Dundee Lake Burial Ground, Elmwood Park

(formely East Paterson,and before that Dundee Lake,
Saddle River Township),Bergen County,N.J.
(bodies were moved from original
burial ground too make room for the new high school).

The burial ground (in a high dirt mound) is located to the left
and in front of the high school on River Road and
accross the street from the Passaic river.
A flat cement marker near the top reads:
“In memory of borough settlers buried on this site once
known as Dundee Lake Cemetery 1793-1886.
VFW post 5084 and the ladies Aux. 1976″
The list below are the Van Ripers known to be buried their.

By John Neafie-1916


Anna,daughter of Ann and Nicholas Vreeland and
wife of Jerry Van Riper,died Feb. 28,1796 age 34years.

Jerry Van Riper-died Feb. 23,1824-age 65years7months17days.

Rachel Mead,wife of Jerry Van Riper-died March 8,1848-age 81y7m22d.

Jerry Van Riper-died Jan. 1,1857-age 36y1m27d.

Elizabeth Alea,wife of John N. Van Riper-died Sept. 4,1852-age 38y1m20d

Jane,daughter of Semeon & Getty Van Riper-died dec.21,1823-age 0y5m21d .

Nicholas Van Riper-died Dec. 1,1834-age 42y10m4d.

Bejamin,son of Stephen & Sophia Van Riper-died Nov. 4,1814-age 1y5m5d.

Garret Garretson,son of Cornelius & Peggy Van Riper-died Nov. 13,1814-age