1850 Van Riper Census,Michigan

MICHIGAN Federal Census
(Notice all the Van Riper’s that were born in N.J. and N.Y. states)

OAKLAND County, Oakland Twp.
page 305b, image 24, Sept.25
M432-roll 359

Berkley Bigler-30-M-W-farmer-$1500.-b.NY..
Sarah Bigler-28-F.W.b.NY..
Wm. VAN RIPER-22-farm Laborer-b.NJ..
Charlotte Halstead-21-F-W-b.NY..
OAKLAND county, Oakland Twp.
page 305b, image 24, Sept.25
M432-roll 359

Ira Hammond-58-M-W-farmer-$2000-b.NY..
Abigal Hammond-63-F-W-b.Conn..
Antoinette Dickens-20-M-W-Mi..
Miller Dickens-1-M-W-b.Mich..
Peter VAN RIPER-15-M-W-farm laborer- b.Mich..
Geo. Mary-21-M-W-carpenter-b.N.Y..
OAKLAND County, -Oakland Twp.
Sept.25, page 90a, image 24
M432-roll 363

Jeremia Van Riper-21-M-W-Farmer-$800.-b.N.Y..
Julia Van Riper-21-F-W-b.N.Y..
Charles Eply-15-M-W-laborer-at school-b.unknown
Oakland County, Orion Twp.
page 141a, sheet 281-image 27, Sept. 15 M432-roll 359

Harman Van Riper-46-M-W-farmer-$400.-b.N.J..
Phoebe Van Riper-41-F-W-b.N.Y..
Wm. Van Riper-21-M-W-b.N.Y..
George Van Riper-17-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Richard Van Riper-14-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Newton Van Riper-12-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Marion Van Riper-9-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Anilla? Van Riper-6-F-W-b.Mich..
Julia Van Riper-3-F-W-b.Mich..
SHIANASSEE County, -Woodull Twp.
page 90, sheet 179, image 5, Sept. 25
M432-roll 363

Andrew Van Riper-46-M-W-farmer-$2500.-b.NJ..*
Catherine Van Riper-48-F-W-b.N.Y..
Benjamin Van Riper-17-Farm laborer-at school-b.Mich..
Rachel Van Riper-15-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
George Boid-16-M-W-farm laborer-at school-b.Mich..
WASHTENAW County-Ann Arbor Twp.
page 191, sheet 381, image 27, July 16
M432-roll 364

John T. Van Riper-40-M-W-carpenter-b.N.Y..
Sarah Van Riper-35-F-W-b.N.Y..
Henry Van Riper-10-M-W-b.N.Y..
Mary Van Riper-7-F-W-b.N.Y..
WASHTENAW County-Dexter Village-town of Scio page 521, sheet 1141, image 1, Sep. 19 M432-roll 364

James M. Van Riper-24-M-W-farmer-$1000.-b.N.Y..
Betsey Van Riper-22-F-W-b.N.Y..
WASHTENAW County-Lima Twp.
page 323, image-22, Oct. 5
M432-roll 364

Abraham Van Riper-85-farmer-$1500.-b.N.J..
Betsy Van Riper-56-b.N.J..
Henry Hall Jr.-26-M-W-railroad-b.Conn..
Mary Hall-25-F-W-b.N.Y..
Thadeus Hall-9-M-W-b..Mich..
Francis Hall-6m-M-W-b.Mich..
WASTENAW County-DexterTwp.
page 508a, image 12, Oct 1
M432-roll 364

John Van Riper-48-M-W-joiner-$200.-b.N.J..
Catherine Van Riper-41-F-W-$700.-b.N.Y..
John Van Riper-22-M-W-harness maker-b.N.Y..
Andrew Van Riper-18-M-W-b.N.Y..
Elizabeth Van Riper-16-F-W-b.N.Y..
WASHTENAW County, Webster
page 286b, image 16, Sept. 5
M432-roll 364

Henry Mc Queal-48-M-W-farmer-$1500.-b.N.Y..
Ge? Mc Queal-16-F-W-b.Pa..
Nicholas VAN RIPER-27-M-W-farm laborer-$900-b.Mich..
Jane Van Riper-26-F-W-b.N.Y..
Carlton D. Van Riper-8m-M-W-b.N.Y..
WASHTENAW County, Webster Twp.
page 287a, image 17, Sept 5
M432-roll 364

Stephen Van Riper-45-M-W-farmer-$1500.-N.J..
Anna M.Van Riper-38-F-W-b.N.J..
Pomeroy Van Riper-11M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Ellen Van Riper-8-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Charles C. Van Riper-4-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Hiram Baker-18M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Garret Van Riper-65-M-W-farmer-$600.-b.N.Y..
WASHTENAW County, Webster Twp.
page 287a, image 17, Sept 5
M432-roll 364

John Van Riper-38-M-W-farmer-$600.-b.N.J..
Eliza Van Riper-28-F-W-b.N.J..
Geo Van Riper-11-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Floyd Van Riper-8-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Mary Van Riper-7-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Daniel Van Riper-5-at school-b.Mich..
John H.Van Riper-4-at school-b.Mich..
Royal Van Riper-8m-M-W-b.Mich..
INGHAM County, Onondaga Twp.
page 115b, image 8, Oct. 4
M432-roll 351

Garret Van Riper-31-M-W-farmer-$800.-b.N.J..
Mary Van Riper-29-F-W-b.N.J..
Charlette C. Van Riper-7-at school-b.Mich..
Julia A.Van Riper-4-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Harriet S. Van Riper-3-b.Mich..
Clarissa J. Van Riper-1-b.Mich..
MONROE County, Ash Twp.
page 852a, image 8, Sept.26
M432-roll 358

