History VAN RIPER ELLIS Church

VAN RIPER ELLIS Memorial Community Baptist Church

1870 – Sunday School began in home of Eleanor Van Riper at her farm home on the corner of Morlot Avenue and River Road.
1883 – Chapel built on the corner of Bellair Ave. and River Road.
1919 – Upon the death of Mrs. Van Riper, her daughter, Ida A. Ellis became superintendent of the Sunday School.

1930 – Van Riper Ellis Memorial Church founded
Harry Schoener, Pastor
Addition made to Chapel as it now becomes a church.
Rev. Saunier (from Broadway) is called as Pastor.
1938 – Church calls Richard P. Camp to be Pastor.
A recent graduate of Wheaton College and Princeton Seminary, Pastor Camp remained at Van Riper until his retirement in 1968. (During WW II, Pastor Camp served as a Navy Chaplain and Rev. E. M. Stoffels was Interim).
1953 – Educational Building built
1959 – Corner Stone of present church laid
1985 – Churches unite and become Van Riper Ellis / Broadway Baptist Church
1997 – Dr. Lee A. Morris becomes interim Pastor
1998 – After five months as Interim, congregation calls Dr. Morris by unanimous vote to be Pastor. Church enters T-Net Program for congregational renewal and development as a disciple-making church.
2001 – Korean Ministry begins with Pastor Chung

Source: www.vanriper.org