The new RiperNet site

RiperNet, Karin and John Riper’s genealogy website, has been on the web since 1997. As the years went by the Internet and its possibilities changed. In order to be able to make the best possible use of all these possibilities, George Van Riperwe have rebuilt the website completely. The contents of the Van Riper (USA) database – including tons of most valuable information, collected by George Van Riper from New Jersey (picture) -, and Rieper (Germany) databases that you know from the old website are now completely integrated in this new website and “advanced” searchable. All other content of the old website will be published in the new website step by step and all content will be searchable.

Of course it will take time to transfer all articles from the old to the new RiperNet website. Therefore, the old RiperNet website will be available until further notice.

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