1850 Van Riper,Federal Census,Seneca County,N.Y

New York State
M432-roll 597
Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 156b, image 48, Aug. 2

John Van Riper-84-M-W-farmer-$11,000.-b.N.J..
Marg. Van Riper-23-F-W-b.N.J..
Rachel Van Riper-25-F-W-b.N.J..
Garret Van Riper-21-M-W-farmer-b.N.J..
Peter H. Van Riper-8-M-W-b.N.Y..
What cost $11000 in 1850 would cost $228,549.79 in 2002.
Also, if you were to buy exactly the same products in 2002 and 1850,
they would cost you $11000 and $529.43 respectively.

Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 156b, image 48, Aug. 2

John G. Van Riper-28-M-W-farmer-b.N.Y..
Gitty A. Van Riper-20-b.N.Y..
Scott Cook-20-M-W-farmer-b.N.Y..
Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 156b, image 48, Aug. 2

Wm. Marshall-59-M-W-farmer-$6,000-b.Pa..
Ann C. Mashall-52-F-W-b.Pa..
Garry Van Riper-32-M-W-carpenter-b.N.Y..
Matilda Van Riper-26-F-W-b.N.Y..
Eliz. Marshall-62-F-W-b.Pa..
James M. Van Riper-5-M-W-b.N.Y..
Mary C. Van Riper-7-F-W-b.N.Y..
Charles F. Van Riper-4-b.N.Y..
William H. Van Riper-2-M-W-b.N.Y..
Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 156b, image 48, Aug. 2

Garret A. Van Riper-52-M-W-farmer-$9,350-b.N.J..
Anna Van Riper-51-F-W-b.N.J..
Rich. H. Van Riper-25-M-W-b.N.Y..
Caroline E. Van Riper-14-F-W-b.N.Y..
Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 156b, image 48, Aug. 2

Peter G. Van Riper-25-M-W-farmer-$6,270-b.Pa.
Catherine Van Riper-21-F-W-b.Ireland
Evelina Van Riper-1-F-W-b.Ohio
Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 169a, image 73, Aug. 10

Peter Van Riper-49-M-W-farmer-$9,000.-b.N.J..
Maria Van Riper-34-F-W-b.N.J..
John Van Riper-20-M-W-farmer-b.N.J..
Jane Van Riper-17-F-W-at school-b.N.J..
Isabella Van Riper-13-F-W-at school-b.N.Y..
Stephen Van Riper-10-M-W-at school-b.N.Y..
Gertrude Van Riper-5-F-W-b.N.Y..
Sophia Van Riper-2-F-W-b.N.Y..
Fayette, Seneca County, N.Y..
page 177b, image 90, Aug. 15

Peter Marshall-24-M-W-merchant-b.N.Y.
Sophia Marshall-28-M-W-b.N.Y..
W, L. Marshall-7-M-W-at school-b.N.Y..
M.A. Marshall-5-F-W-b.N.Y..
Bainbridge Marshall-3-M-W-b.N.Y..
Horatio Marshall-9mths.-M-W-b.N.Y..
Jerry Van Riper-20-M-W-clerk-b.N.Y..
Romulus,Seneca County, N.Y..
page 80b,image 2,Sept. 23

Thomas M. Crane-26-M-W-farmer-$500-b.N.Y..
Emaline Crane-22-F-W-b.N.Y..
Justice P. Crane-5mths.-M-W-b.N.Y..
Jane Deremus-13-F-W-at school-b.N.Y..
John Van Riper-26-M-W-laborer-b.N.Y..
Edward Dean-14-M-W-b.N.Y..
Romulus,Seneca County, N.Y..
page 91b,image 24,Oct.1

Asa Fleming-31-M-W-merchant-$1,000.-married within year-b.N.Y..
Mary A. Fleming-25-F-W-married within year-b.N.Y..
Lephsona Noramff-20-F-W-b.N.Y..
Mary Van Riper-27-F-W-b.N.Y..
Seneca Falls,Seneca County, N.Y..
page 297a,image 77,Oct 21

C. M. Jackson-34-millwright-$900-b.N.Y..
Polly Jackson-33-F-W-b.N.Y..
Catharine Van Riper-24-F-W-b.N.Y..
Elizabeth Crosby-25-F-W-b.N.Y..
Varick,Seneca County, N.Y..
page 70a,image 27,Sept. 16

Henry Van Riper-55-M-W-farmer-b.N.J..
Maria Van Riper-49-F-W-b.N.J..
Mary Van Riper-24-F-W-b.N.Y..
Margaret Van Riper-20-F.W-b.N.Y..
Leth Van Riper-16-M-W-b.N.Y..
Amanda Van Riper-15-F-W-b.N.Y..
Charity Van Riper-12-F-W-b.N.Y..
Minerva Van Riper-8-F-W-b.N.Y..
Edgar Van Riper-6-M-W-b.N.Y..
Waterloo,Seneca County, New York
page 195b, image 35, Aug. 22

Henry Van Riper-23-M-W-carpenter-b.N.Y..
S. A. Van Riper-25-F-W-b.Ireland
Waterloo,Seneca County, New York
p214b,image 73,Aug. 31

Robert Lane-40-M-W-farmer-$3,700-b.N.J..
Esther Lane-25-F-W-b.N.J..
Ann Van Riper-10-F-W-at school-b.N.Y..
Daniel Seely-13-M-W-at school-b.N.J..
Amos Bradley-26-M-W-b.N.Y..