Arthur Ward Van Riper, M.D.

By William J Pape and William W. Scott-page 205

Arthur Ward Van Riper, M.D., was born on
August 19, 1872, in the city of Passaic,N.J., where he has resided since birth. He began his education in the Passaic public schools, and in 1884 began his preparatory course at Dr. Mac- Chesney’s Paterson Classical Institute. In June, 1888, he en- tered the University of the City of New York ( now New York University), and after completing a four years’ course re- ceived the degree of A. B. from that institution in 1892. Hav- ing decided upon a medical career, he entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York ( now the Medical De- partment of Columbia College) in October , 1892, from which institution he received the degree of M. D. in 1895. In the same year he was licensed by the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of New Jersey, and chose his native city for his life work. In 1897 he was appointed City Physician of the city of Passaic for one year, at the expiration of which ap- pointment he was, in 1898, reappointed a member of the Board of Health of the city of Passaic, and upon its organization was unanimously chosen president, which office he continues to fill. On the eighth day of April, 1897, he married Eva E. , daughter of Benjamin F. and Emily Popple of the city of Passaic. He is a member of the Passaic City Medical Society , the Pas- saic Hospital staff, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Nation- al Union, the North Reformed Church, the Zeta Psi fraternity, Theta Nu Epsilon Society, and in politics is a Republican. While at college he was a member of the college football eleven and the baseball team for three years, and held nu- merous offices, among which are the following: President, vice- president and secretary of his class, president of the College Athletic Association, president of the Eucleian Literary So- ciety, director of the Zeta Psi Banjo and mandolin Club. He is the son of Dr. Cornelius Van Riper and Andrianna Terhune Van Riper. The wife of the subject of this sketch died March 30, 1899, after a brief illness of four days. For family history
see sketch of life of Dr. C. Van Riper. 04/08/2001