1900 Van Riper census, Indiana

Federal Census
Grant County
town not stated
T623-roll 373
district 132
page 50a, sheet 25, image 47, June n/a
Marion Branch National Military Home

Aaron Van Riper-62-M-W-widower-b.n/a
St Joseph County
Portage Township
South Bend
T623-roll 402
district 126
page 42b, sheet 14, image 28, June 12
618 East Water Street

283-315 (three family house)
Abraham Van Riper-50-M-W-head-day laborer-married 25yrs.-
b.July1849 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Elizabeth Van Riper-46-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 25yrs.-1 child,1 living-
b.1854 Ohio-Fa.b.Ohio-Mo.b.Ohio
La Porte County
Michigan Township
City of Michigan
T623-roll 384
district 56
page 198a, sheet 9, image 17, June 7
232 East 4th Street

158-186 (two family house)
Alvin Van Riper-49-M-W-head-locomotive engineer-married 1yr.-
b.Mar.1851 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
May Van Riper-35-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 1yr.-2 children,2 living-
b.May1865 In..-Fa.b.Canada-Mo.b.N.Y..-
James Phillips-14-M-W-stepson-at school-b.Feb.1886 In.-Fa.b.ILL..-Mo.b.In..
Addison Phillips12-M-W-stepson-at school-b.Feb.1888 In..-Fa.b.ILL..-Mo.b.In..
Ella Brown-42-F-W-house keeper-widow-4children,3 living-
bNov.1857 Ohio-Fa.b.Ohio-Mo.b.Ohio
Wayne Brown-8-M-W-boarder-8-M-W-b.April1892 IN..-Fa.b.Va..-Mo.b.Ohio
Ralph Brown.-11-M-W-boarder-11-M-W-b.Mar.1889 Mi..-Fa.b.Va..-Mo.b.Ohio
Vigo County
Harrison Township
Tere Haute City
T623-roll 409
district 111
page 247b, sheet 12, image 24, June 12
19 North Fourth Street

James W. Roston-64-M-W-head-hotel proprietor-married 42yrs.-
b.Oct.1835 Kentucky-Fa.b.Maryland.-Mo.b.Kentucky
Courtney Van Riper-37-M-W-lodger-traveling salesman-married-
(and 40 more people not related)
St Joseph County
Penn Township
Mishawaka City
T623-roll 401
district 113
page 174a, sheet 19, image 38, June 20
733 East Fourth Street

James Holmes-32-M-W-head-day laborer-married 10yrs.-
b.Feb.1868 Mi..-Fa.b.England-Mo.b.England
Maud Holmes-32-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 10yrs.-3 children,3 living-
b.May1868 In..-Fa.b.Ohio-Mob.Mi..
Alvin Holmes-8-M-W-b.Dec.1891 Mi..-Fa.b.Mi..-Mo.b.In..
James Holmes, Jr.-8mths.-M-W-b.Oct.1900 Mi..-Fa.b.Mi..-Mo.b.In..
Denis Van Riper-13-M-W-stepson-at school-b.Mar.1887 Mi..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.In..
(and five boarders not related)
St Joseph County
Portage Township
South Bend City
T623-roll 402
district 126
page 37b, sheet 9, image 18, June 8
618 Colfax Avenue

Ernest Van Riper-24-M-W-head-married 3yrs.-
b.March1876 Mi.-Fa.b.n/a(N.J..)-Mo.b.n/a(Ohio)
(Father -Abram–Mother-Lizzie)
Lillie Van Riper-22-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 3yrs.-no children-
Madison County
Monroe Township
T623-roll 386
district 95
page 15b, sheet 15, image 30, June 25

George Van Riper-44-M-W-b.ILL..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.England
Cora Van Riper-38- wife-8children-8living-b.Wi..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Ralph E. Van Riper-17- son-b.Wi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
George H. Van Riper-17-son -b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
Frank C. Van Riper-14-son–b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
John H. Van Riper-11-son-b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
Stuart W. Van Riper-9 son-b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
Howard W. Van Riper-7-son-b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
Violet C. Van Riper- daughter-b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
Cora P. Van Riper-1- daughter-b.Mi.-Fa.b.Mi.-Mo.b.Wi.
(All of page very faded and hard to read)
St Joseph County
Penn Township
T623-roll 401
district 112
page 145b, sheet 4, image 8, June 7-8

James Van Riper-65-M-W-head-farmer-married 33yrs.-Sept.1835 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Louisa J. Van Riper-48-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 33yrs.-4 children,4 living-
b.Sept.1852 In.-Fa.b.Ohio-Mo.b.In..
Warren Van Riper-17-M-W-son-at school-b.1883 In..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.In..
John J. Van Riper-14-M-W-son-at school-b.1885 In..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.In..
Clyde Van Riper-10-M-W-son-at school-b.1889 In..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.In..
Wabash County
Noble Township
Wabash City
T623-roll 410
district 121
page 141a, sheet 1, image 1, June 1
291 East Hill Street

James Van Riper-52-M-W-head-railroad laborer-married 13yrs.-
b.Jan.1848 Ohio-Fa.b.North Carolina-Mo.b.Ohio
Maria C.(Donaker) Van Riper-46-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 13yrs.-3 children,3 living-
b.Aug.1853 In..-Fa.b.Ohio-Mo.b.Ohio
William Donaker-24-M-W-stepson-machinist-single-b.Mar.1876 Ks..-Fa.b.In..-Mo.b.In..
James J. Van Riper-19-M-W-son-cook-single-b.April1881 In..-Fa.b.Ohio-Mo.b.Ohio
Madison County
Anderson Township
Anderson City
T623-roll 385
district 82
page 130b, sheet 10, image 20, June 8
604 Meridian Street

John C. Van Riper-46-M-W-head-lumber merchant-married 24yrs.-
b.Mar.1854 ILL..-Fa.b.N.J..,Mo.b.England.
Minnie O. Van Riper-42-F-W-wife-keeps house-married 24yrs.-6 children,6 living-
b.Nov.1857 Mi..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Guernsey Van Riper-20-M-W-son-journalist-single-b.Aug.1879 Mi.-Fa.b.ILL..-Mo.b.Mi..
Florence Van Riper-14-F-W-daughter-at school-b.July1885 Mi.-Fa.b.ILL..-Mo.b.Mi..
Julia Van Riper-10-F-W-daughter-at school-b.May1890 In..-Fa.b.ILL..-Mo.b.Mi..
Emily Van Riper-8-F-W-daughter-at school-b.May1892 In..-Fa.b.ILL..-Mo.b.Mi..
Helen M. Guernsey-70-F-W-mother in law-widow-3 children,3 living-
b.July1829 N.Y..-Fa.b.Vt..-Mo.b.Vt..-
Jennings County
Spencer Township
T623-roll 379
district 110
page 284b, sheet 2, image 4, June 2

37-37(two family house)
Nancy Van Riper-62-F-W-head-keeps house-widow (of John Van Riper)-5 children, 5 living-
b.Jan.1838 In.-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
George Hammond-39-M-W-son-widower-da laborer-b.June1860 In..-Fa.b.Ohio-Mo.b.In..
Paul Van Riper-24-M-W-son- school teacher-single-b.April1876 Kansas-Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.In..
Maud Van Riper-20-F-W-daughter-single-b.Oct.1879 In..-Fa.b.Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.In..
Harry Van Riper-17-M-W-son-at school-b.Oct.1882 In..-Fa.b.Conn..-Mo.b.In..