James Stout Van Riper X Edith (nee Scharnagel)

My name is Von Worthington. My mother was Isabel Van Riper. She was born in Staten Island 1/2/1907 to James Stout Van Riper and his wife Edith (nee Scharnagel). They moved to Freehold, NJ around 1910 where James lived until his death around 1958. James had a brother, William, and at least one sister, Ella?. He may also have had a sister called Bell after whom my mother was named, but it isn’t clear to me if she was my mother’s aunt or great aunt. I have some family pictures, but the Van Riper side of the family was old when I was young. My mother’s mother was 40 when Mom was born, and my mother was 40 when I was born. Also, Mom was an only child. I don’t recall ever meeting a relative named Van Riper; although, I presumably met Uncle Will when I was an infant.

I would be interested in contacting anyone who may be a long lost
relative who could help me fill in the many gaps in my family tree.
If you would like me to e-mail pictures, it would be my pleasure.