married 4yrs.-
b.Oct.1863 N.J..-Fa.b.Washington-Mo.b.Washington
Anna R. Van Riper-F-B-wife-married 4yrs.-0 children-
b.Oct.1865 West India-Fa.b.Pa..-Mo.b.West India
Newark Ward 8
roll T623-964
district 75
page 261a, sheet 20, image 39, June 12
162 Riverside Avenue

Charles A. Dunbar-42-M-W-head-furnace dealer-married 14yrs.
b.Dec.1857 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Almina Dunbar-39-F-W-wife-married 14 yrs.-0 children-
b.Nov.1860 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J.
Abram Van Riper-9-M-W-nephew-at school-
b.June1892 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Newark, ward 8
roll T623-964
district 79
page 2b, sheet 2, image 4, June 2
640 Mt. Prospect Avenue

Alonzo Van Riper-53-M-W-head-police man-married 21yrs.-
b.Dec.1846 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Sarah M. Van Riper-52-F-W-wife-married 21yrs.-5 children, 2 living-
b.June 1847 N.J..-Fa.b.England-Mo.b.England
Daniel H. Van Riper-18-M-W-son-bookkeeper-
b.Dec.1881 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Raymond A. Van Riper-14-M-W-son-at school-
b.July 1885 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Newark ,ward 8
roll T623-964
district 79
page 5a, sheet 5, image 9, June 5
842 Summer Avenue

Charles Van Riper-82-M-W-head-retired-widow-
b.April 1818 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Newark, ward 8
roll T623-964
district 71
page 3b, sheet 3, image 6, June 2
247 Summer Avenue

Eugene Van Riper-41-M-W-head-produce dealer-Married 17yrs.-
b.April 1859 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Emma L. Van Riper-37-F-W-wife-married 17yrs.-5 children, 4 living-
b.Feb.1863 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Eugene Van Riper-16-M-W-son-at school-
b.Aug.1883 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Bessie Van Riper-9-F-W-daughter-at school-
b.Jan.1891 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Chas. Van Riper-6-M-W-son-at school-
b.Aug.1893 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Malcolm Van Riper-4-M-W-son-
b.June 1895 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Newark, ward 12
roll T623-966
district 120
page 61b, sheet 26, image 52, June 15
Niagara Street

104-539 (three family house)
George Van Riper-30-M-W-head-brakeman R.R.-married 1yr.-
b.Dec.1869 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Barbara Van Riper-33-F-W-wife-married 11yrs.-2 children, 2 living-
b.May 1867 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.N.J..
Hurbert Hunter-16-M-W-painter-single-
b.Mar.1884 N.J..-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.N.J..
Beatrice Hunter-13-F-W-at school-
b.Nov.1886 N.J..-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.N.J..
Newark, ward 1
roll T623-962
district 9
page 114a, sheet 6, image11, June 1
31 Bridge Street

Martha Van Riper-46-F-W-head-Laundress-widow-3 children, 3 living-
b.Nov.1853 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
M. Van Orden-36-M-W-boarder-machinist-widow-
b.Mar.1863 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Bertha Van Riper-17-F-W-daughter-press hand-single-
b.Mar.1883 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
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