1900 Van Riper census, Bergen County, N.J..

Van Riper
Federal Census
Saddle River Township
Bergen County
New Jersey

Saddle River Township was founded in 1716. It included the towns of
Garfield 1898( Garfield City 1917)-to Dundee Lake(East Paterson 1916,now Elmwood Park 1973)-to
Slooterdam(Fair Lawn 1924),and parts of Pompton Twp.,Lodi 1894,Wallington 1895 and Glen Rock 1894..
Saddle River Township through the years became a town and was much smaller and the township
name was getting people confused with the towns of Saddle River and Upper Saddle River
and so in 1955 changed the name of Saddle River Township to Saddle Brook.
Historic maps can be found at www.rootsweb.com/~njgsbc/gsbcbergeninfo
Allendale Township
Roll T623-954
district 1
page 3a, sheet 3, image 5, June 4

Ann Van Riper-96-F-W-head-farmer-widow-5 children, 2 living-
b.Nov.1804 N.J..-Fa.b.n/a-Mo.b.n/a
Maria Van Riper-40-F-W-daughter-married 6yrs.-1 child, 0 living-
b. April 1860 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Lodi Township
Hasbrough Heights Borough
Roll T623-955
district 20
page 97a, sheet 8, image 15, June 11-12
Walter Avenue

Hep Ferdon-53-M-W-head-tea & coffee dealer-married 30 yrs.-
b.Apr.1847 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Elizabeth-57-F-W-wife-married 30yrs.-no children-
b.Apr.1843 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Elizabeth Van Riper-38-F-W-boarder-single-b.Nov.1861 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Saddle River Township
Roll T623-956
district 39
page 180a, sheet 2, image 3, June 2

Edo Van Riper-45-M-W-head-farmer-married 22 yrs.-
b.Sept.1855 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Anna Van Riper-43-F-W-wife-married 22 yrs.-5 children,5 living-
b.Sept.1855 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..Mo.b.N.J..
Mira Van Riper-21-F-W-daughter-single-b.April 1879 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Jennie Van Riper-19-F-W-daughter-single-at school-b.Nov.1880 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Edna Van Riper-16-F-W-daughter-at school-b.June1883 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Bertha Van Riper-13-F-W-daughter-at school-b.Jan.1887 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Helen Van Riper-11-F-W-daughter-at school-b.Oct.1888 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Eda Smers-14-M-W-boarder-b. May 1886 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Saddle River Township
Roll T623-956
district 39
page 179a, sheet 1, image 1, June 1

George G. Van Riper-64-M-W-head-farmer-married 35yrs.-
b.Oct.1835 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Catherine (Kip) Van Riper-60-wife-married 35yrs.-2 children, 1 living-
b.Nov.1840 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Selah Van Riper-23-M-W-son-farm laborer-b.June 1, 1875 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Saddle River Township
Fair Lawn
Roll T623-956
district 39
page 196b, sheet 18, image 36, June 19

Henry Van Riper-66-M-W-head-farmer-married 33yrs.-
b.Aug.1833 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Ellina M. Van Riper-wife-married 33yrs.-1 child,1 living-
b.June1842 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Saddle River Township
borough of Garfield
Roll T623-955
district 16
page 1, sheet 1, image 1, June 19

Casper J. Hopper-47-M-W-head-farmer-2nd.marriage 3yrs-(1st marriage 15yrs.)
b. N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Rachael A. Hopper-47-F-W-wife-2nd marriage 3yrs.-3children-none living-
Raymond Hopper-11-son-at school-b. Dec.1888 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Elmer Hopper-9-M-W-son-at school-b.Dec.1890 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
James Van Riper-79-father in law -retired farmer-married 58yrs.-
b.March 1821 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Kasia Van Riper-79-F-W-mother in law-married 58yrs.-5 children, 5 living-
b. July 1851 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J.-Mo.b.N.J..
Hillsdale Township
Roll T623-955
district 21
page 107b, sheet 5, image 10, June 7

Henry Lomphson-46-M-W-head-day laborer-married 1yr.-
b.Apr.1854 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Emma Lomphson-31-F-W-wife-married 1yr.-1child, 1 child living-imigrated 1882,in USA 17yrs.-
b.Nov. 1868 Sweden-Fa.b.Sweden-Mo.b.Sweden
Mable Van Riper-1-F-W-stepdaughter-b.June 1898-Fa.b.Germany-Mo.b.Sweden
Saddle River Township
Roll T623-956
district 39
page 179b, sheet 1, image 1, June 1

Ribar(?) H. Van Riper-51-M-W-head-married 32yrs.-
b.July 1848 N.J.-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Sharlet Van Riper-50-F-W-wife-married 32yrs.-7 children, 5 living-
b.Sept.1849 N.Y.-Fa.b.England-Mo.b.England
Anna Van Riper-19-F-W-daughter-single-dress maker-b.Aug.1880 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Walter Van Riper-19-M-W-son-dentist-single-b.Mar.1891 N.J..-Fa.b.N.j..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Emily Van Riper-15-F-W-daghter-at school-Mar.1885 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Saddle River Township
Roll T623-956
district 39
page 179b, sheet 1, image 2, June 1

Hartman Van Riper-72-M-W-head-farmer-married 38yrs.-
b.June 1827 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Jane E. Van Riper-58-wife-married 38yrs.-5 children-1 living-
b.Sept.1841 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Willy W. Cary-40-M-W-boarder-farm laborer-widow-b.May1860 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Borough of Westwood
Roll T623-956
district 43
page 251a, sheet 12, image 7, June 16

Herman Van Riper-50-M-W-head-single-cigar manufacturer-
b.May1850 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Sarah Taylor-59-F-W-house keeper-widow-no children-
b.June1840 N.J..-Fa.b..J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Washington Township
Borough of Woodcliff (Woodcliff Lake)
Roll T623-955
district 27
page 212a, sheet 17, image 32, June 16-18

Frederick G. Van Riper-73-M-W-head-married 53yrs.-
b.March 1827 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Jemima Van Riper-72-F-W-wife-married 53yrs.-6 children, 0 living-
b.June 1827 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Lizzie Van Riper-14-F-W-granddaughter-at school-b.June 1885 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Mary Van Riper-12-F-W-granddaughter-at school-b.June 1888 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Washington Township
borough of Wood Cliff (Woodcliff Lake)
Roll T623-955
district 27
page 213a, sheet 18, image 34, June 19

372-372 (two family house)
Frederick Van Riper-67-M-W-head-married 47yrs.-
b.July 1832 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Charity A. Van Riper-64-F-W-married 47yrs.-5 children,4 living-
b.Dec.1835 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
William T. Johnson-22-M-W-boarder-single-farm laborer-
b.Nov.1878 N.Y..-Fa.b.N.Y..-Mo.b.N.Y..
Emma Quinn-32-F-W-servant-single-b.Aug.1867 N.Y..-Fa.b.Ireland-Mo.b.Ireland
Washington Township
borough of Wood Cliff (Woodcliff Lake)
Roll T623-955
district 27
page 213a, sheet 18, image 34, June 19

372-376 (two family house)
Peter E. Van Riper-25-M-W-head-farmer-married 2 yrs.-
b.July 1832 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..
Sadie Van Riper-29-F-W-wife-married 2yrs.-1 child,1 living-
n/a (Frederick E.) Van Riper-1mth.-M-W-son-b.May 1900 N.J..-Fa.b.N.J..-Mo.b.N.J..