1900 Van Riper census, Nebraska

Van Riper
Federal Census
Gage County
Blue Springs Village
Roll T623-928
district 47
page127a, sheet 1, image 1, June 4
1st Street

Silas Van Riper-48-M-W-head-dry goods merchant-married 24yrs.-
b.Feb.1852 N.Y.-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Ella S. Van Riper-46-F-W-wife-married 24yrs.-1 child, 1living-
b.Dec.1852 Ill.-Fa.b.N.Y.-Mo.b.Pa.
Henry W. Van Riper-11-M-W-son-at school-b.Feb.1889 Kansas-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.Ill..
Charlotte H. Van Riper-75-F-W-mother-widow-5 children, 3 living-
b.Sep.1824 N.Y..-Fa..b.N.Y..-Mo.b.Vt..
Lottie I. Van Riper-38-F-W-sister-music teacher-single-
b.June 1862 Ill..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Lancaster County
City of Lincoln, ward 1
Roll T623-933
district 44
page 148a, sheet 8, image 17, June 8
145 North 93rd Street

John C. Van Riper-46-M-W-head-manager gas co.-married 14yrs.-
b.Jan.1854 Mi..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Anna M. Van Riper-37-F-W-wife-married 14yrs.-4 children,4 living-
b.Feb.1863 Ill.-Fa.b.Virginia-Mo.b.Virginia
Walker Van Riper-13-M-W-son-at school-b.Mar.1887 Missouri-Fa.b.Michigan-Mo.b.Virginia
Leah Van Riper-11-F-daughter-at school-b.Nov.1888 Missouri-Fa.b.Michigan-Mo.b.Virginia
John C. Van Riper Jr.-10-M-W-son-at school-b.April.1890 Missouri-Fa.b.Michigan-Mo.b.Virginia
Geo. Van Riper-8-M-W-son-at school-b.May1892 Missouri-Fa.b.Michigan-Mo.b.Virginia
Note(You might notice that this family was also on the 1900 Missouri census with
a slight variation. A mystery to be solved someday..
Dec. 23, 2005