VAN RIPER—1879-80 NEW YORK CITY –City directory

VAN RIPER—1879-80 NEW YORK CITY –City directory


Richard-carpenter 136 Worth St.-home N.J.
Van Rypen & Vail , carpenters, 136 Worth St.


Bernard-insp 6 State St.-home Jersey City,N.J. Charles-casemaker-h 142 Perry St.
Charles-hardware- Third Ave. near 144 th St. Charles-whitewasher-h 68 Grove St. Christopher C.-engineer-h 220 E. 56th St Eliza-widow of Adrian-h 215 E. 61st St. Jacob S.- police-h 30 Horatio St. James H. -engineer-339 E. 120 th St. Jeremiah-builder-h 2008 3rd Ave. John F.-drygoods 519 Greenwich St.h 415 W. 21st St. John G. -furniture 438 Canal St.-h N.J. John W.T.-clerk-102 Greenwich Ave. Josiah P.- clerk-h 3rd Ave. near 144th St. Julius F.-clerk 120 Broadway-h 691 Bedford Ave,Brooklyn Mary-widow of Levi-h 4 Marion St. Peter H.- butter 5 Front St.-h N.J. Romaine V.-desks 436 Canal & 8 Vestry St. Samuel-engineer-h 113 Christopher St. Van Riper J.F. & Co.,drygoods,519 Greenwich St. Van Riper P.H. & Co.,butter,5 Front St. Van Riper & Paulison ,desks,436 Canal St. & 8 Vestry St.

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