1900 Van Riper census, Montclair, Essex County, N.J.

Van Riper
Federal Census
Essex County
New Jersey
Montclair Town
roll T623-970
district 204
page 26b, sheet 6, image 12, June 8
Valley Road

Thomas Van Reyper-67-M-W-head-dairy farm-widow of Caroline(Speer)
b.Mar.1833 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Peter S.(Speer) Van Reyper-43-M-W-son-married 19yrs.-
b.May1857 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Mary Ellen (Van Houten) Van Reyper-40-F-W-daughter in law-
married 19yrs.-3 children, 2 living-
b.Sept.1859 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Thomas Van Reyper-18-M-W-grandson-at school-
b.Oct.1881 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Elsie A.Van Reyper-15-F-W-granddaughter-at school-
b.Jan.1885 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Mary Kane-33-F-W-servant-single
b.Oct.1866 Ireland-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.Ireland
Charles Houseman-30-M-W-servant-single-
b.Mar.1870 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Edward Donnel-24-M-B-servant-single-
b.Oct.1875 Va.-Fa.b.Va.-Mo.b.Va..
(on the 1860 censes spelled Thomas Van Reiper)
Thomas is listed in the 1894 City Directory as Secretary & Treasurer
of the Mt. Hebron Cemetery located across the street from his home.
His house is still standing and is used by the Montclair University.
Montclair Town, ward 1
roll T623-970
district 204
page 32a,sheet 12,image 23,June 14
Belleville Avenue

William Person-50-M-W-head-manf. agent-married 22 yrs.-
b.June 1849 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..Mo.b.N.Y..
Ida A. Person-45-F-W-wife-married 22Yrs.-8 children, 3 living-
b.Oct.1844 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
D. Van Nep(Ness) Person-12-M-W-son-at school-
b.June 1887 N.J..-Fa.b.N.Y..Mo.b.N.Y..
Daisy Person-11-F-W-daughter-at school-
b.May 1888 N.J..-Fa.b.N.Y..Mo.b.N.Y..
Frederick H. Person-9-M-W-son-at school-
Eleanor J. Van Riper-66-F-W-mother in law,widow of John -2 children, 2 living-
b.Jan.1834 N.J..-Fa.b.England
Mary Bapeles-24-F-W-servant-single-imigrated 1892-in U.S.A. 8 yrs.-
b.May 1875 Ireland-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.Ireland
Joseff Williams-27-M.B.servant-single-b.Dec.1872 Virginia-Fa.b.Virginia-Mo.b.Virginia
Karl Grohe-26-M-W-servant-imigrated 1895-in U.S.A. 5 yrs.-
b.May 1874 Germany-Fa.b.Germany-Mo.b.Germany
Montclair Township
Town of Montclair, ward 1
roll T623-970
district 205
page 47a, sheet 8, image 15, June 5
154 Walnut St.

Sarah Van Riper-73-F-W-head-widow (of Peter H).-4 children,3 living-
b.June 1826 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..-
Peter E. Van Riper-49-M-W-son-stock broker-divorced-
b.Aug.1850 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.J..
Sadie F. Van Riper-29-F-W-daughter-
b.Dec.1870 N.J..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.J..
Montclair Township
Town of Montclair, ward 4
roll T623-970
district 211
page 158a,sheet 6,image 11,June 6
42 New Street

Elizabeth Van Riper-54-F-W-Head-widow (of Charles)-10 children,10 living-
b.Aug.1845 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Lester Van Riper-25-M-W-Son-carpenter-single-
b.Jan.1875 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
George Van Riper-63-M-W-relative Boarder-carpenter-single-
b.Feb.1837 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..Mo.b.N.J..
Montclair, ward 1,district 1
roll T623-970
district 204
page 24a, sheet 4, image 7, June 5
Valley Road

53-54 (two family house)
Fred D. Poulsem-29-M-W-head-provision dealer-married 6yrs.-
b.Sept.1870 N.J..Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Ann A. Poulsem-31-F-W-wife-married 6yrs.-2 children, 1 living-
b.Jan.1869 N.J..Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Harold S. Poulsem-4-M-W-Oct.1895 N.J..Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Floyd Van Riper-31-M-W-boarder-driver meat market-single-
b.May 1869 N.J..Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Walter W. Allen-22-M-W-boarder-driver meat market-single-
b.Oct.1877 N.J..Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Peter H. Owen-26-M-W-boarder-cutter of meats-single-
b. Dec.1873 N.J..Fa.b.England-Mo.b.England
Montclair , ward 2
roll T623-970
district 206
page 82a, sheet 17, image 33, June 20
323 Claremont Avenue

Francis Van Riper-41-F-W-head-widow-1 child, 1 living-
b.Feb.1859 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Keneth Van Riper-13-M-W-son-at school-
b.Jan.1887 N.J..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Emma S. Parker-45-F-W-boarder-widow-1 child, 0 living-
b.Mar.1855 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Ura Barrett-20-F-W-servant, domestic-single-
b.June1879 Ireland-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.Ireland
Bessie Barrett-25-F-W-servant, domestic-single-
b.Feb.1875 Ireland-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.Ireland
Montclair, ward 2
roll T623-970
district 207
page 92a, sheet 7, image 10, June 5
81 1\2 Forest Street

117-126 (two family house)
Helen M. Van Riper-45-F-W-head-widow-
b.Aug.1854 Pa..-Fa.b.Pa..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Alfred E. Van Riper-18-M-W-son-driver-single-
b.Jan.1882 Pa..-Fa.b.Pa..-Mo.b.Pa..
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