1850 Van Riper’s born in New Jersey, living in Michigan

Van Riper
Living in Michigan
that were
Born in New Jersey
By checking the first child in a family born in Michigan, you can
get a good idea of about what year the family first arrived their.
Some Van Riper’s born in New Jersey
that moved to New York State, later went to Michigan.
Others that had children while living in New York State,
and then some of the those later moved to Michigan.
Abraham Van Riper, Lima, Washtenaw County, Michigan ,
b.abt 1765 New Jersey
WASHTENAW County-Lima Twp.
page 323, image-22, Oct. 5
M432-roll 364

Abraham Van Riper-85-farmer-$1500.-b.N.J..
Betsy Van Riper-56-b.N.J..
Henry Hall Jr.-26-M-W-railroad-b.Conn..
Mary Hall-25-F-W-b.N.Y..
Thadeus Hall-9-M-W-b..Mich..
Francis Hall-6m-M-W-b.Mich..
Adrian Van Riper- Ash, Monroe, Michigan ,
b.abt 1810 New Jersey
MONROE County, Ash Twp.
page 852a, image 8, Sept.26
M432-roll 358

Adrian Van Riper-40-M-W-farmer-$2000.-b.N.J..
Eliza Van Riper-23-F-W-b.N.Y..
Caroline Van Riper-3-b.Mich..
Chester Van Riper-7m.-M-W-b.Mich..
Chester Lamb-20-M-W-b.N..
Michael Tours-14-M-W-b.N.J..
ANDREW Van Riper-Woodull Twp., Shianassee County,
b.abt 1804 New Jersey
SHIANASSEE County, -Woodull Twp.
page 90, sheet 179, image 5, Sept. 25
M432-roll 363

Andrew Van Riper-46-M-W-farmer-$2500.-b.NJ..*
Catherine Van Riper-48-F-W-b.N.Y..
Benjamin Van Riper-17-Farm laborer-at school-b.Mich..
Rachel Van Riper-15-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
George Boid-16-M-W-farm laborer-at school-b.Mich..
Garret Van Riper- Onondaga, Ingham, Michigan ,
b.abt 1819 New Jersey
INGHAM County, Onondaga Twp.
page 115b, image 8, Oct. 4
M432-roll 351

Garret Van Riper-31-M-W-farmer-$800.-b.N.J..
Mary Van Riper-29-F-W-b.N.J..
Charlette C. Van Riper-7-at school-b.Mich..
Julia A.Van Riper-4-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Harriet S. Van Riper-3-b.Mich..
Clarissa J. Van Riper-1-b.Mich..
Harman Van Riper-Orion, Oakland, Michigan ,
b.abt 1804 New Jersey
Oakland County, Orion Twp.
page 141a, sheet 281-image 27, Sept. 15
M432-roll 359

Harman Van Riper-46-M-W-farmer-$400.-b.N.J..
Phoebe Van Riper-41-F-W-b.N.Y..
Wm. Van Riper-21-M-W-b.N.Y..
George Van Riper-17-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Richard Van Riper-14-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Newton Van Riper-12-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Marion Van Riper-9-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Anilla? Van Riper-6-F-W-b.Mich..
Julia Van Riper-3-F-W-b.Mich..
John Van Riper- Webster, Washtenaw, Michigan ,
b.abt 1812 New Jersey
WASHTENAW County, Webster Twp.
page 287a, image 17, Sept 5
M432-roll 364

John Van Riper-38-M-W-farmer-$600.-b.N.J..
Eliza Van Riper-28-F-W-b.N.J..
Geo Van Riper-11-M-W-at school-b.N.J.
Floyd Van Riper-8-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Mary Van Riper-7-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Daniel Van Riper-5-at school-b.Mich..
John H.Van Riper-4-at school-b.Mich..
Royal Van Riper-8m-M-W-b.Mich..

Jeremiah Van Riper- Brownstown, Wayne, Michigan ,
b.abt 1879 New Jersey
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page508a, image 13, Aug. 1
M432-roll 366

Jacob Miller-37-M-W-farmer-$1200.-b.N.Y..
Cathernie Miller-36-F-W-b.N.J..
Near Miller-15-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Ann Miller-9-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Francis Miller-6-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Charles Miller-1b.Mich..
Mary Tours-15-F-W-b.N.J..
Jeremiah VAN RIPER-53-M-W-b.N.J..
Stephen Van Riper- Webster, Washtenaw, Michigan ,
b.abt 1805 New Jersey
WASHTENAW County, Webster Twp.
page 287a, image 17, Sept 5
M432-roll 364

Stephen Van Riper-45-M-W-farmer-$1500.-N.J..
Anna M.Van Riper-38-F-W-b.N.J..
Pomeroy Van Riper-11M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Ellen Van Riper-8-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Charles C. Van Riper-4-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Hiram Baker-18M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Garret Van Riper-65-M-W-farmer-$600.-b.N.Y..
HENRY Van Riper-Brownstown, Wayne, Michigan ,
b.abt 1827 New Jersey
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page 510a, image 17, Aug 2
M432-roll 366

Henry Van Riper-33-M-W-farmer-$1500.-b.N.J..
Lydia Ann Van Riper-22-F-W-b.N.Y..
Andrew Van Riper-1-M-W-b.Mich..
(page 510b cont’)
Jane Van Riper-30-F-W-idiotic-b.N.Y..
Cornelius Van Riper- Brownstown, Wayne, Michigan ,
b.abt 1800 New Jersey
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page 509b, image 16, Aug 2
M432-roll 366

Cornelius Van Riper-50-M-W-farmer-$4000.-b.N.J..
Ann Van Riper-49-F-W-b.N.Y..
John W. Van Riper-26-M-W-farmer-b.N.Y..
Rebecca A. Van Riper-6-F-W-b.Mich..
Catherine Reid?-18-F-W-b.N.Y..
John Van Riper- Dexter, Washtenaw Michigan ,
b.abt 1805 New Jersey
WASTENAW County-DexterTwp.
page 508a, image 12, Oct 1
M432-roll 364

John Van Riper-45-M-W-joiner-$200.-b.N.J..
Catherine Van Riper-41-F-W-$700.-b.N.Y..
John Van Riper-22-M-W-harness maker-b.N.Y..
Andrew Van Riper-18-M-W-b.N.Y..
Elizabeth Van Riper-16-F-W-b.N.Y..
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