Adrian Van Riper-40-M-W-farmer-$2000.-b.N.J..
Eliza Van Riper-23-F-W-b.N.Y..
Caroline Van Riper-3-b.Mich..
Chester Van Riper-7m.-M-W-b.Mich..
Chester Lamb-20-M-W-b.N..
Michael Tours?-14-M-W-b.N.J..
MONROE County, Ash Twp.
page 852a, image 8, Sept.26
M432-roll 358

Nancy Van Riper-40-F-W-widow-$2000.-b.N.Y..
Jacob Van Riper-10-at school-b.Mich..
Sally Van Riper-8-F-W-at school-b. Mich..
Catharine Van Riper-6-F-W-at school-b. Mich..
ST. CLAIR County, Port Huron Villiage
page 185a, image 8, July 17
M432-roll 362

John S. Botsford-34-M-W-Cooper-$3000.-b.N.Y..
Ann E. Botsford-27-F-W-b. Isle of Man
Frederick Botsford-6-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Henry Botsford-4-M-W-b.Mich..
Edward Botsford-2-M-W-b.Mich..
Clement VAN RIPER-M-W-19-cooper-b.N.Y..
Daniel Kewley-M-W-30-cooper-b.Isle of Man (page 185b cont’) William Webb-19-M-W-cooper-b.Canada Esler Graham-16-F-W-servant-b.Canada Elizabeth Kermrods?-46-F-W-England ========================================
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
p503b, image 4, July 30
M432-roll 366

James Van Riper-41-M-W-farmer-$1000.-b.N.Y..
Hannah Van Riper-36-F-W-b.N.Y..
Mary Jane Van Riper-17-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Jacob H. Van Riper-16-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Matilda Van Riper-9-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Stephen Case-9-M-W-at school-b. Mich..
Margaret Van Riper-36-F-W-b.N.Y..
William W. Van Riper-36-M-W-b.N.Y..
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
p506a, image 9, July 31
M432-roll 366

Nicholas Van Riper-32-M-W-farmer-$1000.-b.N.Y..
Mary Ann Van Riper-26-F-W-b.Canada
Henry A. Van Riper-M-W-4-b.Mich..
Willis E.Van Riper-M-W-b.Mich..
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page508a, image 13, Aug. 1
M432-roll 366

John C. Van Riper-45-M-W-carpenter-$400.-b.N.Y..
Mable Van Riper-35-F-W-b.N.Y..
Mary Van Riper-16-F-W-b.Mich..
Alexander Van Riper-8-M-W-b.Mich..
John Van Riper-3-M-W-b.Mich..
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page508a, image 13, Aug. 1
M432-roll 366

Jacob Miller-37-M-W-farmer-$1200.-b.N.Y..
Cathernie Miller-36-F-W-b.N.J..
Near Miller-15-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Ann Miller-9-F-W-at school-b.Mich..
Francis Miller-6-M-W-at school-b.Mich..
Charles Miller-1b.Mich..
Mary Tours-15-F-W-b.N.J..
Jeramia VAN RIPER-53-M-W-b.N.J..
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page 509b, image 16, Aug 2
M432-roll 366

Cornelius Van Riper-50-M-W-farmer-$4000.-b.N.J..
Ann Van Riper-49-F-W-b.N.Y..
John W. Van Riper-26-M-W-farmer-b.N.Y..
Rebecca A. Van Riper-6-F-W-b.Mich..
Catherine Reid?-18-F-W-b.N.Y..
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page 510a, image 17, Aug 2
M432-roll 366

Adrian Van Riper-23-M-W-farmer-$600.-b.N.Y..
Mary Jane Van Riper-20-F-W-b.N.Y..
Thomas Van Riper-1-M-W-b. Mich..
WAYNE County, Brownstown Twp.
page 510a, image 17, Aug 2
M432-roll 366

Henry Van Riper-33-M-W-farmer-$1500.-b.N.J..
Lydia Ann Van Riper-22-F-W-b.N.Y..
Andrew Van Riper-1-M-W-b.Mich..
(page 510b cont’)
Jane Van Riper-30-F-W-idiotic-b.N.Y..
WAYNE County-Plymouth Twp.
page 729, image 2, Sept. 16
M432-roll 366

C. Adison Robinson-30-M-W-grocer-$3000.-b.N.Y..
Abigal E. Robinson-28-F-W-b.N.Y..
Julia A. Robinson-41-b.N.Y..
William H. Robinson-21-M-W-b.Mich..
Daphne VAN RIPER-19-F-W-b.N.Y..
The following information at the Passaic county Historical Society,Paterson,NJ

*Andrew J. VAN RIPER-b.Jan. 9, 1807-bap. Feb 15, 1807(Reformed Ch., Totowa,NJ.) Residence-Paterson,NJ.-Seneca County,NY,-SHIANASSEE-Woodull Twp., Michigan..
1823-Lodi,Washenaw1833, Shiswassee1848 Counties..

son of- Jurie(George) Jurrianse(Van Riper) and Elizabeth VAN BLARCOM
son of-Christopher VAN RIPER and Annatie BROWER
son of-Jurie(George) VAN RIPER and HelenaVAN HOUTEN

wife of Andrew -Catherine DUBOIS-born Marbletown, Ulster County NY.
daughter of Martin DUBOIS and Margaret ??????.