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Dutch Reformed Church Memberships
Saddle River New Jersey

Members in Full Communion when the Congregation
of Saddle River and Peremus was divided—July 1812

Garret Vanryper and wife Polly Terhune
Johannes Vanryper and wife Catrina Vanwinkel
Maria, widow of Harmanus Vanryper
Berbara Wever, wife of Fredric Vanryper

April 11, 1840

Maria Van Buskirk, wife of Fred Van Riper

April 1842
Frederic Van Riper — Miss Eliza Ackerman
Sally Van Riper, wife of Andrew De Baun, Jun.

May 7, 1843
Miss Margaret Van Riper
Thomas Van Riper and wife Hannah Teurse

_______________________________________________________________ Census taken April 1856: 77 families; 274 in congregation; 84 in communion

November 23, 1856 Jemima Ackerman, wife of F. G. Van Riper

October 1858 Charles Van Riper and wife Eliza Benson

August 10, 1860 David H. Hopper and wife Sally Maria Van Riper