Mt Hebron Cemetery


Cards include Interment # but no date as to when. 

Address -does not say if that is where the person last lived or that is where person died. 

Does not mentioned if married-widow or single. 

Does not tell where born. 

No grave numbers


Martin is the Lot Owner. No maiden name for Caroline. 

Buried : 






ist row-( stones right to left from Cemetery road) 

Mount Hebron Cemetery 

Section F Lot 1 

1-Martin Van Riper-37y6m5d-no town giving-Mar. 31, 1853-no internment # 

2-Caroline Van Riper-76y-6m0d-Brooklyn,N.Y..-Aug. 13,1886-no internment #-paralysis 

3-Marietta Van Riper-68y-New York City-Sept. 26, 1908-#1562-Hemorrhage 

4-Anna H. Van Riper-64y5m1d-New York City-Feb.12, 1912-#1905 

5-Charles Van Riper-(listed but no information) 

6-Anna Van Riper-1y1m25d-New York-Oct.28,1881-no internment # 

7-Ellen Van Riper-0y2m20d-Oct.26, 1877-no internment # 

8-Matilda Van Riper-2y5m0d-Oct.23, 1875-no internment # 

back row (stones right to left Cemetery road) 

9-Josiah Van Riper-70y-3m-20d-Utica N.Y.-May 27, 1916-Dysentery–#2366-Yock and Smith 

10-Augusta B. Van Riper-32y0m0d-New York City-May 25, 1884-no internment #- Brights Disease 

11-Martin E. Van Riper-33y-8m0d-New York City-Dec.9,1909-#1675 

12-Harriett Abbot -85y-Paramus,N.J.-Aug.9,1964-#10718-Gen Arteriosclerosis-Earl I. Vorhees-rough box 

Base of marker for Augusta and Martin ordered removed and set flush by Mrs. Langstrol,daughter of Harriett (nee Abbott )Van Riper 

George Van Riper 


Fair Lawn, NJ