Van Reipen – Picture 1904

Thanks very much, Jean Maris from Florida, for sending the following beautiful picture of some Van Reipens in 1904 in your grandfather Heath’s car.

Van Reipen - 4 generations 1904
Left to Right Carolyn (Van Reipen) Heath and husband Forrest A. Heath.
Behind left to right Elizabeth (Van Reipen) Bedell, baby Marion (Van Reipen) Heath and Caroline (Westervelt) Van Reipen. Jean’s Mother is the baby and they are 4 generations at Summit Ave., Jersey City, NJ USA.

Jean Maris’s line is as follows:

Jurian Tomassen
Gerrit Juriaense b 1670
Cornelius Gerritsen b 1707
Daniel Van Reypen Lt b 1736
Cornelius Van Reypen b 1767
Daniel Van Reipen b 1788
Garrett D Van Reipen b 1826
Elizabeth Van Reipen b 1849
Caroline VR Bedell b 1870 (Jean’s Grandmother)