THE VAN RIPEN FAMILY by Charles H. Winfield (1/7)

THE VAN RIPEN FAMILY.(from “History of Hudson County”
by Charles H. Winfield)

This name with its present multitudinous orthography, is derived from
the Latin ripa, and was the name of a city on the North bank of the
river Nibbs, sometimes called Nipsick, or Gram. North Jutland ( so
called to distinguish it from South Jutland or Schleswig), in Denmark
was divided into four dioceses, the most southwesterly part of Cimbri,
who, at one time, invaded the Roman Empire.
The city of Ripen, in the diocese of Ripen, is situated in lat.55*
36′ north, and lon. 9* 10′ east. Next to Wibourg it is the most ancient
town in North Jutland.(1) It once had a commodious harbor and pro-
fitable commerce; but the one long since filled up and the other sought
different channels. Its cathedral was imposing, built of hewn stone, with
a steeple of great height, which served as a landmark for mariners. In the
Swedish war of 1645 the city was captured, but recovered by the Danes
soon after. From this port, in April, 1663, a vessel named ” T” Bonte Koe,”
The Spotted Cow, sailed for the Netherland, with eightynine passengers,
consisting of men, women and children. Among the number was Juriaen
Tomassen, a young man of the city of Ripen. About four years after his
arrival he m. Pryntje Hermans, May 25, 1667; d. Sept 12, 1695. Some
of his descendants took the name Jurianse -now Yereance and Auryansen
while others, taking the name of the city from which their ancestor sailed,
became Van Ripen.
(1) Fenning’s Geography ii,. 123. In Winfield’s Land Titles, the name is
written Rypen. It is thus laid down on a map of Denmark in old geographical
work, published in London during the reign of Queen Anne, the title page of
which, of the copy I have ,is destroyed. I am now satisfied, from the origin
of the word, that the name should be written Ripen, and it is thus written in
the text and on a map in Fenning. Every other way of writing it is clearly
wrong, though sanctioned by generations.

Second Generation.
Juriaen Tomassen had ch,:
2. 1. Tomas (11), bap. June 10, 1668; m. Jannetje, dau.
of Jan Straatmaker, June 2, 1691
3. 11.Gerrit (21), bap. June 27, 1670; m. Beetlitje, dau.
of Dircl Janse Oosten and Elizabeth Cornelis, of Hoboken
June 6, 1693; d. Sept, 4 1748; she d. May 20, 1745.
4. 111. Aelje, bap. Dec. 21, 1672.
5. 1V. Chrystyntje, bap. Nov. 24, 1677; m. Pieter Gerbrantse
(2) Aug. 1 1698.
6. V. Maritje, bap. April 28, 1680; m. Claas Gerbrantse (3)
April 11, 1704.
7. V1. Harman, bap. Oct 21, 1682; d. in inf.
8. V11. Jan (29), m. Neeltje Gerbrantse (5), April 7, 1702.
9. V111. Harman (33), b Dec 6, 1686; m. 1st, Maritje Fre-
ericks, June 20, 1709; 2d, Judith, dau. of Christo-
pher Steinmets, in 1721; removed to Aquackanonck
his will, dated June 17, 1754, was proved May14,1736.
10. 1X. Grietje, b. Oct. 5, 1691.


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